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  1. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    Believe me..its worse. After this last patch ping got lower but i m afraid its just temporary and cuz the server got reseted
  2. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    And it is tribe used to have 30 40 members strong, with always many players online and...we now are 2, 3 sometimes 4...everyone is running from the map..the lag is so incredible that ...some are quitting to play again on island...and unfortunately most are giving up of the game. With this change of the turrets....well ppl got demotivated too..bases that were constructed for the old system are now useless, they have to be destroyed and buid again on the most part..ppl invested hours and hours in the game for now..once more developers disrespected players. The lag and this constant changes really made it. It is done. The ones who still play..well it's hard for us. A beautiful map unplayable. This is incompetence. Who authorized this is just unbelievable.
  3. Fix Ragnarok. The Lag makes this map awful.
  4. Ragnarok spino spawns works.
  5. Ragnarok spino spawns

    Guys kill the damn fish .
  6. Ice cave Boss fight

    And we can defeat it alone?
  7. Ice cave Boss fight

    But it gives us engrams to unlock?
  8. Ice cave Boss fight

    We can summon and do a Boss fight inside this cave on Rag?
  9. Why is Ragnarok OP AF yo(PvE)

    Rag aint poor for metal now lol
  10. Lag Issues

    Look to the topic named players refusing to play on Rag
  11. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    The lag is so awful that 2 real hours r only 1 hour on Rag. Pls try to adress this
  12. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    Thats exactly my point. Rag was added to the official game like this? Its a disrespect .
  13. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    ok, i ll blame me for playing??? Is the island map like this?
  14. Moderators do not move this to bug forum..this is not a bug. Its a problem of the map its time to have the courage of discussing this. Lag is impressive, ping almost always at 150 to 250, players r leaving.... This map its not in conditions to play. Why release something like this? In this state?
  15. who else is having trouble with lag?

    All servers ping 250