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  1. Old Ark is old. Topic is hard.
  2. Harvesting trees / rocks / dead bodies definitely yields more. Picking up a rock still only gives you one. There's the rocket science, move along.
  3. If it's a one map server and only Rag, I'd make hard poly the main currency. Even if you could break element down into dust on Rag, what would be the point of you're then only going to turn it back into element? The only reason dust is used a lot on official is because you can't transfer shards or element.
  4. I remember when these things would constantly give you swamp fever. They'd always spawn near our main rock mining area. To be honest, I think they should bring it back in otherwise their only real purpose is to provide meat for babies.
  5. Back on legacy we had an anky under the mesh outside our doors for days. Eventually I got a platformed quetz, dropped a foundation as low as it would allow then built 2 ramps coming down from the front and scooped it back up. If your try this and it dies to anti-mesh, I hold no responsibility. Better to put a feeding trough near it and put in a ticket ?
  6. Nope. It's used by every single person that raises Dino's. I'd let this go. No one seems as bother about it as you do. It's getting unhealthy. Forager is a fun game for a couple of days. If you have a PC, give Company of Heroes a go. Great fun. ?
  7. Not gonna lie. Not sure what your actual complaint is.
  8. It's going to be situational depending on where you are in the game, both in experience/level and if you are in a tribe. The skiff is great if you can unlock it, build it, and keep it fuelled in element. If you're solo, and Argie beats most things. I high level tame will get you going, but a good imprinted raise will be amazing with weight levels in excess of 7000. If you are playing solo you can then pick up ankys and drop them on metal nodes to exploit their metal weight reduction, then pick up doeds and fly them over stone to harvest.
  9. Yes! This! Unless there's a note about fixing this bug in the community crunch, it's still going to be there. You're complaining about a bug that's not been fixed for 5 years which means you knew it has been a potential risk yet you ignored it. Sucks that you lost a tame, but this is on your head unfortunately.
  10. Strange goings on with Extinction OSD's A tribe I'm allied with asked for some help on a purple drop the other day. They were in the middle of a wave after starting it off but said they couldn't claim it and that it was showing LOCKED. I arrived, and after the wave tried to claim it, but it wouldn't allow me. I flew off and saw a drop falling. On arrival (red) I started it off but couldn't claim it as it showed locked as well. This morning I found a purple that someone had placed spike walls around so decided to solo it. I ended the drop on round 9 and popped the contents. I picked
  11. Back on legacy we had a build up of that ledge just up from the water with no problems to the beaver spawns.
  12. Did a purple drop solo on Extinction and got a 93 Argie BP, a 124 daedon BP, and a 124 Rex BP all from the same drop! Delighted.
  13. Reading through the moaning, it appears that Ark isn't really a game the OP should be playing....
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