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  1. how about genesis for the official oc-pvp crossplay cluster? its only been a little while
  2. imagine talking about updates etc when some official clusters don't even have the map yet lol
  3. hey guys any news on an OC-PVP-Crossplay Genesis server? This cluster still cant play!
  4. While I appreciate all the focus on fixing Genesis its pretty raw that an official cluster can't even access the content yet! I've raised support tickets, tweeted all the ark people I know of (Ced, Jat, Dollie, thelilpanda) and made this forum post and it seems nothing is working. This same thing happened with Valguero. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. No Server for OC-PVP-CROSSPLAY Cluster Hey guys, Currently there is no OC Crossplay Genesis server, meaning the cluster cannot access this content. (There is also no map for The Center either) With all the servers being added all over the place it seems they've forgotten us.
  6. Prim Plus Crossplay Currently on Valguero since the update where we can now obtain Deinonychus they are currently invisible to Windows10 players. Windows10 players are also unable to place structures since this update also. I have switched over to Xbox to confirm this is a Windows10 error after a fresh install did not rectify the problem. Is a fix planned?
  7. Dinusz

    No Valguero Map

    No Valguero Map Hi! Currently the official OC-PVP Crossplay Cluster doesn't have a Valguero map (Or even The Center). Is there plans for these maps to be included in the cluster? Thanks.
  8. Typing Lag I recently swapped from Steam version to XBOX Cross Play to play with friends and I have noticed that there is a delay when using the keyboard to write anything (To chat, Naming Dino's, Structures etc) where it will sometimes miss key presses entirely. There is no problem with controls or anything else when I play. The problem only occurs when I'm trying to write anything and other tribe members have confirmed they are in the same predicament with this issue. I've tried other keyboards and even used a Keyboard accessory on my XBOX controller and its the same issue. The game plays fine its just whenever you need to write anything I experience difficulty. Is there a setting I'm overlooking or is this something we're going to have to live with playing Cross Play on a PC?
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