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  1. Not only is it against the rules, it's dumb as ****.
  2. You only started playing it in game pass? Should have seen it a few years ago!
  3. I didn't mind it other than having to pop into Extinction and Ab again to relearn certain engrams. If it's needed to fix a bug, mindwipe me again!
  4. 100% disappointed with this thread. Thought I was going to be reading about Titanfall 2....
  5. Ark and next gen consoles Have any of the Devs been lucky enough to get their hands on either the Xbox Series X or PS5 to run Ark on? Moving from the base Xbox to the X made all the world of difference, not only in how it looked but how it ran. I rarely disconnect with the X compared to the base system, and following a friend on a wyvern usually ended up with them flying off in front as I lagged and slowly flew behind. With the much improved CPU's/GPU's and the introduction of SSD, Ark looks as though it's in for a treat when these consoles hit the shelves.
  6. Don't beat yourself up too much. Rag is a free map!
  7. It's ok. I always like new terrain to explore, but I'm not a fan of the map set up with zones and teleportation. The whole hex thing is not my taste. I always liked having to go on expeditions to gather specific resource needed for certain things. This is a cop out in my eyes. New Dino's are great. It hasn't given me enough to abandon my main base on another map though.
  8. Simple. Go to Steam and purchase it for PC! https://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/
  9. Curious about update sizes This is written from an ignorant standpoint. I'm not a coder and as such have no idea about what it entails. I'm currently waiting on the new update to download for Ark on Xbox which weighs in at 19.05GB. Looking at the patch notes, it takes care of a few things, but the list isn't extensive. What could make a patch so large? Elite Dangerous in its complete form takes up 20.3GB in total, and games such as Jurassic World Evolution are half the size of the patch, Space Hulk Tactics is one quarter the size of this patch. How could one patch be so big? No wonder WC can't fix all the problems when one patch seems as large as what other studios manage to squeeze into their entire games! I'm just bored waiting here.....
  10. I've no problem with 3x so long as I know it's coming. It's not hard to work out when to have a tame out and put it away to make sure your get the percentage you want. To say it's pointless is a bit over the top though. Do you know how much metal and obsidian I got?
  11. Both. Unless you're on Abberation, then Spino. Clearly. It also depends where you're base is / where you go. My love for my high level Rex and Spino swaps back and forth depending what I need it for. The water boost with the Spino in terms of damage and speed, it's ability to turn on the spot, plus it's area of effect trump the Rex. The Rex tanks better and hits harder out of the box though.
  12. Legacy servers get no support. It's been documented for quite some time.
  13. Press start, get the server number and region (EU / NA / OC) then get your friend to look for it in the server list.
  14. I'd like to be able to select an amount to draw from a vault. If I need 4240 hide and my vault is maxed at 350 slots, drawing out 200 at a time is a pain.
  15. I read Astrophysics for People In A Hurry. Doesn't mean I'm much cope at Astrophysics though. If Wildcard were on top of things from the start..... I like to think of Ark like a large cruise ship, filled to the brink with amazing content that you'll just not see on any other ship. However the ship is full of holes and is letting in water. The owner is running backwards and forwards, slapping cheap cladding over the holes, but new ones appear at a rate that they just can't keep up with. It'll never sink though. All the customers who love the content are holding it up, regardless of whether their heads are under the water line.
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