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Community Crunch 191: Mod Contest Voting Opens


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2 hours ago, ArkP1 said:

Because of the way it comes out, it can also affect dinos that were started before the event. We learned that the hard way and just put those babies on pause until the event is over. 


Also, while I didn’t notice any problems during the 2x, there are times where the dinos mature too fast to get a full imprint. That applies to dinos started and ended during the event. 


For players wanting to continue with dinos once the event is over without losing imprint, they just need to cryo their dinos with as much of the 8 hr imprint timer left as possible before the event ends. In theory, that should allow them to pick up where they left off. 

colour dinos still going ? and when the colour event end?

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9 hours ago, Jay64 said:

This game has had it still can’t transfer items on a lot of legacy and official servers a lot of people are now uninstalling the game!

The less people that play on official/legacy, the less servers that are needed and subsequently the less money Wildcard have to spend on renting the servers. Uninstalling = profit.

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23 hours ago, SxmGB said:

you play pve you deserver to be forgotten :)


Yea, believe it or not its fun progressing through the game, beating bosses, breeding lines and not having the slightest worry about meshing or duped chocolates and meks, you may not like pve but it will always have alot less bullpoop going on than pvp, unlike you i play for fun and enjoyment rather than egotistical reasons, grow up :)

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On 7/22/2019 at 8:03 PM, kbadua said:

Will the Evo Event actually be active this weekend.  The one announced for the 19-22 didn't seem to be working on the valguero map I was on, and it seemed like others had similar problems.

same it wasnt working on crossark8 ps4 either . i mean DILO wc. 


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21 hours ago, ArkP1 said:

Color event is over but since a lot of people left the other maps to go to Valguero there are probably still a few event color dinos left roaming.

On my Rag server they completely reset it. The day Valguero hit I scoured half the damn map looking for any color whatsoever to no avail. There was a blue 145 megatherium outside my ice cave I was saving for 2x that poofed...regrets...regrets...

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