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    It's Just A Game Get a grip. Games are not real. These pixels don't have souls. They are not important. The real life people you gather around you also decay and get deleted. They are what matter. Pay attention to them more than your cyber fun time. You loose something in a game go hug someone in real life. Don't even tell them why. Just say, "Cause you're what matters."
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    Ha ha! I had this conversation last night on ark. My father visited me so I put my controller and headset down for 20 minutes. When I came back a theri had eaten my 210 wyvern that I'd left outside. It was black and dark purple, absolutely gorgeous. When my tribe mates asked about it (from the tribe log) they were shocked and in disbelief at how calm I was, but my dad doesn't visit often, so it was worth it
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    WC made a big error in allowing Legacy servers to continue beyond the Early Access. They should have been removed as soon as EA finished like any other game does.
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    I pet my dog and wonder why she didnt sit down and glow.... And what happened to her meat pack saddle? Look at my rifle and wonder if its damaged capped. Walk into doors because im spoiled with tek doors. Wonder why I havent got a BP yet when ive bern fishing for hours. My wife asks where somthing is and try to pull up my tribe log in my head. Every time i say the letter J i flich like im about to get swarmed by tames. Ask my local restaurant if their mutton is any good for taming 4 ton semi feathered animals.
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    When Ark first came out I was really REALLY addicted like play 12 hours a day addicted. It was not unheard of for me to see a downed tree and want to harvest it for wood lol (especially because back then the servers were cluttered with spawn blocking foundations)
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    I'm sure I can't be the only person who has caught themselves think about the real world in ARK ways. I know I play too much ARK when in real life: - I try to get a better look at something, and my brain instinctively tries to hot key my spyglass. -I see a huge rock along the side of the road, and wonder how much metal I could get out of it. -I see an a cool animal, and wonder what its stats might be. Any others?
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    When my wife and I would get wiped on small tribes constantly and get completely stressed out my young son just said I thought you played games for fun. Wise beyond his years that boy.
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    Well, it's been a very rough week at work so I've been putting in extra hours there, which means no time for Ark by the time I get home. Luckily things finally calmed down enough for me to get out at a decent hour. My spino had of course grown up so I went ahead and bred him with my stat-heavy female. I also bred my velos and my thornys. While I did discontinue the latter breeding line, I am still going to at least get my melee and weight rolls on one imprinted animal. Got nothing from the velos, finally got a female thorny with weight I can breed with my melee male. And got a new spino with every stat except HP...inherited the 0 from his father. Ugh. Obviously I can't use him for combat but I can breed with my highest HP female. I also desperately need to breed out the totally wasted 48 speed points in this line, just waiting to do that until after I've got my working stat build because I need a baby from the line as a main mount. Also just realized I totally forgot to breed my new argent, oh well. That pretty much sums up my day. Got my babies to juvenile, collected kibble eggs, stocked the trough and logged. I did find out from the server admins the increased difficulty is every other weekend. I don't know what this weekend's event will be so until I find out, I don't plan to really do much taming in the near future. I still need to work on a new Aberration outpost, I want to reconfigure my current main base again, and I'm thinking about rebuilding the Arkanus on The Island one more time. Also need an Extinction outpost, I have nothing set up there since so far I've only been hunting velos but I need to start preparing for OSDs at the very least. I was very kindly gifted a cryofridge and 50 pods but I lost 2 of them during my failed drake hunt and I'm sure I'll lose more at some point.
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    I checked on the Server Manager's discord, DelilahEve confirmed that you need to be in a cluster to transfer with inventory. Otherwise you have to use Ark Data. ....now I wish I'd clustered my three local servers lol. Bad server manager! Bad! hehe
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    jesus christ guys stop playing so much
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    Wow, very petty of you @Joebl0w13 One should expect much more mature behavior from a moderator. I give your sarcastic reply that served no purpose a facepalm, so you have to do that to all of my posts. Wow, seriously... very petty of you.
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    Man I had such a stressful night last night. I was gliding around blue on Aberration, and went up some water fall I hadn't been to before. I had hit an explorer note so was just killing random things. I figure on a Rock Drake my risk of 'getting lost' is pretty low since I can just glide over blue and recognize something and get out. Well, at top of that waterfall I'm swarmed by a bary or 2, 2 crabs and who all knows what. Drakes level 200 so overall not a concern health wise.... but I got knocked off the drake. With so much chaos I could not get back on, crab grabbed me with claw, and it was over. Of course I'm worried about my drakes health as I usually leave it on passive, but did whistle neutral at last second but I wasn't sure if a tame group was set so wasn't for sure it went out. Problem now became I had no idea where I was. So I grab my friends spino he lent me that is the strongest and fastest one I have, and go out exploring trying to find it. Of course I rushed out naked. Hello ice spore field... I fall off dino, and what do I see? A Megalosaurus is hitting the spino, not me (WHY?)! Who seems to be on passive (not sure how that happened, i never set spinos to passive). I panic as I'm about to get my friends best bred spino killed, and log off in hopes it'll stop the attack. I felt utterly defeated. Lose my one and only freshly earned drake AND friends spino all in 1 go? Afraid to login... Schrodinger's cat. I finally get back on, no death message in tribe log! It worked! Or least I hope it's not still being attacked. So grab another spino, and a haz suit this time, as well as food and water to be sure I'm actually prepared this time. I thankfully roughly knew where I died on spino so got there, and he was fine! I'm guessing since I was the only one on server, it unloaded the region when I logged out, saving the spino. I don't understand why the megalo was even attacking the spino considering I never even attacked it. I take the friends spino back home and explore some deep areas of bio lum I've never seen, and thankfully in the end, I randomly stumble upon my drake and previous bulb dog. Sadly had a new bulb dog so had to leave the original lower level behind lol. That was the first body I never recovered the goods from in over a month Lost a haz suit and some MC tools I think. In the end, all I lost was some items and a level 70 bulb dog from the first death that I couldn't pick up as I had a new bulb dog. Maybe if I don't check tribe log the Schrodinger's cat can apply to that bulb dog and he will stay alive!
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    Cross Platform Anyone have any idea when the ps4 users and xbox users will be able to play together? I know they just made the announcement and some games already crossplay just wondering about ARK.
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    Single Player- Island- PS4 Well, the maiden voyage went well lol. Couldn’t post the gif Bc it was too big but picture jack sparrow riding back to the dock with his ship completely under water, that was me. Got it beached in the swamp, literally less than an hour after completing it. Will be funny to run across later lol. Finally got some tames. Got a lvl 80 lystro first just to help out, then ran into a 120 ptera and tamed it as well. While I was trying to find new tames, I ran into a 145 carno, he killed me multiple times as I tried to get my stuff, so I decided to make a trap and lead him. This was successful and ended up tranq’ing him, he has been my savior so far as he had really good stats and with lvling he’s 250 now and has 15k+ health. Tamed two lvl 50+ tek Parasaurs to hopefully breed for a “farm” later, and also tamed a 85 dilo and 90 raptor just to have them.
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    Dad need information My son has switch and XBOX, but he wants a PC so he can download MODs to add to his game. I'm clueless will these MODs be added to XBOX? After all Microsoft makes both XBOX and Windows I'm an older guy with 11 yr old son and live on SS after three heart attacks and a stroke. So I'm looking for something as cheap as I can find that will run game. I can build a computer and put Windows on it. Although my knowledge on all these new processor and games and GPU all has me confused a little. It's hard since the stroke to get new info to stick in my mind. So any advice would help. My son's a good boy understand Dad's broke but I'd like to find him with something I can afford. Thanks for any information. Bill
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    When I'm seriously considering medicating myself to handle the lower back pain from sitting so long in a chair...
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    I always wonder what level when I'm fishing the river and see a beaver. Once in a while I'll get nervous when I walk through a door and it doesn't auto-close behind me.
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    When I go out bird watching or doing a voluntary breeding bird survey and I start wondering what level the birds are. "Oh I wonder if that Grasshopper Warbler is a 150" or "Good darn it my binoculars arent working they not displaying the birds level and gender"
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    The server team is looking into it now.
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    More admin related than actual gameplay but still... I finished work early today and came back to rotate our Island server over to Scorched Earth only to find that the previous saves were wiped . Loaded up Aberration and it was the same, everything gone. I figured this was due to our server moving hardware the day after our first planned Tek cave event 2 weeks earlier. As a host, nothing’s worse than knowing everyone’s hard work has been lost due to unforeseen circumstances out of your control. I only want the best for my community so a bit the bullet and bought 2 new permanent servers, on the maps which were previously on the rotation. We now have all maps on our cluster, yay. I plan to make a fresh start this weekend but I’m at odds on which map it will be; Scorched Earth or Aberration.
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    @TheDukeBones this post seems to be for you.
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    The dukebones Be prepared bud these Chinese are going to start pulling reaper queens an any wild dino they can get in ur base sadly wild dinos can be teleported to your base via the pad above you
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    Just double check in case As d1nk says it might not be the case.
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    These are different maps by different people you play on? It wont work then - only if one of the maps you play on bought another map connected (clustered) Wont work cross-maps or to your own singleplayer
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    Here's the thing WC stated the top 30 most populated legacy servers will not see a server wipe so...can we just get a actual list of the top 30 populated servers so everyone can prepare to find a spot an play the game as intended.
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    You can have the best of both worlds, you can have the servers clustered to allow transfers between servers and you can set the obelisk expiration timer so that it will expire in whatever time frame you want. You may want to skip Step 1, below, depending on how you want your cluster to behave. 1) When you cluster the servers give each server its own custom save directory (the admin may have to create the directories manually after adding these settings to the config files). This is better than having all of the servers save to the same directory because it makes it easier to identify which .arktribe and .arkprofile files are part of each specific map, and it makes it easier to look at saves for each individual map. As a side benefit, it allows your players to have more than one character in the cluster, up to 1 per map, so now your cluster behaves more like the Official clusters, and players can move their characters around from map to map. For example, in the config files you would add: ?AltSaveDirectoryName=Island ?AltSaveDirectoryName=Center ?AltSaveDirectoryName=Ragnarok Then under the path for saves make sure that each of these directories exists and have the needed permissions. For example: .../arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Saved/Island .../arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Saved/Center .../arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Saved/Ragnarok 2) Make sure that there is a directory for the cluster. In the config for each server there has to be an argument -clusterid= This ID can be alphabetic, numerical, or alphanumeric. You could name your cluster "BobDobbs", "54321" or "BR549", anything you want. As long as that clusterid is exactly the same for every server in your cluster. This is the directory where characters and items are uploaded to the Obelisks, if this cluster directory does not get created (or does not have the right permissions) then the servers in your cluster can't share characters or materials. .../arkdedicated/ShooterGame/Saved/clusters/<clustername> 3) Set the expiration time on the Obelisks to whatever you want in the GamUserSettings.ini file. TributeItemExpirationSeconds= TributeDinoExpirationSeconds= TributeCharacterExpirationSeconds= On my cluster I have all three of those set to 31557600, which is one year (specifically, 365.25 days).
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    That's why it should be a community effort with transparency in backup save file location. No in the hands of any one person. Some host services allow community payments, so no person can just disappear with donations.
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    The legacy community would over populate the new offical network if legacy closed for good even if half of us quit
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    Yikes...... sounds like one of those ARK days for sure! I think you are referring to the Eurypterids ... the lobster like things in Viking Bay. Great for Black pearls, but they are a Pain In the Pego!
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    Why not move that small community to unofficial?
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    So today I played for a bit just to explore everything on rag I always have missions in mind but today was just a chill day. I died to a bat in the castle because I dismounted for no reason other than hitting wrong button. I'm making a headstone to place near or on castle to tell my tale of idiocy. Then I died falling somehow I dismounted the wrong way from Griffin I am going to blame myself for that death. Won't make gravestone as it doesn't count. I died in pirate cove to the stupid things that knock you out I can never recall name of them. My thyla died too. Not sure if my fault couldn't see anything. Thyla gravestone to make.. I died by drowning. FML! I got stuck in my meg somewhere mid belly and somehow during a manta fight I killed myself according to death message. Sooo I'm having the rest of the day off.
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    Exactly. Why would you bother taming something so tedious (requires fert eggs pre tame, and normal eggs post tame) when it’s egg lay rate is possibly the worst in game even with the Oviraptor buff because it’s genderless.
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    I just wrote that last part. People don't seem to read everything and then ask the same questions over and over. Just read the community crunch answers are there.
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    The great migration is legacy and some no tame servers. Small tribes are part of Official, nothing is happening to them. Do you read the kill list?
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    There is no argument. You’re defending racism because “it’s just words”. You have a warped perception because you clearly haven’t been the victim of it. Racism is racism whether it’s physical or verbal. You’re choosing to be ignorant.
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    If you can get me the save file, I can help you migrate to unofficial. S+ lets you deconstruct your base and transfer it via cross-ark. Just an offer. But as for the main topic, it does give you an opportunity to rebuild fresh and enjoy the game a new way.
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    The Center Tbh honest I wasnt going to play tonight, was going to play more Halo and wait for the scorched server to rotate in but some of the other guys were thinking of boss fighting at somepoint so I decided to raise some theris to replace the ones we lost in the tek cave to bulk the team back up again. Hatched up and raised 6 new theris and fully imprinted all 6 of them. The imprinting timers on the server have been adjusted slightly and so its much easier to imprint longer raises and so I had 5 minutes to spare on my theris. Also finished my otter breeding project. Got a cyan and blue breeding pair with the best stats and also raised up 3 more for use. Spotted a 145 cyan and green doed left over from the event on a metal run so I tamed that up. Finished up by helping out one of our new neighbours. He had been trying to tame some anglers but kept getting killed by mosas and what not so I had my breeding pair of anglers drop a few eggs to help him out. Also @d1nk, I had a look at the new Rag breeding base in the desert and I think I am in love with it. Looks awesome.
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    Not only that..on pvp new players and solo players or 2 or 3 friends can play there and survive more time.ppl that doesn t have time to play everyday have a chance on this servers.
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    How does a drop calculate what goes into a boss fight? They would just be applying the drop logic to the transmitter. It is up to the player to know how close they need to be/how far they need to keep dinos away from it. Teleporter is also smaller than the space that the obi/drops pull things in. Additionally the teleporter doesn't not have an inventory system so you are talking about adding programming to an asset when the majority of the programming already exists in the transmitter. the only thing missing from the transmitter that is different from a drop or obi is the boss fight option.
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    I can't imagine any collective group of words or tribe names that could hurt my feelings enough to openly complain about it. Everyone is so easily offended these days. They can't answer everyone's tickets fast enough because there are so many people wasting their time.
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    PS4 - Ragnarok - Easy E Unofficial Server Been too busy with work demands to take a break and write about my weekend time on the other server I have been playing on lately. This server I call "Easy E" because you can make Element from Raw Metal!!! After a couple weeks on this server, I have a fully metal base with forcefield and teleporter, plus Tek doors and gates. I got lucky last week, and stumbled upon a well hidden base, that had been abandoned. It was a metal base and all timers were up. The base had a full set of artifacts, a high level lightning and Fire Wyvern (I already had max level Poison and Ice Wyverns I raised myself), plus a mated pair of high level Gigas and Tek Rexs! I already had a line of Tek Rexs going on my own, but these were better, so I added them to the bloodline. I rarely use Gigas, but I went ahead and bred up a few eggs, and hatch and raised a 86% imprinted one. This server is clustered with AB and Ext, so I also have 1/2 dozen Gachas including 3 that produce Dust, and the rest are silica pearls and Org Poly. I have bred them multiple times, but no Black Pearl ones yet. In this server, my base is inside the huge cave next to upper hidana ( I think it is called Little Snow Top Mountian?) The last thing I did over the weekend was tame up 8 sharks and I put them in the small but deep pond next to the cave. I put them on aggressive/wander, and built a nice pier and placed "No Swimming" & "No Lifeguard on Duty" signs around the pond. I then had way too much fun picking up dinos with my wyvern and dropping them into the shark pond! I also spent time helping out the newbies on the server who did Not log in, and immediately ask for starter pack. I was amazed to see how many people would log in, ask for starter, when told no Admin on duty, they would immediately log off. This is BOOSTED server! I had a fully metal base within the first 8 hours of joining. People are so dang lazy! Tonight I will go back to the "Grinder Element" server and try to tame more high level event colored dinos like Thylas, Griffins, and also get wyvern eggs. (on this server, you can get random artifacts via the beacon drops, so I need to raise a Rex army, so I can do the boss battle.)
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    So not sure where I last left off, possibly with the Rex BP finds... (3 of them at once), well, 2 more popped last night, a 133 armour one and a 97 MC which is like a 3rd of the mats of our asc ones - it will be a good seller. I fed up Center when I logged on and finished off the 28k 960MD Rex and bred with all our females. Lay down a further 6 eggs to incubate and went off to Ext to help on a purple drop. Now that I have taken my main char (Center char which recently alpha ascended) over to Ext with a 97% Giga, these things are easy and the three of us in our tribe claimed an easy 7 wave purple drop. I would really like to see something new drop, maybe more asc haz mat bps but I guess patience is the key. For once the game didnt crash - running in 4k can sometimes be a little sketchy on Ext but it seemed fine last night, have had it in the past where my body is just lying on the floor with 3 Gigas taking on the waves of corrupted and when I get to log back in its... run run run, where is my Giga! My plan now that I have my Max level Reaper, Fire Wyv, Posion Wyv is to get a Lightning and Ice as I only have 185s. Yes, I know that stats matter, but I want 190s I have made a bucket list which is to have all dino types in our base breed out above level 300. At first it seemed really daunting but now that I have started working through it my current list stands at. Above 300 when born/hatched: Rex, Yuty, Theri, Ptera, Argy, Anky, Doed, Bear, Thyla, Quetz, Raptor, Spino Above 265 and currently improving stats: Allo (295), Daeodon (271), Glow Tail (265), Featherlight (293), Mammoth (289) Beaver (282), Tappys (272), Snow Owl (293), Mags (272) Giga (265), Hyena (265) Mesis (265) So out of the main Dinos that we use, Im 50% there and the others are coming along nice. We havent worked on the breeding of water dinos too much yet but we have just built a massive water pen with its own swimming pool so that is ready to go now. I will keep you updated on any good progress - The Allo is so close to being over 300 and with one stat left to get I think it will leave me at 299 and then I just need a little mute just to pop it over
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    Full suit. Hazard doesnt get protected from wearing just a head piece, so why tek lol
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    To mark 3 years of Ark they will wipe all official servers. Don't worry, this isn't a bad thing... They're freeing you from your cyber reality confines! Rejoice!
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    S+ has a set of dynamic gates that can be made any size up to behemoth. Not sure why they didn't implement it in the Homestead update but it would be a huge QoL improvement for base design.
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    Tek suit repair costs don't scale with blueprint quality. So not really... If you get a 1k dura suit Id think its worth spending the 1k ingots (and no element) to repair. It'll only be primitive repair costs.
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    my money is on the crystals. in the upper walls you have very large crystals that cast light on the map. Build a base near those like I did and you notice they have a constant hum that sometimes sounds just like what you had in the youtube video. It really freaked me out too, I kept running outside my base to see who was making that noise but it we was the crystals. Had to move my base because of that lol.
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    They remind me of when I was a kid and in the movies people would take a boat out into the dangerous sea, river, lake, etc. Not knowing what kind of evils lurk down there that might pop up and kill you is actually kinda awesome!
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