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  1. I play oficial pvp when i say 6 or 7 megas are rided dinos. .did that boss times and times over
  2. jpcab

    Returning Players

    No..keep trying and keep learning.
  3. jpcab

    confused about +1 survivor level

    U have the bad habit of making your own (and wrong most of the times) conclusions and put them as others statements.
  4. jpcab

    Blocking Loot Drops

    Nope its not.
  5. 6 or 7 megatherius plus a yutie is enough to beat alfa BM..megatherium have to have the buff. ..kill spiders..use right atack button always. Thats it..easy like a walk on the park
  6. jpcab

    confused about +1 survivor level

    Yeah i also d like to understand the logic on this one
  7. jpcab

    Is it worth to build inside the caves?

    carno cave is now a days a main spot for any alfa tribe
  8. 7 hours..can be cuddle walk/follow or kibble
  9. jpcab

    Bosses lvl question.

    Not possible anymore
  10. Yeah....my point. Rules are yours to make man..have fun.
  11. Unofficial is a different game mode on a way lol.
  12. No fortitude. .speed ...at least 300 health ..st some dudes don t care but most at least 120..weight at least 450 after the patch. Speed speed speed. Oh know i gave away the secret..
  13. On pvp currently 10 10 aint main spot to build anymore, much less herbie island. Alfas r on carno island and the cave in it.
  14. jpcab

    black pearls?

    Lol yeah
  15. jpcab

    black pearls?

    Aberration red zone