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  1. I've invested a few thousand hours into official (PvE - xbox). There are definite pros and cons for each, and every pro and con won't relate to everyone's experience in the game. In my experience, the pros of official are - The server is going to be there. I've had friends go onto unofficial that came back as the server shut down. The rates promote the gameplay. I've played on an unofficial for a few days, but the crazy harvest / xp / tame rates bored me as I felt no accomplishment with what I'd achieved in game. I've made several friends that I keep in contact with outside of Ark. I met them through being friendly and helpful on the server. I recently took an 8 month break from the game and was astonished at the reception I got when I logged back into the server. There are cons of course - Anyone can join the server, and not everyone is respectful. I've seen randoms pillar as close as they can to people's builds for no reason other than to cause mischief. Lag. Lag lag lag lag lag. Lag. You need the time to invest, or moderate your time accordingly knowing that your not going to alpha ascend quickly. Cryopods and the new QoL changes have really helped in this matter, especially for those who like to earn money from going to work...
  2. It's the structures+ items that are stone or metal. Large walls / triangular foundations, roof, ceilings / double doors / flexi pipes / stairs are all bugged out. I've had to finish my build with wooden triangular items with the look to upgrade to stone one they've finally noticed they've cocked up. I've not tried Adobe.
  3. Anything that came with the structures + update that's rated higher than wood has bugged. Foundations, steps, double doors. (in on xbox)
  4. I've seen that happen occasionally since legacy. Had a raft by carno Island and sailed to my base by herbivore Isle. Half the platform was still at carno and it'd teleport me there when I stood on it!
  5. I can't place any stone or metal items that are triangular. Foundations / ceilings / roof sections. I can place wooden ones, but no stone or metal. I tried flying to another area of the map, laid a square stone foundation and placed a square ceiling tile against it - all ok. Tried to place a triangular stone ceiling - wouldn't allow it (but it shows green). Destroyed it all and tried to place a triangular foundation (again showing green) but it wouldn't place. Also can't place stone steps.
  6. The pack of Dimophrodons that often get me if I'm on a Rex in the swamp on the centre is insane! Not so much a problem if I'm on a giga or spino though as they've better hit boxes. Little ba****ds.
  7. I've just returned to the game after 8 months away. No base or dinos left, but I'm a level 105. Over 2 nights I've managed to get an Argie and Anky. I've got a rudimentary wooden hut but have storage boxes that I've filled with building parts and have a large foundation down. Also have an indy forge / cooker / grills / fridges built. Tonight, once I've got another 200 electronics together, I'll be able to build my chem bench then get to putting it all together.
  8. This may help : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Geneva_Convention
  9. I liked my angler, but never used it a great deal. It was handy to light up the water pen, and a half hour run kept me in silica pearls for months.
  10. I always tried to spawn and get behind them to kite them away from the base. Easier said than done, and multiple deaths would occur, but no one said Ark was easy (until you get to a high level with rexes on 50k health and 1k+ melee, then you only need to worry about griefers, rollbacks, DC'ing over water, lagging into lava, bugged decay timers and pillar monsters)
  11. This mechanic has been used for ages. A friend list his base back on legacy due to it. It's been a known risk since the games inception as far as I'm aware.
  12. This isn't wildcards problem. It's a user mistake.
  13. I hear you man. I played Ark all the hours I could around work. Had a great base on the Centre, was well known on the server for helping folk out. I once lost a bunch of imprinted rexes due to a boss fight glitch and was given some bog standards back from WC in return with useless saddles. About 2 weeks ago, the server was lagging, and I mean REALLY badly. 5 seconds of action, 20 seconds pauses for most of the night. I logged on the next morning, podded all my dinos, filled the generators and logged off. I pop on every 3/4 days to make sure the generators are topped up, but have hit a brick wall with the game. Tell you what though, you forget how many other good games are out there to play.....
  14. Totally get that it's a nasty situation, but don't class playing a computer game as work.
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