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  1. jpcab

    Why Do PvP'ers and PvE'ers Clash??

    Two completely different game mode. .. Pve has almost nothing in common with pvp and the foruns should be separated. That is a simple thing to do
  2. jpcab

    Cave Building Question

    Cuz in pve you cant build on caves??
  3. jpcab

    latest update

    The blue screen error was fixed. Pls close this topic or ppl will be confusing this with other errors.
  4. jpcab

    latest update

    It is solved thanks
  5. Not only that..in big war tribes sometimes when doing invites there r mistakes...lol happens so often...
  6. Insiding is part of pvp ...a tatic like any other. .
  7. jpcab

    latest update

  8. jpcab

    strategy for ragnarok bosses?

    Hard boss on rag enough 6 rhinos and a yuti 6 cakes for rhyinos
  9. jpcab

    Pachyrhino soaking

    I have idea trikes better for tek and pachys to heavy turret
  10. jpcab

    level Getting 150, feasible?

    Why u need 150 level for pve
  11. jpcab

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    Actually i m convinced se hard boss is a lot easier than rag man. Was told its doable with only dinos and two players
  12. jpcab

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    No need to shoot it can help but no need. And if u kill it on air does not give ele on rag
  13. jpcab

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    I do hard boss on rag countless times with no problems most of the times. .eventually some individual dino or player dies but nothing more than that
  14. Use rare flowers for god sake
  15. jpcab

    noob question about knocking out dinos

    Also some dinos have more armor on the head.