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  1. Ps4 transfers disable too? So I tried to transfer to check on my rag base and it won't let me transfer either char anywhere . I play on ps4
  2. them to actually be active when you guys say they would be......
  3. and come on wildcard frist you skimp out on 2 x for valguero ps4 when you said it would be active and now your saying it wont even be active this weekend ..... thats 2 weeks in a row. what the hell . same i wasnt work on crossark8 ps4 either . i mean DILO wc.
  4. same it wasnt working on crossark8 ps4 either . i mean DILO wc.
  5. Subproject

    X2 Evo

    yeah this i very frustrating WC . you guys told us it would be the evo event on valguero this weekend and nothing... i dont think it normally take 4 hours and 40 mins to tame a anky on 2 x.
  6. lies thiers no 2 x on ps4 valguero cross arks . this is really dissapionting.
  7. No cross ark velguro for ps4? play on crossark8 ps4 and the only velguro severs are official severs ? i mean are we going to get the map or only officialvsevers?
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