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  1. would be better if they just recorded when motion was detected
  2. I know it’s already been suggested in the past. But there is a small minority of players that like to play those kind of servers. They’re popular on rust. Maybe like one of each map clustered? And a 2x turret damage offline?
  3. Yes I agree. I’m surprised they haven’t. Ive always wanted different parachute
  4. Here’s an idea. Drop ASA and focus on ark 2 so it can be released this year. No one wants to pay for ASA to only play a year of it while we wait for ark 2
  5. ?? Graph shows more people played in 2017 then now, don’t forget to mention there’s probably 100x more servers now with the same amount of players 5 years ago spread out between them. 75% of servers have less than 3 people playing out of 70. yea the games not dead.
  6. I have close to 500 days and can assure you the game is not as popular as it was years ago. And you don’t think the games dead? Look on any server; they all have about 1-10 people playing out of 60
  7. It’s not just railgun. But sniper and ESP. He’s right, the game is dead
  8. How about do classic pvp for consoles? or 6 man classic. Your servers are dead
  9. seems like all they do is watch YouTube videos instead of fixing the game. STOP adding stuff that keeps breaking the game. I’ve played this game for 5 years and it went all downhill ever since extinction
  10. would be nice if we saw a 6 man classic and for consoles..
  11. Make a 2 or 3 man already. I’m ready for a fresh start and tired of finding people who are secretly using aimbot just to get the tribe dev wiped
  12. Then delay the pc updates? So everyone’s happy and not watching videos of what they can’t play. And yes most companies. Cod season 4 came out today; guess who gets to play it? Everyone
  13. Maybe because they never listen to their customers? They have a suggestion forum and how many things got added? Like one; which wasn’t even at the top of the list. People have been wanting different modes like duo servers; what do they add? Conquest servers which no one asked for. Then you have new maps where pc gets a launch date months before ps4 or Xbox. I don’t know of any other company that release their game on different dates
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