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  1. Depends on a lot of variables. Are we talking pve or pvp? SP / unoff / official? Single Player - Borked. Backup time consuming. Lonely. Cheaty. Better to be on multiplayer: I can't talk pvp so official pve - TheIsland used to be the best place because of the explorer notes. You could run naked at level one and get your character up pretty high just death porting around and leveling speed and stam. I had all the artifacts memorized. Getting around people's big laggy bases was hard but you could also use constructions to hide from raptors and carnos. Good challenge. But the explorer notes no long give xp. Still, the island is the main map and functions. Making friends who want to tribe up might be easier there if you are not into being a solo player. Ragnarok and Valguero are tied in usefulness. It's the sheep. Val has sheep sheep sheep sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But Rag is so easy to get what you want once you learn where everything is. Both maps are so popular on official pve they are overpopulated. TheCenter gives me vertigo. It has less advantages and attracts higher level players. Breeders end up living on TheCenter and can get lonely. And chatty. And giving of extra unwanted pets . So if you are a polite mooch that might be your map. Unofficial pve - I'm a lazy crazy so I love Zelos where kibble comes from glowing red-blue-purple trees at night. Zelos the mod map is my main base. It's an abandon project so I do not recommend following me there. Our MODS / Our Cluster I also enjoyed Shigoislands but did not get along with the unofficial admin who ran it so left.
  2. Always tame the dinos you hate. And put funny hats and glasses on them. You will love them to death because you respect them more. Also fighting fire with fire is a strategy in ark - best fighter against a wild theriz is a tame leveled up pet theriz. Good luck!
  3. I stopped getting xp from TheIsland notes months ago. I assumed it was intended. Guess it's a bug.
  4. More shallow fish spawns plz I can count on my fingers how many shallow fish spawns are available on each map. Those of us who love pelags and otters are ever a victim of obtaining enough fish to feed our livestock. Please pay more attention to this. It is another resource management time consumption. Because fish spoil so quickly we are required to log in daily to fish for our pets. Very tedious. I will reiterate a thread I made ages ago where I requested a fish pond item be created. A craftable fish pond. But this thread is about Genesis map and all the others if you would be so kind to give us more Coelacanth and Salmon but not Piranha. Piranha limit the game's fun. The water already has the challenges of movement it does not need to be excessively challenging. We have no protection against Piranha as they respawn quickly and even with a water pet to guard us we are going to take damage. Piranha are way to much. And they don't drop enough fish meat to be a viable source for feeding livestock. Please please please more fish in tiny ponds covering more space per land map. I shouldn't have to fight with everyone on the server for that one spot on the map that has a fish pond. We all have otters. Please more fish ponds plz.
  5. plant species x is easy for a low level (not beginner) player to plant and maintain - most maps it rains enough you don't need to irrigate them with pipes just plant them during a rain - three or more will kill an alpha - one will slow it enough you can send your pets in for the kill
  6. Meh, who cares. It's just one more month. Remembers back to when Final Fantasy Fourteen was first released.
  7. Premade Traps I hate researching. How about premade traps that follow the most popular trap designs. Find them in low level supply drops. No blue prints. Just a sarco trap or paraceratherium trap or argie trap premade ready to lay down anywhere. Have them on short timers like you do tents. Give them stone quality. Not something you have to put together. It's an entire unit. Make them supply rewards only not a craftable item.
  8. Reduce the distance of parasaur blab. When people set their parasaurs to blab something cute when you get near their base, that's okay. But it is to far reaching. Esp if you are jammed packed together in Aberration. Could you plz reduce the radius on other player's picking up these parasaur messages. So we cannot see them unless we are up right on their parasaur. As is you get these messages even if you are a reasonable distance from each other. Very annoying.
  9. Was told can tame otter with argie. But I can't get my argie to pick up a beach walking otter. What gives?
  10. Tired of World Save lag. Plz change the official world save to once every two hours instead of every 15 minutes. We are frozen during these saves completely unable to move. It wears down on your nerves. Backhands immersion. Most people's response to this is "go play unofficial then." And the argument is backwards. Why are we saving the world every 15 minutes? Because we are afraid to loose progress. But it is the greater evil. You would argue if I don't like so many freezes then go play unofficial. How about stop saving the world and then argue if you are afraid to loose your progress go play unofficial.
  11. I'm happy we have the deins, don't get me wrong, to raise eggs. But I am super angry that our choices and options have been removed. I want choices. I want to decide what I raise and what I use to make kibble, not the Wildcard Corporation making my choices for me. I know you wanted your dlc Val to have value. But you took away my freedom with your kibble system. You locked me into a certain game style. And you make Val so important no one can escape it. Kinda like Rag is a little to important because it's the best all around for everything map. It's draining having all my choices taken from me. Esp since so much work went into all these dinos and creatures. Every one of them should be invaluable. There's no balance thus there is no freedom. We now MUST get deins. I tried to raise some rexes cause why not and put an oviraptor next to them. THEY HAVE NOT LAID A SINGLE EGG FOR ME NOT ONCE. Communism is the act of controlling others and forcing them down one path alone.
  12. the hole egg thing is a tedious annoying grind - the minute you get used to one way it's done it changes and now it's done another way - but did it improve the grind of it all?? NO
  13. Jemcrystal

    Aberration 380

    Played for about four hours without issues. Left game to go do something. Logged back in. Now character will play a short time then be somewhere he is not. Every 10 minutes or so he has an out-of-body experience. Walking around in the world unable to interact. Hearing myself being somewhere else. But for the most part it works. Have not logged in yet this morning.
  14. Jemcrystal

    Aberration 380

    Aberration 380 Cannot join through game interface; does not appear in search. Keeps kicking us out. Can only join via Battlemetrics Connect and at that don't get long before freezes. PC-PVE-Official
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