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  1. Switch update for Ark survival evolved is at the top of my list
  2. it says "deliver an awesome experience to everyone on launch day, so our anticipated simultaneous release for all platforms will be late January 2020." does that mean switch will get ark genensis.
  3. i want to see an april fools event like dodos size of gigas a veriant of a rock elemental that can look like any things like look like loot creates, dead dinos, trees, metal rocks ( they should be tameable too) and on all maps acid water maybe dinos spawn on different maps then there ment to be on ( i want that the most) sorry for my horrable spelling maybe a jack in a box loot drop where u eather could get armor, tools, or a saddle or a rare chance a dodo rex spawns
  4. wild card can u at least release the models for creatures so we can spawn them in on the switch
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