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  1. Still not fixed our OFFICIAL servers were rolled back to day 1 and they are up and running. As in wiped servers that people can join. Only to get wiped again and again and again. At least take the servers down completely or declare them wiped. 836 / 837
  2. WC still don't get what pve is. This is the problem. This game was made by pvp'ers and they just don't understand pve'ers. We need violent mad angry out to get us mobs THAT ARE NOT ANNOYING. That is a hard balance to make and the true sign of a pve creator. You cannot overcome and feel proud if the mob can be easily outsmarted. At the same time you don't want your hard work ruined every five seconds either. The mobs in this game are to easy. This is still a pvp game when people say comments like, "I had to leave pve to go to pvp cause it wasn't exciting enough."
  3. pc pve steam official crystal isles rock spawns on hill storage chest was touching it - prob full expensive construction equaling days work grinding smelting whatever it's all pointless sand castles break tedium real life
  4. pc pve official extinction 454 is unplayable freezing kicked goes offline for one minute long enough not to be registered as a complete crash on battlemetric but it is crashing constantly
  5. NA-PVE-Official-Extinction454 I'm getting kicked from the server every eight minutes. Even tho the server does not show any crashes. It is literally unplayable. Gaming pc all other servers run fine my internet is good been with ark survival for two years not a problem on my end yes I reported it on https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  6. I played Hope it is nice. Smallish map. Glad it made sponsor. I loved the little swamp of otters. Omg Primal is so much fun insane. I have prob played Marnii Wildlife and didn't know. Appreciate balance mods. THIS WHOLE LINEUP ROCKS!
  7. I got the event pelag but I'm done fooling around on Rag68. Put everything except five pets in cryo. I notice other players are leaving their pets out even tho they are not playing on the server. They ran off to Genesis. I understand if you cannot cryo your pets because lag makes it impossible to gather the materials. But there are some of you who already had the materials/cryos made. You could have and didn't. You left our server to rot cold while you ran off to have fun in Gen. Do you think I'm going to be happy seeing your special Gen pets out in your backyard? It isn't bragg
  8. I just caught the event colored aqua pelag I have been looking for since the easter event started! Four minutes ago. Every crash gets a rollback to at least the last save. The last server save was over eight minutes ago. It will be as if it never happened. Such a super waste of gaming time. What do you want me to tell everyone who asks if they should buy Ark Survival? This game is box to pay. Your advertising is from the players already in the game. I'm going to tell them the truth. Someone else besides WC needs to make a game like ark. If I log back in today and
  9. Not your fault I hate the hell out of PM's. It's a me thing. I am Pirates.
  10. I have also been keeping track of who logs in on Battlemetrics and there isn't a specific group or person who is crashing the server Rag 68. I know everyone thinks someone is duping. I know people want to blame the box tribes. But I have seen people on the map who are NOT Chinese keeping a lot of dinos out. Still wish someone would investigate our Rag 68 and find out if there is a cuprit. Or WC admit you are using cheap servers to run this game. And yeah we're down again. Don't PM me on these forums and ask me who I am in the game. Not offended just warning I'm not in
  11. It's down again: I reported it here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform AGAIN.
  12. Request shut decay timers off until servers are fixed. I cannot log into my main base on Rag68 pve official steam-pc because it is down more than it is up. Please shut down decay timers so we do not loose our pets and buildings. Please investigate what is causing the frequent crashes. Please shut down the Easter Event if it is still running until you find out what is going on. These crashes seemed to start when the event started.
  13. This is what my official server looks like. I've hit the outage report form more times than I've hit McDonald's drive thru. I cannot get on my server long enough to cryo my remaining pets let alone play the game. You are going to have to admit that the Easter Event has something wrong with it and shut it down. You need to investigate who has more than 100 dinos out. You may need to upgrade your servers or stop inviting overseas people into NA servers. Tho I doubt that is the problem people who think it is will throw insults at the other nations. Like, "Get off our server yo
  14. Ragnarok 68 still down. Current Version: v310.29 - 04/15/2020 Fixed multiple server crashes
  15. Would like investigations into server cap pve to find out who is not cryo'ing their dinos. No one should have 500 dinos out. Rumors are being spread that dino platforms, rafts, and dein eggs lead to high server count. It doesn't matter that my server has crashed we are at max dino count so couldn't even play the game anyway. If a server goes into max dino count it should automatically instigate an investigation and warning should be sent to offenders.
  16. Tired of World Save lag. Plz change the official world save to once every two hours instead of every 15 minutes. We are frozen during these saves completely unable to move. It wears down on your nerves. Backhands immersion. Most people's response to this is "go play unofficial then." And the argument is backwards. Why are we saving the world every 15 minutes? Because we are afraid to loose progress. But it is the greater evil. You would argue if I don't like so many freezes then go play unofficial. How about stop saving the world and then argue if you are afraid to loose yo
  17. I have not tried it yet this year but had that happen to me last year. It seems you have to try a different gacha if the one you feed does not work. And if you fed one to much that was giving a return it would suddenly stop. Never new if that was a chance dynamic or glitch. Try another gacha. Gacha spits out a gemstone so watch for it don't let it get out of sight slip into the ground. I'm on pc-pve will try when I log back in. -- update: Yep still works for me. Just try another gacha and put in only one at a time. GL
  18. Personal Computer - PVE At least I did not loose my character. He did have a few items like the axe and pick and they made it. Had to open the entire client back up again which is a headache. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN TO THE SERVER YOU ARE HEADING TO NOT THE SERVER YOU CAME FROM Then click your name first before entering. Good luck all. Hope this gets worked out soon.
  19. Well I know I am not doing this duping and meshing crap. I'm to frickn religious to get my nose dirty. So why am I being punished for junk other players are doing?
  20. What is that suppose to mean? Hammer?
  21. Has WC addressed fixing the Login Lock glitch yet? It froze my entire computer. It would not even let me press the "Ok" button. Personal Computer, PVE, moving just a character in underwear from Ragnarok to Center.
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