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  1. Turret limit cap was set to 100 a couple years ago.. in that time people have got soakers to 3x the amount of health from mutations
  2. would be nice if we saw a 6 man classic and for consoles..
  3. How to stop raft raiding? I thought tek turrets use to shoot at rafts?
  4. They should be it’s called beginner servers
  5. Make a 2 or 3 man already. I’m ready for a fresh start and tired of finding people who are secretly using aimbot just to get the tribe dev wiped
  6. They need to wipe servers; and have no mutations from breeding. Or just sell there game to someone that’ll listen to there customers. Another thing unbalanced? Gigas with 1500 melee. Do solo alpha missions on genesis and you can farm 200k gunpowder a hour
  7. Then delay the pc updates? So everyone’s happy and not watching videos of what they can’t play. And yes most companies. Cod season 4 came out today; guess who gets to play it? Everyone
  8. Maybe because they never listen to their customers? They have a suggestion forum and how many things got added? Like one; which wasn’t even at the top of the list. People have been wanting different modes like duo servers; what do they add? Conquest servers which no one asked for. Then you have new maps where pc gets a launch date months before ps4 or Xbox. I don’t know of any other company that release their game on different dates
  9. How to prevent bloodstalkers from los towers? We’re on a ocean plat on genesis and our alliances got wiped from the same thing. Can’t do cliff plats either because to high above ground
  10. I’m pretty sure the new genesis map is only genesis to genesis once transfers open
  11. Thanks answer I was looking for
  12. How to farm a lot of metal? I’m having a hard time with metal. Not exactly sure best way to farm and the crab isn’t spawning
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