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  1. I don’t mind disagreeing but he’s being more rude then anything. Every post I’ve seen of his is the same
  2. You gotta bash every post I seen. Like I said before I see where you get your name
  3. You think most solo/duo tribes gunna have 100 turrets on there base to defend? And I’ve actually soaked more than that solo. Offline raiding is too easy The bullet ratio is also messed up. If a tribe was to grind just bullets in a day, I could soak all of it in a hour offline
  4. Doubt it will happen, even though it’s the only thing that would save their game. Jens talked about it before and said it’s on the radar but no promises
  5. I just wish duo/solo servers would happen. havnt touched the game in over a month as there’s no point playing when all your friends quit.
  6. Rock golems are pretty broken if you don’t have tek turrets. There should be something that cost most than the average bullet but more damage to rock elementals
  7. Just like their other game Atlas
  8. Have a option where leader can reset tribe log
  9. Just place them around your base and will blow up once stepped on by a enemy. Can be set to only players, tames or wild dinos. Parasaurs can detect them.
  10. I think I’ve seen WC say that this will be a future update; not 100 percent sure. but would be tek
  11. Ragnorak. Out in the ocean. There’s some rocks where you can build a decent size base and no one goes that way
  12. One thing that kinda ruined it for me was how easy it was to raid. You just needed a bunch of flame arrows. I think there should be a max auto turret of 4 or so
  13. Funniest thing I’ve read in awhile. And you say megatribes is “highest skill in the game” actually most of time it’s just a bunch of slaves with good leaders. Some solo players are the best players in the game. They actually do everything themselves instead of rely on other people. You do realize if there were actually solo servers everyone would have the same advantage, no insiding, and not in a party with a bunch of kids. Look at 6 man tribes; it became more popular then they expected. why? because there’s less people. Solo servers - who is the best player overall instead of who has the most people in their tribe.
  14. Most likely it would get raft raided. then they would be mad because they can’t get your loot so they would just blow up your raft. As a solo player I would build hidden, but close to resources aswell
  15. There’s only one thing that would go wrong with solo servers and that is loosing your character because it’s ark. Personally I would like duo just Incase it did happened I also agree with the tek engrams at level 100, only thing is you still need to do bosses for element unless they just removed it
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