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Community Crunch 218: New Free Map DLC, New Sponsored Mods, and On The Horizon


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Introducing Crystal Isles


We are very excited to announce that the one-of-a kind experience of the ISO: Crystal Isles map will be coming to PC, XBOX, and PlayStation this Summer!

Crystal Isles is a stunning, other-worldly map filled with a vibrant display of teeming life scattered amidst its varied landscapes, awe inspiring floating islands and breathtaking biomes. Ever since Crystal Isles launched as a mod in 2016, its fantasy appeal has secured its place as one of the most popular maps within the ARK community and we can't wait to bring it to players as a fully supported free DLC.


The Crystal Isles DLC will also launch resplendent with a new real-world dinosaur to tame! What do you think the new dinosaur may be?

In other news, we've been itching to share that we'll be performing a TLC Pass 3 in the Summer of 2020! This TLC pass will see some of our classic creatures get some new love via visual and functional upgrades.


As we move closer to the release of the new Crystal Isles DLC and our much-awaited TLC Pass 3 we'll share more details and information with our players.


New Sponsored Mods

Dead Survival


Tired of dinosaurs? Of course you aren’t, but sometimes we do want a little change in our diet. Dead Survival does just that, you can swap out the wildlife of the game with some … not… quite life? Zombies… I’m trying to say you can have zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Hordes of them even.

Check out the Dead Survival Mod

Roleplay Additional Items


RP communities have been a long time aspect of ARK, but sometimes our core structures can feel a bit insubstantial when you are trying to build a set for acting in. Roleplay Additional Items can add a lot more flourish to your locations from lighting structures and gear, to new taxidermy stations!

Check out the Roleplay Additional Items Mod

ArkVenture Park


I’m pretty sure we have all dreamed of having our own backyard water slides and roller coasters. (Zen may have actually tried at one point, and failed… obviously) But now you can do just that in your base. Build that mine-cart roller-coaster that plows through your living room or a water-slide to the lava pools out back!

Check out the ArkVenture Park Mod

Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered


CKF development went dormant for a little while while the author went on a break. But it’s back, and getting a face-lift. The author is taking what they learned over the years and working on a remastered CKF (The original is still available). So far it’s looking great!

Check out the Castles, Keeps, and Forts Mod



On The Horizon




Primitive+ remains a priority.  We have engineering teams working on the complications from the Genesis update.  We will keep you informed with any significant progress

Genesis Part I Update

We're continuing to work on Genesis bugs and balance and we plan to keep up with the rapid iterations. Thank you for your reports and feedback.



EVO Event



There will be no EVO event this upcoming weekend.

Until next time!

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Just now, BIGGUNZ said:

NO EVO EVENT? Are we a joke to you WC?    
  I had to work during the special event because you made it midweek and now on my days off when i can finally play it's going to be 1x...   Gee thanks a lot.   Not really a reward when it's being taken from somewhere else...

What about all those people that work weekends and can never experience the Evo events, they finally get a once-in-a-liftetime special Evo event in the week to enjoy. You don't get a weekend event on one occasion and you claim it's unfair.

Geez what an attitude.

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Crystal Isles = A woman made this map. Last time I played it, I was getting 15 fps because she just spammed the map with pretty colored tree's. Maybe it's just me, but, huge bummer for video gaming this year so far. Basically going to play until my Nitrado servers expire and that's about it for me I think. 

HOPEFULLY, New World, will be something that will entertain me, if not, may be giving the gaming a break and just focus on saving money for a bit.

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The new dlc looks cool, and kinda hyped for tlc 3, but for crying out loud summer is only 3 months away, what about all the other issues in the game?  Genesis just came out and broke the game just like every other dlc that has come out in recent years and then after a year of patches, nerfs and bug fixes it’s finally somewhat playable.  How bad is the magmasaur and bloodstalker going to get nerfed because of pvp abuses?  Where did QOL go?  Or can console get the rest of the structures plus mod?  Instead of the half that we got in the homestead update.  I mean something is better than nothing but it would have been nice to get all of it.  I’m sure there’s many others that have my same concerns.  Genesis is barely a week old and I have talked to people in my servers that regret paying for it.  Yes new content is always fun to get just like the events that you (Wildcard) is gracious enough to give us and we all appreciate that, thank you!  On the flip side it’s nice to be able to log in and play the game we all love and have put hundreds of not thousands of hours into throughout the years, without having to fight the bugs, and patches and semi-broken mechanics.  Not mentioning falling in love with a certain mount and use it as our “go to” animal for just about anything and then it gets nerfed into the dirt because of some tools wanna just mess with people just because they can.  It’s pretty sad when I pull up the community crunch and see MORE content being added and my first thought is “here we frickin go again!  I worked with a deaf guy that listened better than you guys do!!!”......just my opinion but it’s pretty close to how a lot of my friends feel on the servers we play on.

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