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  1. none of it is real, we are all trolling, because we know dumb people like you exist, and well, its fun as raptor to mess with the dumb. its how we cope.
  2. They are located in America sure, but Wild Card is owned AND paid by the chinese.
  3. Why 100 players? Servers can't even handle 70, why in the hell would you add moooooore?! Please give thought into LOW POP, DEDICATED, servers. D E D I C A T E D, meaning, ONE 30 slot server ONE SERVER BOX, not multiple servers on a server box. 30 Players is about the maximum a single server can handle from my many years of playing this game. Anything more than that, the server had to process waaaaay too much data. 30 Slot Servers x2 all 5 Member Tribes No Alliances
  4. Why aren't you guys banning the people that are keeping your TRUE,LOYAL, customers from playing the game? Placing dino's on mission locations to purposely keep others from playing? just ban them, this way your true customers can play and IF the banned players want to play again while learning a lesson, you make more money from them buying the game again. WIN WIN
  5. Know of any successful females in the computer/video game industry off the top of your head, without doing a deep search into google? No, you don't and there's a reason for that.
  6. Crystal Isles = A woman made this map. Last time I played it, I was getting 15 fps because she just spammed the map with pretty colored tree's. Maybe it's just me, but, huge bummer for video gaming this year so far. Basically going to play until my Nitrado servers expire and that's about it for me I think. HOPEFULLY, New World, will be something that will entertain me, if not, may be giving the gaming a break and just focus on saving money for a bit.
  7. Did you guys go to a random store and buy toy dinosaurs to post with the picture or something? You couldn't get someone to print out some cool dinosaurs from the game? So a odd group of people at wild card.
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