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  1. Ask in chat to buy an owl be told I have to pay in tek. Way to cut a low level player out of the greedy market greedy bumkins.
  2. If you could have one thing nerfed what would it be? This isn't about game performance. It's about game dynamics. I would want the anklo nerfed so it only picks up metal and flint nothing else. Sometimes it picks berries, but most times not, and it gathers way to much stone imo. The stone job goes to the doed and should remain it's only task. Anything you would nerf?
  3. Fix Turret Mode So It Stops Detecting Non-Hostiles Especially on the parasaur. I don't need to know there is a potentially dangerous otter in the lake next to my home. Seriously?! I don't need species x killing every god loving thing in sight. Just the hostiles. ONLY THE HOSTILES. That means only the creatures that attack you on sight. Not the benevolent creatures. Can we get a smaller range on that parasaur plz. Jeez it's detecting stuff twelve houses over. That far away it's my neighbor's problem not mine! Wild creature setting. Pve.
  4. My base ichthyornis (seagulls) keep getting stuck in my outside storage. If I bola them they fall down a hill and I cannot get to them in time before bola unwinds. I have only managed to tame one of these and it was a level 90. Today I tried for a level 145 would have been nice catch. My species x killed it, like it is suppose to, when it came back up the hill with revenge for my insult of bola'ing it. Same storage chest. Same spot. The 90 I did catch did not fall down the hill. Such a game of luck with no way to alter it for a better outcome. The "arked" is loosing a high level you really want yet gaining a lower level. Settling for second best cause this is ark.
  5. Need Quiver Ammo Pouch Could we get an ammo pouch to hold any arrows bullets etc? As in one pouch to hold them all no complicated diversity. This would be like extra inventory spaces that only hold ammo but work with the gun / bow equipment so that guns and bows automatically register the ammo in your pouch is for use. No more slide it over onto the weapon. We do a lot of inventory movement in this game. This is a very inventory involved mechanics. It is insanely easy to loose your items. You are constantly "where did I put my arrows/bullets?" If we had a quiver ammo pouch we could stop accidentally placing these items all over the place.
  6. Change mounted surface water. When you hit spacebar while mounted and submerged under water your mount goes up but also forward. Instead could we just go up not forward? If I want to spy on somone/thing from an underwater vantage I end up moving up on them/it instead. I just want to poke my head up out of the water not go forward. "W" already goes forward so why does "spacebar" also go forward? Plz fix so mounted spacebar only goes up.
  7. Readout inside the game 2x Could we get a readout from within the game on our game menu (when you click esc) that would inform us if the game is in 2x mode official servers? Or maybe it appear with the hud info. Don't want to log out to main menu all the time. Could we get it in a countdown format so we could have an idea of how long 2x lasts to know if it is worth taming something when close to end of the event bonus?
  8. Unofficial Mods that make me angry and why. I'm livid with the AA mods because they require an engram unlock. And at that the GENERATOR which runs them all is unlocked at level 100 while all the items it runs are beforehand purchasable unlocking at lower levels. Umm, you cannot run anything in AA without the GENERATOR so why make the items engram purchasable previously to the GENERATOR? Why the freak charge any engrams at all it's a flipping mod already! _____ Stacking mods are in almost every unofficial server because yeah they save us so much time. Best mod ever right? However, on most if not all stacking mods the IGUANODON's only special move gets grayed out unusable. Now we cannot seed in an igu's inventory. But the only reason to need an igu's special move is if you are breeding / keeping seed eating pets. And the only time you would bother with pets like Featherlights would be on an unofficial server. You will not have time to mess with them on an official. So the Igu needs it's move on modded servers not official and modded servers who use stacking mods ruin the igu's only move.
  9. I think unofficial can alter the dino decay? I know a bunch of unoffs I have played have an even neater system where people can claim your dino if you are gone. That feels so much better than pets being destroyed. I left a lot of good boys behind for people to "adopt." Myself have an ice dragon someone abandon. I saved him just in nick of time his health was at a few points he was fighting alphas - they left him on attack. I think he'd been on the server for over a year unclaimed just frozen in an unrendered out-of-the-way place til I flew in on my argie. Try some unofficials out.
  10. Can we talk about WC port changing... ...and the confusion it causes. Unless you visit the forums and make yourself look like an idiot, subjecting yourself to possible trolling, or accidentally figure it out on your own there is no warning or way of knowing when WC changes your server's port number. We have this elaborate setup in the Search that keeps track of our player characters worlds where we have a body in it. Which is kinda annoying because there is no way to clear this record of servers we have visited or remove our bodies from that server ourselves. The best advice I got on this was make sure you die and log out dead. But it still remains recorded in the server search. And then the Favorite in Search. Which is what I always use as it is very helpful. Until your server port number gets changed. Then your server just vanishes. You are left with the confusion of why? If you have Battlemetrics bookmarked you go there and see your server is dead. Now comes the insightful part where you have to figure out your port has been moved by WC. You can no longer get to your server using the Game's Search. You MUST use battlemetrics to get into your new server port. It does not show up in the Game Search until you have used Battlemetric's Connect. Ummmm. That is not good. What about the players who don't know about Battlemetrics? What if it does not occur to you to use Battlemetric's search parameter to find the new server port and you stay confused because you bookmarked it and now your server appears dead? How does this affect the people on consoles? At least being a pc player I have Battlemetric's Search. Couldn't there be a way to warn people that their server-world's port has been changed? And not force them to visit forums or figure it out on their own good luck chump? And why does the new server port not show up in the Game's Search? Until you have connected using an outside the game way.
  11. Saddle Attachments You know how some saddles let your craft but there is no real good reason to. By the time you have leveled up enough to craft one of these saddles you have already leveled up enough to have a base. You do everything out of your base. You do not need to craft while out and about. You are just going to bring everything back to your base. There is only one reason you might need to stay out and about and that is taming. So you might use these saddles to craft a trap on the fly. But probably not. More likely you will craft everything you need for your preplanned trap back at your base. So crafting saddles are kinda useless. But if you had saddle attachments that would make your saddles do neater stuff like cooking or smelting so you don't have to return to base. And at a low level this would be priceless to a beginner. Solves the anxiety of looking for land right at the first and getting angry with all your server mates. If you had a saddle attachment that let you cook instead of being forced to use the campfire which requires land placement. Give Saddle Attachments a decay timer like a tent. However, I wish the tents decay timers would be increased. They expire to soon. Let the Saddle Attachments be found in low level sup drops. Saddle Attachment ideas: Cooking Small Range Turret Alchemy Smelting
  12. Depends on a lot of variables. Are we talking pve or pvp? SP / unoff / official? Single Player - Borked. Backup time consuming. Lonely. Cheaty. Better to be on multiplayer: I can't talk pvp so official pve - TheIsland used to be the best place because of the explorer notes. You could run naked at level one and get your character up pretty high just death porting around and leveling speed and stam. I had all the artifacts memorized. Getting around people's big laggy bases was hard but you could also use constructions to hide from raptors and carnos. Good challenge. But the explorer notes no long give xp. Still, the island is the main map and functions. Making friends who want to tribe up might be easier there if you are not into being a solo player. Ragnarok and Valguero are tied in usefulness. It's the sheep. Val has sheep sheep sheep sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But Rag is so easy to get what you want once you learn where everything is. Both maps are so popular on official pve they are overpopulated. TheCenter gives me vertigo. It has less advantages and attracts higher level players. Breeders end up living on TheCenter and can get lonely. And chatty. And giving of extra unwanted pets . So if you are a polite mooch that might be your map. Unofficial pve - I'm a lazy crazy so I love Zelos where kibble comes from glowing red-blue-purple trees at night. Zelos the mod map is my main base. It's an abandon project so I do not recommend following me there. Our MODS / Our Cluster I also enjoyed Shigoislands but did not get along with the unofficial admin who ran it so left.
  13. Always tame the dinos you hate. And put funny hats and glasses on them. You will love them to death because you respect them more. Also fighting fire with fire is a strategy in ark - best fighter against a wild theriz is a tame leveled up pet theriz. Good luck!
  14. I stopped getting xp from TheIsland notes months ago. I assumed it was intended. Guess it's a bug.
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