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  1. Base location Big tribes forest zone Guys, i m in single player trying to find a base spot that is used on official by big tribes now a days on extinction. i was on a tribe there for about 3 or 4 days...and now i can t find the dam same spot on my single player game lol..and i didn t take the coords when i was there... Can someone help me? the place is more a less on the upper left corner of the map..on the forest...its in a hidden place on the top of the forest...i think the entrance has those look a like dino bones?....its a good place cuz its hidden and can be used to build very big base...does someone knows or have any idea of the place i am talking about? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! i m looking for two days and i can t find it.
  2. Ark not in top best 25 ...list of pc game. Strange or not?
  3. can someone pls tell me if transfers of dinos and itens between valguero official servers are allowed ? i m talking about valguero only?
  4. jpcab

    valguero transfer

    just one question pls...we can transfer dinos or itens between valguero servers?
  5. We have on valguero eggs from fire wyverns too? Not only ice eggs?
  6. help with SP command i d like to spawn a tamed (breeded) Reaper on aberration an high level one Does someone knows the exact command to spawn it? Its to test stuff on single player pc
  7. Yeah both locations keep trying
  8. Try eat it ahah
  9. Lol. ..i said rates below 5x and complete clusters with all maps
  10. I find it boring so spikes d help kill faster
  11. Cuz i plan to do it solo with just a wyvern...and lts less boring if the spikes d work
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