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  1. Still not fixed our OFFICIAL servers were rolled back to day 1 and they are up and running. As in wiped servers that people can join. Only to get wiped again and again and again. At least take the servers down completely or declare them wiped. 836 / 837
  2. Should Tapejara's weight carry be increased to compete with Argentavis? Argies are easy to catch compared to Tapes. Tapes are slower. Tapes are a pain to learn how to manuever. But event colored Tapes are beautiful put me in mind of giant butterflies. I love Tapes but find no reason to go catch or use. Argies so much better. Quetzal's carry inventory and platform is awesome. But Q is to hard to catch. I still have not caught one and I have played ark for two years. Save the "it's easy" rebuffs plz I have heard all of them and every strategy imaginable. And no you are wrong,
  3. WC still don't get what pve is. This is the problem. This game was made by pvp'ers and they just don't understand pve'ers. We need violent mad angry out to get us mobs THAT ARE NOT ANNOYING. That is a hard balance to make and the true sign of a pve creator. You cannot overcome and feel proud if the mob can be easily outsmarted. At the same time you don't want your hard work ruined every five seconds either. The mobs in this game are to easy. This is still a pvp game when people say comments like, "I had to leave pve to go to pvp cause it wasn't exciting enough."
  4. Stop reward xp for contruction. This gives the idea that larger buildings are better. Big bases cause lag. Instead reward exploration. Give large clumps of extra xp for visiting caves, high mountain peaks, and discovering a new species dino. Reward a current flow of xp when player is mounted and moving. Do not give experience rewards for things that cause lag. Make players loose xp if they keep more than twenty-five dinos out uncryoed. Have players delevel if they keep more than 100 dinos out for over a week. Give an xp boost for wearing skins. Give a large xp boost for b
  5. Instanced Breeding Pens Reduce the number of pets allow outside of cryopods to 100 per tribe in the live action world. Create a personal instance per player that can be accessed via obolisk or sup drop or teleport. No one is allowed in the instance except you. One instance allowed per character. Dinos can enter the instance via cryopods only. Have five different prefab instances you can choose from. All of them are breeding pens. Maybe one be a floating island in sky, another a desert terrain, another a swamp. No wild spawns in an instance. It is essentially a housing instance
  6. pc pve steam official crystal isles rock spawns on hill storage chest was touching it - prob full expensive construction equaling days work grinding smelting whatever it's all pointless sand castles break tedium real life
  7. Cloning should be removed. Why was cloning put in this game? What did it hope to improve? Aren't we suppose to be cryo'ing our dinos so the servers run better? Not easily making copies of them in a machine? New players come to this game I expect them to work and level up like the rest of us. Instead they smooze on discord and make great friends with the high level players. Get cloned dinos free. No one is even playing this game in earnest. Join. Make big friends. Get everything they need to fight bosses. Yawn. Get bored. Leave. But come back to reset their decay timer
  8. Tropical Wyverns should not dismount rider when submerged. Why? This was obvious. So why?
  9. Turn down speed of rock drakes & managarmrs. So people will not speed past you repeatedly on those mounts to crash your pc. Also, restrict the number of pets that are outside of cryopods. If a player has over 10 pets outside of cryo for more than a week all their pets should decay. So people will stop lagging up official with 100+ wyverns etc just sitting on their rooftops. They are not breeding them. They are not selling them. They are just leaving them there to sit no reason. Show off I guess. Almost always in a wide variety of colors. Lags the freak out of everything.
  10. pc pve official extinction 454 is unplayable freezing kicked goes offline for one minute long enough not to be registered as a complete crash on battlemetric but it is crashing constantly
  11. NA-PVE-Official-Extinction454 I'm getting kicked from the server every eight minutes. Even tho the server does not show any crashes. It is literally unplayable. Gaming pc all other servers run fine my internet is good been with ark survival for two years not a problem on my end yes I reported it on https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  12. I played Hope it is nice. Smallish map. Glad it made sponsor. I loved the little swamp of otters. Omg Primal is so much fun insane. I have prob played Marnii Wildlife and didn't know. Appreciate balance mods. THIS WHOLE LINEUP ROCKS!
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