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  1. Ark Assembled NEW cluster fresh wipe New xbox one cluster with slightly boosted rates including 4.5x harvest, 4x taming, 4x raising, 2x loot quality (2.8 on scorthed earth). Maps currently include the island, scorched earth, and valguero more maps will be added as the community grows. Double rates on weekends with a event weekend on the last Sunday of every month. Servers are pvp so play them however you would like perhaps that be as a ruler or as a protector. Servers can be found under unofficial pc sessions filter and are called Ark Assembled. Messenge RoamerNova or Supremeheda for server information and donor package deals.
  2. Another misguided interpretation of my post, as stated it's not about it being a mystery, my point was release content for everybody to enjoy not the few who live under rocks. (I learnt about all of their reveals in game through player interaction, I'm not sure if you play official or on your own private world, but people on official talk about new content).
  3. It's all over YouTube posted by every main stream ark Youtuber. Not to mention the videos for the showcase were also released by wildcard on YouTube and on this website. Perhaps the marginal percentage of arks population that role play the game may find the recycling of showcased content appealing, however the vast majority of Arks population has seen the reveals. Just look at the amount of views on the separate videos and compare them to arks daily/average population (And that's not including those who watched the livestream). With that said, I only hope these not so mysterious mysteries are not indicating that what was showcased previously is all we are going to get in Genesis.
  4. *wildcard* "How perplexing, who can guess what this might be?" *Ark players* literally anyone, same with the last few they aren't mysteries when you have already announced and showcased them plot twist: unless the mystery is why your showcasing revealed genesis content as mysteries????
  5. Agree, regular console official is pretty dead and small tribes is fun but encourages a gross amount of commitment to the game as well as the issues you stated. I think its about time console players got a new event server we missed out on conquest, and I'm sure plenty would love a new event cluster like classic pvp.
  6. Any news on classic pvp or some new event servers (other then small tribes) for console? We missed out on conquest and classic pvp looks quite fun and seems to be doing well on PC...
  7. Yes sir my apologies forgot to mention that piece of information. Although crossplay is enabled for windows 10 users.
  8. Ark Worlds 6 Map server cluster is a brand new server cluster just released today. Kill whoever, build wherever, and do whatever. There are no rules on this cluster the Arks will turn into whatever the community makes them! Will you aspire to build a peaceful enlightened community, live on the move never settling in a spot for to long, or hunt all and any who get in your way to server domination, the choices are endless! The server does have boosted rates and drops which allow for balanced gameplay fun for solo players and large tribes: x6 Harvest x7 Taming x6 Maturation x20 Incubation and only a 10 minute wait interval for breeding! Player stats as well as dino stats have also been boosted slightly (Weight has been increased by x40 allowing you to carry quite the arsenal but not an infinite arsenal). Good luck survivors see you on the Ark! To join the server change your session filter to unofficial pc sessions and search "Ark Worlds" under all maps. Then join any of the 6 maps and have fun!
  9. Yea drops are only currently working on abberation the last patch seems to have resulted in some undesirable side effects. Still no word from the devs.
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