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  1. we can always hope. maybe at least an update might come out if and when they add the npc sponsored mods.
  2. happy holidays everyone! and a happy new year! I wonder if they will ever tlc the human characters to look better and make more character customizations. or biodiverse humanoids like the animals. I bet not tho.. but that would be cool..
  3. I was playing single player mode on ark on ps4 for the primitive plus aberration map and the tek bubble I had up kicked me out like I was not in the tibe but I still was in the tribe.. and then I used ghost to get in and I could not get on any of my dinos..after the update so.. I dono why its doing that.
  4. maybe a fishing net?? if your gonna live in a world of water.. fish is breky lunch and dinner! lol
  5. the spray painter is broken on the ps4.. cant access all the regions
  6. I have the game for thes witch to and would also like to see more maps and things.. I mainly play on the ps4 tho.. I got it for the switch for my kid but she is sad that it does not have everything mine does
  7. everything looking so cool! thoe with the count down i was hopping it was out all ready already lol so i can play it. you guys should add mermaids in the water world. they could have there own cove or under water cave. there could be treasure in there with some kinda boss fight or something. or have a mermaid tail skin for players to ware that makes it so you can breath underwater. more types of fish that school would be interesting. or a big long sea surpant dragon thing . IM on the ps4 and I cant finish my update. Su-34914-1 ill try reinstalling it again.
  8. I have the same problem same error code... cant install.
  9. jonin

    elven Kingdom

    my castle im still building. as well as other stuff.
  10. jonin


    From the album: elven Kingdom

  11. YESSSSS!!!!!!! My ark on the go dreams busted.. I try to spawn in my favorit animals.. an they is lil gray blobbys n they are gone puffed... im sad..
  12. im just so sad.. I was all giddy to have it for the switch! then I get home and start to play and my dream bubbles is busted... VwV
  13. I got the ark game for nintendo switch and there is only the island no aberration or anything! what a rip off!! not even the center or any of the other maps. none of the good items nothing. whats up with that?
  14. wyverns on the new map are invisible also there eggs are just them throw away boxes, when you pick them up you dont get a egg they spawn in the wyvern nests.
  15. in the new map aberration zone is there going to be a blue zone?
  16. oooo! I like the new skins! you guys should make more armors an hair styles and dresses for the ladies! and stuff to decorate our homes with, as a builder I would be all over that! n character tlc. you should add mermaids its one of the mythical creatures you dont have in the game yet. they could spawn inside a underwater cave or have there own cove. they could be a boss fight and maybe if you win you could get something that can give you a mermaid tail you can take on and off and it could boost your breath underwater or something. or could use them in a all water map and make a bunch more underwater animals and new underwater base stuff.
  17. I love that robot dino! looks like it should be in a ark theme park with like robo moving and rawring.. lol
  18. Is the abbreviation biom done? cuzz if so Im disappointed there is no blue zone. I was really hoping for a blue zone with all the glowing trees and stuff.. with no evil nameless spawning you to death n like murdering your face..
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