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  1. OFFICIAL PVE MULTIPLAYER PC STEAM Absolutely no Fire Wyverns at all whatsoever. Only two Blood Wyverns a night. And only six Tropic Wyverns a night/day. Was this done on purpose to stop players from farming primal crystal so no one could raise wyvern babies anymore? I mean I don't farm primal crystal or bother with that. But I was catching some event colored low wyverns to take back to Valguero to ride around on. Now there is nothing to catch. This has been going on for over a week now getting worse. I suspect even the Blood and Tropics will disappear completely soon. The Heirs are doing fine. Plenty of them.
  2. I also avoid inbreeding but I'm RP. I am not interested in boss fights or tek. I like colors. I like catching. Avoiding inbreeding works well for my style. There are other breeding games that punish inbred. I do not play Minecraft someone tonight told me it didn't reward inbreeding. Honestly, they are just a bunch of pixels. Fun to rp they are real but they heckn arnt. If I made a game I would love to "punish" inbreeding by making wild looking genetic misfits! People would inbreed on purpose then just for giggles but it would be neat.
  3. i played a modded primal server dodos blew up and killed you all your stuffs and dinos - exploding dodos i cannot remember back so far but i bet it was a Dilophosaur i was totally obsessed with them would tame them all people poke fun of me had them following me everywhere
  4. Anyone else getting extra copies of their Specimen Imprint every time they touch the oblisk teleport transporter?
  5. Started on a beginner server do not recommend it. I wish WC would get rid of them. Add more Ragnarok servers in their stead. They are hello seriously harder than non-beginner servers but lure naive newbies who think they'll get an advantage with a tutorial or something beginner related. THERE IS NOTHING HELPFUL TO A BEGINNER ON A BEGINNER SERVER ONLY A HARDER VERSION OF ARK Very misleading to newbies. The level cap means you are always struggling. The mega tribes are bad. They group together to get the rare Blue Prints / Fishing Pole on the bottom of the ocean. That is why you see craftables over level 44. If you can get the rare fishing pole you are a god on a beg server. General advice to new players. Get away from TheIsland Map (base game map) and try TheCenter or Valguero. Stay away from Ragnarok on official. If you get on a map that pauses for more than a minute or rubberbands a lot you are on a broken map. FIND ANOTHER MAP until you get one that does not rubberband you. If you want Unofficial instead of Official (PvE) - FoG ran a good cluster last time I tried. Their mods. Their servers.
  6. Is the Basilisk tamable? On all maps? If not, why not?
  7. Tropical Wyverns should not dismount rider when submerged. Why? This was obvious. So why?
  8. PvP is a waste of time because someone will destroy your stuffs dah. Pillars prevent lag because the thing that causes lag is the HUGE BASES FULL OF DINOS FOR "BREEDING" and cloning which is done by said breeders with those HUGE BASES FULL OF DINOS. You can transfer dinos out of Crystal Isles but for some ungodly evil creepy flackn reason this was discouraged by making the babies of crystal wyverns totally dependent on Crystal Isles map. YOU CANNOT RAISE A CRYSTAL WYVERN BABY OFF OF CI MAP because it needs CI prime crystals as it's gerber foods. Thus crystal isles is now FULL OF BIG FAT BASES RAISING PETS instead of players taking their pets home to other maps to raise. Ruining CI map and causing it to lag to death in a repeated cycle ****. The solution is grossly obvious. We need a new game format. We need instanced housing. We need to get rid of pvp and go pve only. We need a new game that is like ark but not like ark. A game that allows only a set number of constructions in the main ark world maps. Make instanced housing where you could build and breed to your hearts content but not on the main maps. So we stop getting in each others way. Also, the level of stupid from the anti-pillar-social-justice-warriors is mind boggling. You cry you don' t want other people's pillars THEN GO GET YOUR OWN SERVER since you don't like to share. You claim you have the sharing heart but that so opposite of what you are saying. You are saying, "Someone got the land before I did and I want their spot cry waaaa." That is not a sharing caring attitude at all. You are actually the greedy one here. Stop looking at other people's stuff and go find your own stuff.
  9. You need a Steam and Epic category on these main forums. More for Epic as they have no where to get answers. Steam at least has their own well known forums. None of these 300 new players are getting any answers to their questions on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/h79558/epic_store_ark_master_post/
  10. Alt Food Raise Baby Wyverns Request we get an alternative food to raise baby wyverns besides mom milk or primal crystals. These are to hard to get on a crowded pve official server. Leave the mom milk and primal crystal just give us something else we could use to feed them as well. The wyverns are being over hunted.
  11. No Wyverns Spawning In CI837 Official PvE There are no wyverns on our official server 837.
  12. What are chibis for anyway? Why do people care so much about them? I've seen players trade "rare chibis" for high level wyverns I'm like chibis cannot be that great?
  13. Will summer bash have colored dinos? What colors?
  14. I only want it up long enough to get my pets off PLEASE.
  15. It appear the crystal wyverns will walk on their own after you dismount them. And just keep walking in a straight line. So will pters but the pter usually, not always, only walks a short distance and does a turn around and comes back. I think this "walk" is a dynamic to do with keeping pets from pilling up stuck on each other or stuck on objects. The walk is okay but it needs to stop not keep going forever. My missing wyvern was found a long distance from my base appears to have stopped walking finally when it stuck in trees. Another player said his was in with a neighbors pets. Another player said they still have not found two missing red blood crystal wyverns. So they appear to just walk for no reason until they get stuck.
  16. Pet crystal wyverns disappear. My passive wyvern was sitting next to my base. It was not on follow to me or any other pet. I got the glitch where your chat does not load. I logged out and back in. Wyvern had vanished. I asked for help in chat. They said it was just a glitch everyone has to deal with now and to put a base around your wyvern or cryo it. I want to fly my wyvern as my mount. Not lock it up or put it away to keep it safe. Then I'm not actually using the pet so what good is it?
  17. Crystal Isles map is overheating computers. Unique foliage on this map does not disappear when you turn ground clutter down. Follow images are taken at the lowest settings for foliage allowed in ark. These are not plants you can berry pick these are aesthetic decor: And they are all moving. Which is very beautiful and artfully well done. But when planning for an mmorpg you have to consider the equipment that game will be running on. Every animation adds to the render. I have to point an air conditioner at my computer with a fan blowing into it. HOW THE FREAK DO YOU GET THIS GAME TO RUN ON CONSOLES WITHOUT BLOWING THEM UP?? The moving in the breeze plants look very pretty thank you but they need to disappear when I turn that ground clutter bar all the way left. And reappear when I move the bar back to the right. Otherwise my system will get VERY HOT. .
  18. Introduce HOT SPOTS Area Related Construction Limitations There are hot spots on every map where building a gigantic base causes invasive lag for other players. Around obolisks. Around rare node spawns, beaver dams, any object one spot no where else. Gigga spawn. Cactus plants. And on Crystal Isles especially where you have to ride-passive-tame wyverns that knock you off, invasive mega base constructions have the worse effect ever! Passive tames reset if there is any lag whatsoever. Add gigantic bases full of pets on wyvern spawn areas NO ONE CAN TAME WYVERNS ANYMORE. It is not possible under these severe conditions. I propose two fixes. One is to not let passive tames reset anymore. If you are passive taming anything, dolphin, wyvern, lystos, etc it should never reset mid taming. This happens when you leave the area. Go to far away to find it food. But the game thinks you have left the side of your tame if lag happens. Please shut this dynamic off it is faulty and does not work. I have asked for this for a very long time but you refuse to listen to me. Do you even play your own game on crowded pve servers, devs? Do you know what we have to face? Second fix would be to limit how many constructions people are allowed in specific areas. Rafts are already limited. What I propose is a limit on constructions on sensitive land spots. So people could make only a tiny hut with a bed and a few pillars on the wyvern spawn in beach. Or next to the ant hills. Restrict those areas so no one can place generators or industrial forges. Campfire fine. Tent fine. Eight foundations limit. One simple forge. Smithy fine. Storage fine. Nothing else. Another work around would be to instead adjust the decay timers in hot spots so they cannot be reset by rendering them. If you built anything on a hot spot it WILL decay. You cannot stop the decay. Only in hot spots. Like the wyvern spawn beach on Crystal Isles. Players would be forced to replace their constructions if they want to crowd out other players by pretending they need a BIG BUILDING RIGHT THERE WHERE LAG WOULD RUIN OTHER PLAYERS FROM GETTING A WYVERN. .
  19. So you are telling me that I paid money for Ark Survival but Epic players paid nothing at all but Epic players are being given priority rights to play Ark? They can all log in to my Crystal Isles official server past the 70 allotted player restriction. But I, who paid for the game with money, cannot. I who paid am being blocked from the servers. They who did not pay are getting in even if it damages the server.
  21. Crystal Isles Some People Are Holding The Official Server Hostage For Themselves I cannot get on to play on official unless the server crashes. I do not know how they are doing this but some players have found a way to stay logged into official server and hold it for themselves. Server show full when it is not full. Numbers do not match up. It says less players in one area and more in another. Some players are stated to have never left they stay continually logged in. PC - STEAM - PVE And one of the players in the list I have reported in the past for pushing other players out of servers by verbally abusing them in chat. As in has a group of people follow him to servers. Builds huge constructions all over the map. Trolls and harasses other players if they don't belong to his click. He has an obsession with taking the map for himself. He only allows you to stay if you join his group of bullies. If he has found a way to keep other players other than his followers off an official map he would do it in a heart beat.
  22. Pachy will not tame. Unloaded about forty darts maybe more into a several 130 - 150 Pachy's and they didn't go down. Repeat bola. They are not taking tupor. https://www.dododex.com/taming/pachy
  23. Not Crystal Isles only. I have had trouble getting Z to care about my sick self on Aber for some time now. I think it might work if you are very low health your player character and stand on the ground not mounted next you MIGHT MAYBE get a seed. But then it spits it and the seed disappears. It stopped healing my dinos a while back. Does not heal me when I'm mounted that I can tell of. Z def needs some love and attention from the devs. Long over due. pc-steam-official-pve .
  24. No prompt to feed Crystal Isles wyverns. I have to assume this is happening because someone else tried to feed it and now it is untamable. If this is the case there needs to be a timer put on the passive wyvern tames so you have only one day to tame it and then someone else can have a chance.
  25. NA-Official-PVE-Ragnarok-68 crashing repeatedly https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6657496?playerCount=24H Update: We've flatlined.
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