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  1. idea to buff rare used tames up until the endgame instead of doing tlcs and making creatures more viable for use or letting certain tames be all but useless by mid game. So I was thinking like the ferox transformation do you think it would be fun if say a sabertooth or direwolf once fully leveled and/or using craftable consumables to permanently transform into a form maybe with a new ability and stats comparable to frequently used tames in boss fights or pvp.
  2. Harpoon launchers Noticed I got ramshackle harpoon launcher pre made from a mission not sure if blueprints exist but atleast we can finally find better than primitive harpoon guns.
  3. Top ten for tlc 3 mammoth, quetzal,carno,hyenadon, megalodon, plesiosaur,manta,chalicotherium,daeodon, and all bugs basically plus make them breedable lol.
  4. The visuals and new creatures along with the mission which are different but fun. You guys did a great job variants are awesome thank you for the tek trike hope its tameable lol.
  5. Is it working on xbox for anyone I had a 27gb update and map updates but its telling me the pass isn't installed so I click to install in store and it says product installed. What do I do?
  6. Looking for a group to play dedicated with. Ive primarily played single player for thr last 2 years so im searching for people to game with .I had a nitrado server for a few months when a coupls friends of mine got ark but noone really ever got on beaides me so i let it run out. I see alot of pc mts videos online and wondered if there wad anything like that available on xbox.
  7. It'd be cool for the biome variants to have different boosted stats like aberrant creatures had Meele buff and health lowered so I was thinking fire variants melee buff, water weight buff, ice health buff, bog/jungle Stam buff, lunar movement speed buff. If a Stat were to be lowered in response fire stam, water speed, ice weight , bog/jungle health, lunar melee
  8. Why couldn't we be informed of this a week or two ago 4 days before release really? I've bought your game as new copies twice for both consoles to give you money bc a used copy only supports the reseller. Also had individually purchased first two dlcs on both consoles to give you more money and then bought the season pass twice and all tek skins twice. I defend your name on forums and YouTube videos daily bc I thought you'd finally learned from your mistakes and delayed it so long so it'd be finished or at least thought you'd be kind enough to let us know more than a week before release if it was to be delayed further. Worst of all my faith in you having extinction ready for next week I took tues-thurs off work now. Unbelievable!!!!!!
  9. So after the update I got a 118mb scorched update and a 654mb abb update does anyone know what they are for?
  10. If your look to the left of the object in the center of the second picture the "rock" in my opinion could be a roll rat or maybe rhino. But zoomed in I could make out a snout that resembled the roll rats face.
  11. where can we post questions for the digest? im just wondering if bugs,boas,bats,and other non breedable creatures will ever become breedable on consoles.
  12. can we please have a response for the ps4 users? I e put off my playing all day bc I didn’t want to be interrupted by an update and loose my poop somewhere but I’d like to play sometime today sincerely it’s my only day off so can we please have a time for the update for ps4
  13. Has anyone found any clue so yet in fossil mounds?
  14. When can we expect it to be available to download on the ps4?
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