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  1. Are you crazy??!? Put Crystal Isles back 2 years I say, and work on getting the bugs out of it!!!
  2. 100% you made the right call. If some tribe is daft enough to leave that many Dino's on the ob which is a clear breach of the CoC and you've asked them to remove them and they won't, then it's open season.
  3. Same. Can't leave the base as the disconnect is always on the horizon. *Edit* Xbox official
  4. Sleep in a bed
  5. Getting my sunglasses on later. Prepared a vault for them
  6. Were you looking for a Mana killer? Did you think it would be? Should every new addition to the game become the new meta?
  7. Might not be the answer you're looking for, but it is the answer. Nothing can be done, and you're FAR from the first for it to happen to, and you will not be the last. Some lessons are hard, but I bet you'll either learn from it or be disappointed again.
  8. Loves me some funky colours. I need to get a beach hut up on the server with a tp near by where we can drink beer by a campfire while trades go on
  9. 1. OP Wyverns with 40k hp, 5k stam and 500% melee with completely break the game. 2. In your opinion. Aberration is the best map in the game. Island is the OG, and Extinction is great. They introduce the content that spills into other maps, NOT the other way around. 3. They are great. Important? Maybe. Why wouldn't they be?
  10. Happy with this. Breeding at 2x or 3x is just fine, and with the summer bash just around the corner, no colours are no problem. 4x harvesting? Yeah.. my anky is going to get the fright of its life
  11. I prefer open maps without the ability to buy resource. I like missions to certain areas to collect stuff I need.
  12. Depends where you are and what your have access to. A good Thyla in the desert killing mantis will give you enough organic to make what you want on Rag. Corrupt nodules on Extinction serve the same purpose. I also keep any riot gear and fabi snipers from my gacha/drops in my grinder for as and when needed. I've built an entire Tek base complete with cloners et all without any hard poly.
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