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  1. NO EVO EVENT? Are we a joke to you WC? I had to work during the special event because you made it midweek and now on my days off when i can finally play it's going to be 1x... Gee thanks a lot. Not really a reward when it's being taken from somewhere else...
  2. I normally would agree if i was replying to someone for conversation sake but I commented purely for the developers who would not be responding, not to back up my opinion. I only play xbox official and have had hundreds of friends who play and most have quit due to major flaws in the game. Im not saying the game is dying but the game is either on a steady plateau or it's declining. Player numbers will flux but im speaking overall in ARKS timeline it is moving out the door not starting to enter it. For a game of this style and with it's age it is impressive the interest in it still but t
  3. Why are you so upset? Stats?? Lol...? Only people that i know who play ark have had it since day 1 or have recently purchased the game. Many people in between have stopped playing, over half my original friends on Ark. Leaving only die hards who have stuck it out and new comers who haven't had enough yet. On it's way out based off of everyone i've spoken to? The fact extinction was the last expected major DLC for the game? It's been YEARS, you cant argue that ark is about to hit an upswing or anything... It's MY opinion based off MY experience. Please dont respond to me again. I don't app
  4. Events should offer us something we cant get any other time without the event. Colors are nice, skins are okay but both dont really help out. However increased baby maturation and decreased food consumption should be more regular. Even dropping a few more 3x or 4x weekends here and there apart from the regularly expected 2x. The game is on it's way out sadly and only new players and old die hard players are left. Would be a nice change to the weekly 2x to help get each aspect of our games ahead. Would be cool to introduce pvp events. As a console player i always hoped for SOTF and it n
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