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  1. Well this is completely pointless then. As my current recipe only requires 1 of this and that, and gives me full food, water, health etc. Just seems odd.
  2. Does the custom recipe mean we can make better recipes or that the food we make from the recipes will be better ?
  3. SinWeaver

    TEK Generator can´t place...

    Just ran across this myself, what is the purpose, and why can I place things that needs it power and not the generator?
  4. SinWeaver

    Aberrant dinos vs vanilla dinos

    Just like SE was in the beginning.
  5. SinWeaver

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    Totally agree. Higher damage is also nice, expesually for us on SE when Manticore decided it doesn't feel like landing often. Also the faster we kill it the more time I have left in the night to farm even more resources for other things. Sense most of this fight is waiting, also not spending resources replacing saddles is nice too.
  6. This on legacy? Helena (Therizinosaur, Lvl 308): HP: 13920.1 (75); St: 1140 (28); Ox: 600 (30); Fo: 12600 (32); We: 576.7 (29); Dm: 590.4% (79); Sp: 100% (34); To: 17964 (307); That is some pretty insane stats for official...
  7. SinWeaver

    Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Honestly I am fine with this, but could you maybe, but some don't have the timer? Also, can have blocked building around resources like metal, obsidian and crystal atleast? Also my pillars are gone around the small area I was working on building on Rag, now others have claimed around my 2 little houses, with pillars with a celling on it and the guy to the north has wood pillars with 1d 12hours left on his huge area?