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  1. This might be a little advanced but he sure makes it look exciting! It's boring you will get bored it's like any other job drink coffee. And yes I am promoting Blender again lol. (speed it up it's to slow)
  2. Watched the students leave the game because school is starting up / started up. Watched their buildings go poof. Watched the general chat go dead. Ark is to grindy for them to afford to stay invested and have enough time for school work. Pondered how you would make a game less grindy yet remain interesting. Fly around and collect junk from supply drops because to exhausted sleep deprivation commit brain functions. Not Ark's fault just have insomnia. Wondered if humans require act of greed to remain amused. Assessed games are actually played by adults and the young people come and go like waves crashing on the shore. Then they grow up, graduate, and become my dentist who charged me more money than a russian tsar to get my teeth worked on.
  3. When I get bored I destroy my base and restart on another map (official mulitplayer pve).
  4. I changed my keybinds what is the setting "H" stand for? I own Scorched but never visited. I got a windmill in a supply drop. Will it still work? Has the map been fixed to show wind current? Has anyone posted a pic of this if so? I got an oil pump as well in a supply drop and it would not work. I owned the land with the oil node on it but it refused to place. I tried buying the engram and tried to place the oil well again still would not place. Cleared all rocks still would not place. Gave up. Valguero Official PvE
  5. I am all for playing your way but OFFICIAL servers are restricted because there is a mutual agreement on the rules for a survival game. If you want to "play your way" you can hop off to unofficial or sp. So it's not an exploit just more of a trading free pet problem. Giggas either need to not be tradable on official servers or restricted to player level up. Perhaps you cannot own a gigga until you reach level 100? And I should have mentioned I am on official pve.
  6. Don't have time to read all this yet but will quickly answer why I would care what others tame. Might have more to add later. 1) Progression. People who do not have to work for what they have will have bad attitudes and just be overall arrogant and bully. So I legit wanted to know if it was an exploit. Or if they got out in the field and earned this giant. I think the big guys should be hard to obtain not super easy. I also think they should not be tradable so no one will breed super giggas and hand them off to others. 2) People are parking them all over and on top of my pets. I'm not calling this out because I choose to share my land with other players. But it strikes me as strange that they feel the need to accumulate a bunch of giggas and park them on top of my pets. It's just odd behavior. Perhaps it is hard to store them?
  7. What's with all the gigga pets? Someone explain to me why the newb that was crying this game is to difficult that I was helping yesterday learn how to catch an anky now owns a gigga? And so does every freaking newb on the beach in a grass hut? On every server I join? Is this a discord thing where everyone joins together and shares a game exploit? There are more owned giggas now than I have ever seen. And if that is not freaky enough no one cares about ANY other animal except the gigga. And what is with the copy and paste bright sky blue tek giggas. In everyone's yard?
  8. If you can find a course to study go ahead. There is all kinds of approaches. You can look for a university that pursues the electronic arts. You can go to conventions with gurus. You can hide at home and watch youtube vids that teach game design. You can just jump in there and start making a small game - like Pong - with what little ya know and over time acquire more knowledge until your version of "Pong" gets insanely fancy. You can have talent and art skills and math skills or none of it and just be an organized person. Being organized with files, folders, naming things, and leaving notations that others can recognize, is a very big plus. Learning programming is an obvious route but you could just design and rig meshes and sell them. If you like problem solving programming is great; start with some web research on what kind of program languages there are. Maybe take a few minutes every day to learn one of them. I personally favor Microsoft's babies the C languages with C# my most fav. I have a tendency to push freeware to it's max so I am a big fan of the free Blender Art Program. But I'm casual in and out not professional so I can be playful if I want. Because I'm a cheap skate I also favor Unity over Unreal Engine (both can be used free but Unity has the better license deal). Ark was made in Unreal.
  9. that pounce is somthn else but if you keep a lot of flyers on attack my target, follow high (so flyers don't circles) raptors squishy then raptor get the munch munched minus flyers i try to survive the pounce until it's over and get back on my land mount asap and make a run for it (assume fast mount) raptors are stupid when not focused and get stuck easy or lolly off a cliff - just trot a cliff edge staying far enough ahead of aggroed raptor it will fall on foot never hurts to try a swerve, if you get a chance to run make a lot of left right left right if you know you are done for run behind something mean like a Kentrosaurus so when raptor bites you it hits the big guy also; your death is vengeance - return no raptor camping your dead man's nappy sack
  10. Request Technical Issue Subforum Please make a tech issues subforum for at least the PC section if not the main forum.
  11. Would 2 + 4 by any chance happen to equal 6? ???
  12. Valguero. More of a chance to get a high level ordinary pet there. Higher level anklo, doed, etc. The only thing about Val I do not like is how hard it is to get a Pelag. Pelag's seem to spawn only over the water and stay there. They never fly to shore like on the other maps. Rag is 2nd best for pets. But TheIsland is best for talking to new players. All the old players left TheIsland on muliplayer and now TheIsland is full of newbies. Old players are kinda boring. All they do is brag about their mutations and special gigga/wyvern catches and just act like arrogant know-it-alls. Or get all secretive about their special knowledge which is just as annoying as the braggarts. But new players are fun cause they are like "omgosh look at this thing its so big and scary" and it's just a leed or titan.
  13. I got lucky my official server is super friendly and helpful. Especially to newbs. No hand holding tho. They don't coddle people who whine. If the newbie has a good attitude and is willing to try we are willing to dump lots of help on them.
  14. We are arguing whether or not to get rid of ORP, Offline Damage Protection, also known as Offline Raid Protection. This is a game dynamic and it does not have a wiki page describing it. I cannot edit the wiki myself because I'm elderly and my mind is to slushy to stay put. The solid info I could find was from a poster on these forums named Guest: ORP serves it's purpose well and the decay timers do the rest so no do not get rid of ORP. Looking at OP's argument it does not seem to be about ORP at all but about dino blockage. If someone is blocking a cave entrance you need to send in a support ticket reporting them for blocking your path with video or photo backup. Keep it private between you and WC support do not blame and shame on the forums. The only thing I could possibly see being considered wrong with ORP is it taking a threat away from the game making the game slightly easier which does not appeal to some. In that case there are other ways to increase the difficulty. Making decay timers even shorter. Introducing another species similar to the Ichthyosaurus so your eyes will be on the sky a bit more. The 15 minutes of threat after log out seem to be enough. If there is nothing coming around to eat your dinos in those 15 minutes it is probably because the server is over crowded with buildings that are blocking spawn ins.
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