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  1. Wild card would you update switch if we make a petition if so how many would have to sign that petition plz give switch dlc and update
  2. Serious question will the coronaviris affect anything progress with bug fixing or evolution events or the new map crystal isles release date
  3. Plz update switch there is this tribe the nag on pve server 28 switch I build on herbivore island made a wall in the on the beach and they placed 3 foundations so I can’t build there place help me wild card
  4. In the tlc make it so the archaeopteryx able to ride an your shoulder too so it is more like a parachute where you can switch from shoulder to gliding so more people would tame it and make mesopithecus carry torches since that would be super useful and change there graphics
  5. Maybe wild card should add dlc to switch just a thought plz update Nintendo switch
  6. Yeah but I feel like it would be like another diplo since you can’t put a platform saddle because of the spines i would rather have a saltasaurus since I think it would probably be a great tank
  7. Maybe it’s a suchomimus or irritator suchomimus could be allosaurus sized or the irritator could be raptor size for the new Dinosaur
  8. Also think everyone’s favorite dinosaur pegomastax could use a tlc so it is easier to get your stuff back like if it buried the stuff so you could just walk around and not chase it to retrieve your stuff instead of looking everywhere for it so you could just look on the beach and find a dirt mound and go over there and get your stuff
  9. Will the tlc affect the switch plz update the switch plz plz plz update the switch it’s been over a year since it has been updated I don’t care about the graphics or stuff I just want a dlc why not release scorched earth and how the dlc sells if it flops you could give us a reason why you would just quit but if it exceeds you know people are willing to play it and then you could give updates plz I am so sick of the island map plz update it I can only play it on the switch since I don’t have enough WiFi or money to play on pc or Xbox or play station I am start to lose hope I am begging you
  10. Switch update for Ark survival evolved is at the top of my list
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