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    I agree..the patch seems not to adress this issue properly..they are still very rare or non existent at all
  2. Therizin bug? can t farm Fibre

    Is it a bug? If so is weird not being solved at this time. It seems theri can t farm fibre on ragnarok. ... Or is it intended? Thanks
  3. Why no 2x raising?

    Bullpoop..this just turn things harder..those who want to breed will do it anyway
  4. Why no 2x raising?

    That d be awesome. ..for our own health ... If not we ll start to think devs r angry at us,their players
  5. So happy with the new update!!

    What glitch?
  6. On pve you have cowards agroing wild dinos to your bases
  7. Wyvern on Official The Island Servers.

    Use a ptera and grab the wyvern ryders
  8. There r people very low on pve. Just a bunch of cowards.. saw a guy agroing wild dinos aka theris to other ppl bases, those without protections and even guys ruining the process of taming dinos during the ko process. On pve this is just low. low as people can be.
  9. One Tribe to Rule them all Or Arks Oligopolies

    It is not by hurting the playability of the game like they did with this changes on the transfers that they will solve anything. .the opposite..this kind of things just turns back the players
  10. Server deletion

    Where did you read about that
  11. Is this true? They re all based on europe?
  12. You have to do something about this new transfer items system. You are hurting the playability of the game...its boring, its frustating...and those are not good things to your game ,to your product and to us players. Pls think of another solution. Thank you for this game
  13. AFK Fix incoming - Source : Reddit

    Sitting on a fishing chair counts as afk?
  14. legacy and official servers

    The faster you guys leave the faster this ll be solved. I already did that. It d be the best for the game and for us players
  15. Will there be 2x event next weekend?

    They re angry with us?