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  1. Same official small tribes pc
  2. No Drops on official extinction now? ?
  3. There s still a glitch with owls that is not patched.. And calling cheaters to a bug that is wc responsability is not wise. Everyone used that as they did with bodybags
  4. Of u can use daedons or owls to cure babies. Always was legit
  5. True... Manas killed all other dinos
  6. Valentine still on.. Aimbot still on.. Duping still on.. Snow owls still on.. More of the same
  7. Paint your flak.. It can prevent one of the aimbot methods
  8. Ah Ok... I get it. It's the same so no changes to expect
  9. Can someone tell me how was it last year on small tribes Pls?
  10. Small tribes not affected By the Valentin event? I mean the rates r 2x always. How did it worked last year?
  11. Small tribes breeding is 2x..will this event apply to official small tribes too?
  12. How many waves has this purple drops Pls?
  13. U r just still a noob. U will get better.
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