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  1. How to prevent bloodstalkers from los towers? We’re on a ocean plat on genesis and our alliances got wiped from the same thing. Can’t do cliff plats either because to high above ground
  2. I’m pretty sure the new genesis map is only genesis to genesis once transfers open
  3. Thanks answer I was looking for
  4. How to farm a lot of metal? I’m having a hard time with metal. Not exactly sure best way to farm and the crab isn’t spawning
  5. Lol “resolved by the two tribes” it’s one tribe being hostile to the entire server
  6. Tribe now has turrets in all snow tp spots now which I live in so literally can’t go to other biomes now and come back
  7. Prevent insiding There needs to be a prevent damage to own structure. The ranking system is pointless when tribemates can still throw 100 c4 on your base. This is why I’m always solo because I have a hard time trusting people
  8. Should release it for end of the year, at least it will be finished by then
  9. I just started a couple days ago and am a solo tribe. 2 it’s against the rules. I already put in a ticket
  10. DILO are you talking about. By far weirdest thing I’ve ever read
  11. Yea you should. I spawned in and died from a theri and then my tame died too
  12. It’s kinda hard tbh to wipe them because they mostly own bog. If you teleport you’ll instantly die. You can’t soak either because it kicks you off mount when you tp in
  13. Yeah I remember that in chat. They also have there base right at bog beat down lol broken af
  14. Even the random locations have turrets. I’m at a 10 minute respawn right now. bout to just say rip theri
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