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  1. Request 3rd Gamma Option Two gamma options that we can set a keybind are awesome love that. But a third would be nice. Also, please make the Advanced Settings Auto Chatbox a keybound option instead of only an open up your options and find it.
  2. More Corporate To Player Base Communication You do not legally have to do this. And yes, I notice that WC leaves lots of notices for much of what they do. Which is appreciated! But I did not need to go through the stress you just put me through. If you SUDDENLY shut an OFFICIAL server down for more than four hours PLZ COMMUNICATE WITH US. Not a general go look at the CoC. More of an updated what you are doing to help our server in words that don't sound haughty and over-our-non-programmer heads to understand. It might be viable for you to invest in a Public Relations Executive. Not a forum mod, not a GM, but a person assigned to placate the public who players can do a "call out to" by typing their name on these forums. This person is up to date in all the sudden disasters and off-line incidents or can get the info. They have good people skills. In Elder Scrolls Online it was a girl named Gina and she was good at calming the public down and keeping us informed on emergency updates. Also, our server is still broke.
  3. Lol, thanks Invincibleqc. How do you stare at this stuff all day long and stay sane? You're a good egg even if you're a grumpy troll sometimes.
  4. Are you on 558 it's under attack atm.
  5. Our server has been hijacked. Who actually owns the server? Some hacker has it, don't they? Turning the server into a pvp server is not fixing things. What you are doing does not make any logical sense.
  6. We might get more attention if we could all stick together and post in one single post. Maybe invincibleqc could combine them for us, please?
  7. It's been turned into a pvp server. I think WC mistook it for a Legacy. We have lost all our stuffs by now. My dinos are dead from starvation. This so sucks. Makes me wonder about that one guy who was downloading titans repeatedly for three weeks now. He know something the rest of us did not?
  8. For a minute I thought maybe it is just me. But Battlemetrics is showing people logging in and getting kicked.
  9. Have you lost your freaking minds??????????????????????????????????????? What are doing!
  10. Official Val558 Inaccessible Over 24hrs Locked Now Has PVP status when was PVE DILO is going on, plz?
  11. Get rid of mob leaves zone despawn. We need to be allowed to take more breaks from ark to do in real life stuff. On pve official pillars prevent making traps. So you make traps at your base and lead mobs for an hour or more across the map to your trap. Even in sp or unoff it is easiest to make traps near your base. But if you lead a mob over to your area then log out to eat dinner or go to work/homework it despawns instantly. This forcing us to give so much attention, literally hours, to the game play, with no rest is a huge turn off. I am not asking to make ark easier. Just loose the mob moved across the map immediate despawner. Give it a 24hr day at least. Despawning roaming mobs insta doesn't serve any purpose I can fathom. It makes catching that 150 event color buddy a lot harder on you physically in real life. Game is literally exhausting with no breaks allowed.
  12. I'm still not happy with cryopodding. This is not helping reduce lag. Only one (two electric frig) months to keep dinos stored is way to short. Requiring a cryofridge that cannot be crafted until you are level 88?! How is that suppose to reduce lag on pve? Please drop the required level or make a blue print of the cryofridge and put it in every LOW LEVEL supply drop reward. You are not reducing lag by making it hard for players to get lag reducing objects.
  13. I can see your point. But hear mine. It was the bones that made the humans dream. And what is a Role Playing Game but a fulfillment of fantasies? http://mentalfloss.com/article/64093/8-types-imaginary-creatures-discovered-fossils
  14. Are you talking about pvp or pve? PvP = Do Not Solo PvE = Unofficial. Do not think you will get ahead on any official as a solo player. Official rates are awful. Any map is good but I prefer Shigo Islands clustered with other maps. Shigo is unpopular with crowds because it's so niche so lots of space all to yourself. Use battlemetrics to help but remember you might not see all the unofficial mods that go with the server. I got around this problem by doing something maybe I should not advice other players to do. So take with grain of salt. I loaded in every high population unofficial and their suggested mods. It took a few days. Then I went and picked which unofficial servers looked to have what I wanted most (for solo play get increased rates especially character experience and dino tame). Then I got lucky as I loaded the unoff I wanted I had the mods it required. In the past I have had trouble running unofficial because mods would not load. Been having more luck lately. Solo unoff and get ahead without tribal help. People are friendly can still answer your q&a in chat.
  15. Still flatlining like a dead man on a gurney.
  16. I don't play around with this in Ark but I have in other games and often it helps to reduce the colors. Don't know if it would help in Ark but worth try. Most photographs have a color depth of 16 million colors and can be decreased to 256,000 (256K) colors without significant quality reduction. Going below 256K colors, however, can make the image appear jagged, grainy or discolored. The number of colors is determined by the "pixel depth," which is the amount of color for each pixel. The higher the pixel depth, the more detail in the photograph. Non-photographic images are generally 256K or lower because they do not require as much detail. Many free online programs will do a color reduction for your pic.
  17. Still down: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3753034
  18. Battlemetrics does not show that a Val 1085 exists. Are you sure you got the server number correct? Maybe you mixed it up with day?
  19. What day in Oct does Val transfers open? Is it going to be like Oct 1st?
  20. Nope my character still pops up. I can control it a little bit better now if after choosing "lay down in bed" from the options wheel I DEPRESS "E" VERY VERY QUICKLY. Still does not always work. Especially if there is any server lag at all. But I get to lay down in the bed a wee bit more often now. The problem is, to hover over the wheel option you have to be PRESSING "E" and to lay down you have to be PRESSING "E" but to stay laying down you have to not be PRESSING "E" at all. My char pops up on the DEPRESS. Have a video showing my char popping up out of the bed but useless cause no way to show what mouse and keyboard I'm pressing. I had assumed everyone had the same problem. Weirder still sometimes my char will lay in the bed for a minute before popping up. Think that is server lag tho.
  21. But this is official. And decay timers...
  22. Have same problem. On Valguero when it opened me and another guy was staking our claims next to each other. Get along fine. He's great. But he left his raft by my "hut" during the gold rush. Now the hut is my base and my pets get stuck coming and going on his raft. He logs and renders his raft. I am certain he forgot it exists. Cannot catch him online he comes and goes. Thinking about this method I used once for someone else: Tame a low level pter. Change it's name to "u forgot ur raft." Fly it in tow with follow and park it in his fort. Unclaim. Fly out on the Lead. Can even leave a "note" inside the inventory on an unclaimed with plz and ty's. Claimer will get the note when they claim; note does not disappear (tested). Think that is a peaceful method not harassing. But never leave a talking parasaur that just provokes hostile feelings. Uck.
  23. My feet are to sensitive have to be careful what kind of shoes I wear. Can we just get tshirts and Funko Pop Action Figures like everyone else?
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