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  1. stevealicious


    After more testing, found out ab otters don't eat ab salmon at all. Not sure if this is an intended mechanic or a bug. So have to go after those huge coel and piranha to increase otter tame efficiency I suppose.
  2. stevealicious

    How PvP servers work with transfers

    It's my understanding that small tribes, conquest, all the specialty modes, are all separate clusters. That way you don't have giant tribes wiping small tribe servers and all on the cluster are same rates.
  3. stevealicious


    I can confirm that you can't transfer the taming fish in baskets between maps. If timed with the upload timer (the full baskets expire after 5 minutes) then you'll just get an error that says this item can't be uploaded. Also coels, salmon and piranhas don't show up on the transmitter to upload/download when not in the basket. Reason I'm aware is my tribe is actively looking for ways to increase tame efficiency on ab otters so we just tested this. Also, we've noticed there's a bug with ab salmon, in that if you tame and kill your own, it can't be fed to ab otters it's so weird. Taming/killing your own coel and piranha isn't a problem but with ab salmon the option to feed to the otter never shows up. If anyone knows why please let us know!! Last idea we have is to kill the salmon and teleport the body over to green zone from blue but haven't tested if it's possible to teleport with the corpse in hand.
  4. stevealicious

    Mutations help

    Keep in mind also, if your breeding Dino's with different stats the mutations could occur in the lower stat passed in. Always a bummer when this happens.
  5. stevealicious

    Rumor about Exctinction requiring Ascension

    No don't have to be in the same tribe. You could've been left behind cuz too many people
  6. stevealicious

    Rumor about Exctinction requiring Ascension

    Even if the alpha boss requires 115 or above it'll likely just be for the summoner and not every other player. As is the case with every other summoning already in game.
  7. Citing YouTube doesn't qualify this as statistics. That's the equivalence of saying we have data that says Australia (random country as example) is hacking the world governments because some people on Reddit (open forum) said so. Google the term racial profiling this is a perfect example of what your doing here.
  8. Also, this was a really good analogy to make your point. Well put.
  9. There's this rampant underlying racism towards the Chinese and Russians in this community that I do indeed find to be bothersome. I think maybe there's a few bad players from every race but what happens is people take that and assume because they met one Chinese sausage that all are sausages. It's just disgusting and I've never seen it so bad in a community like I do in ark's. I'm not new, over 3k hours, so Ive had my fair share of bad experiences with players in game but never would I assume those idiots represented their entire race as an example of behavior.
  10. stevealicious

    Parking Drake On The Wall

    I discovered the answer to this question, Drakes will stay parked indefinitely on the natural world walls but not player structures. Just an fyi 😛
  11. stevealicious

    Next colors for the chronicles...

    Wheres all the love for pink? Haven't seen that yet in the extinction chronicles and I'll go ape if they do drop pink 😛
  12. Ehmm.... Would love to see you cite your source(s) for this information
  13. stevealicious

    Parking Drake On The Wall

    still curious about these questions
  14. stevealicious

    Parking Drake On The Wall

    I've been to bases where people park their rock drakes on the wall in climbing mode. Looks classy and I want to do this also but when I do my drakes eventually fall off. How can I get them to stay? Or is it not possible and just a temporary thing? If it exists, does it also work with thylas?
  15. stevealicious

    useless updates

    You can xfer out of Asia servers to eu/na right now, but it's just a known way to lose your character so do so sparingly.