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  1. Same. This forum website does not appear on my PC either. I am typing this from my telephone. All my fav servers are showing as not available in the game client. I recently did the big 2004Win10 update but got in after worked good that was yesterday. Tonight cannot get on servers tho show they up Battlemetrics. Will try a verify integrity now. PC steam official
  2. CrystalIsles 837 PC-Steam DDOS Attack & Cloning Our server was working perfectly just a few days ago. We are not over crowded we have the same players we have always had plus two newbies that are totally cool goofballs. We did have the cloner someone who is freezing our server since the day of the desync episode and it's patch fix. We knew there was a cloner because the type of lag. We would yell in chat for him/r to stop and it would go away for a while then they would start up again. This however reaks of ddos. Someone is trying an extortion. Forcefully crashing our ser
  3. I force feed pets stim and they don't poop. Maybe I gave up after about 300 stims maybe I was spose to use more. Really the entire poop thing get very very old boring insane tedious I black out and take a nap if I have to farm that much tedium. Boring. I find Stardew Valley's grind more interesting. I mean it was okay at first but after two years of ark everything feels repetitive and in the way of having actual fun. There's progression but at some point the effort vs. progress climbs to yawns. LIKE STANDING AT THE OBELISK TELEPORT WAITING TO GO TO ANOTHER MAP FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES.
  4. Official or unofficial? I have never once got a phiomia or any dino to poop faster with stim berries. I have gotten them to poop more by riding them around so their hunger bar fell. I felt stim berry pooping was a myth like the myth that dung beetles pick up poops on their own so you don't have to TEDIOUSLY put it in their inventory ONE POOPER AT A TIME yourself. Tested on TheIsland and Ragnarok official servers. Btw, cryo and uncryo will make a dino poop. If to tedious still good to know if want large poops fast to use to catch the dung beetle. I remember having to wait all day for
  5. Should Tapejara's weight carry be increased to compete with Argentavis? Argies are easy to catch compared to Tapes. Tapes are slower. Tapes are a pain to learn how to manuever. But event colored Tapes are beautiful put me in mind of giant butterflies. I love Tapes but find no reason to go catch or use. Argies so much better. Quetzal's carry inventory and platform is awesome. But Q is to hard to catch. I still have not caught one and I have played ark for two years. Save the "it's easy" rebuffs plz I have heard all of them and every strategy imaginable. And no you are wrong,
  6. Nothing like taming for 3hrs only to be kicked with an unannounced update... ... a creature that eats narcs like a cotton candy carnival junky. At 85% in the taming so you know I wont get back to that in time before the torpor wears. YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE
  7. You are not wrong Bertnoobians! My once official Ragnarok server I left abandon completely know it will never run right again after the last event messed it up forever. But we have crystal Isles and the Genesis maps now. Really people you need to learn to leave a server official pve when it falls apart. Just walk away and rebuild. Stop clinging so hard to your past and move forward. MOVE YOUR BASE OF OPERATION TO A NEW DLC MAP And give us more breeding events I need to get my colorful owls / wyverns raised to adulthood.
  8. My paranoid side wants to know if people were making this up so they could hog the gigga spawns.
  9. You guys keep saying volcano but it would be nice if you could give the exact location. I play CI map almost exclusively now on official really would like to avoid this zone. But I have a mining camp near the volcano I'm going to decay loose because I have been avoiding the hot spots. So yeah plz give coords thx.
  10. When next Event breeding bonus? Is it halloween our next event? Can we do a breeding event before then?
  11. I have my doubts about the desert clothes reducing water need. I wear desert now again but prefer ghillie because ghil makes you less the target. I do know the tent works but on official don't think you can drop it where building is not allowed. I cave mine. Tent is heavy. When you are mining every little bit helps in weight reduction. I'm riding an anklo mostly but I get off to carry the ores over to my bird who has all the weight carry. That is a tiny bit of walking and a lot of dehydration for a tiny bit of walking. Bleh, w/e. Is good fun game has entertained me for two years.
  12. WC still don't get what pve is. This is the problem. This game was made by pvp'ers and they just don't understand pve'ers. We need violent mad angry out to get us mobs THAT ARE NOT ANNOYING. That is a hard balance to make and the true sign of a pve creator. You cannot overcome and feel proud if the mob can be easily outsmarted. At the same time you don't want your hard work ruined every five seconds either. The mobs in this game are to easy. This is still a pvp game when people say comments like, "I had to leave pve to go to pvp cause it wasn't exciting enough."
  13. I keep dying of dehydration. I don't want to spend point in water or food cause needed in weight. But I get bored while mining ores and scamper off to play on the internet. I have died of dehydration in this game way more than I ever died to dinos. Something kinda wrong about that. It's boring to die over and over again no battle no fun just yo need to drink a million times a minute. I am wearing ghillie armor and a high level otter before you tell me noob tips.
  14. Steam got hacked. I'm bored.
  15. I can't find you on Battlemetrics. Are you down? I know you gave the steam ip but need BM links to see some info first.
  16. Stop reward xp for contruction. This gives the idea that larger buildings are better. Big bases cause lag. Instead reward exploration. Give large clumps of extra xp for visiting caves, high mountain peaks, and discovering a new species dino. Reward a current flow of xp when player is mounted and moving. Do not give experience rewards for things that cause lag. Make players loose xp if they keep more than twenty-five dinos out uncryoed. Have players delevel if they keep more than 100 dinos out for over a week. Give an xp boost for wearing skins. Give a large xp boost for b
  17. Why are the blue crystals decor? And not nodes?
  18. Instanced Breeding Pens Reduce the number of pets allow outside of cryopods to 100 per tribe in the live action world. Create a personal instance per player that can be accessed via obolisk or sup drop or teleport. No one is allowed in the instance except you. One instance allowed per character. Dinos can enter the instance via cryopods only. Have five different prefab instances you can choose from. All of them are breeding pens. Maybe one be a floating island in sky, another a desert terrain, another a swamp. No wild spawns in an instance. It is essentially a housing instance
  19. Uninstalling Mods would actually remove them from pc Instead of leaving them sitting in a file dormant taking up room. If I hit that uninstall mod button on Steam I want that mod out and off my pc.
  20. Add more than just two/four creatures at a time. Is there something wrong with the game that you cannot add new wild dinos to older maps? The game veers away from a map survival game into a competition gaming game. I want a world to live in not a game. Would have liked one with seasons or cycles that changed with day/month/year. Different dinos spawning at different times of the year. You could do away with all the boss fights and highest high high level breeding manufacturing plants and I would be content. I only like breeding when it emulates an old barn farm. I only like bo
  21. If no one had ever meshed we wouldn't have needed an anti mesh. I lost stuff recently to and I was angry at WC but that's stupid. People who meshed ruined things.
  22. pc pve steam official crystal isles rock spawns on hill storage chest was touching it - prob full expensive construction equaling days work grinding smelting whatever it's all pointless sand castles break tedium real life
  23. Suggest devs look at adding Shadlos Additional Creatures. All of them don't leave a single one out. To every map. Many are mythological fantasy not dinos and that is a good thing! I have a slow pc (no ssd) and I can run all Additional Creatures. They don't lag. I don't know where WC is going with ark in as much as will they get to the point they don't want to add more official maps? If they are going to continue to release map dlc with specific creatures restricted to one map as their only spawn that's okay. BUT plz consider how boring the old maps are. I'm glad for a reason
  24. Cryopods remember Harvest Setting & Follow Distance Appreciate cryo release remembers Stance! But please add Harvest and Distance. Resetting these repeatedly at every cryo release tedious.
  25. Advice light screen recorder for ark pc? I use Nvidia Shadowshare or w/e they're calling it these days. I like backplay option. But I'm sick of the multiple container execution files running background. It doesn't slow my pc down at first. But it builds over time as more and more containers are opened I notice considerable lag to the game. Anyone have a light weight screen recorder they love works good with ark?
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