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  1. Are you buying aberation?

    I'm. Goina buy it just not right away due to life lol
  2. How does one unlock Tek sword, shield, and light?

    Its the pathway for the item but using gfi Teksword or shieldtek(other way will spawn the forcefield)
  3. Xbox players joining PC hosted Servers

    Yes the 25th ( if its not pushed back) Nirado will have options for PC hosted Xbox servers
  4. Attempting to tame a Yutyrannus as a first tame on ARK

    Hell no but probably like the first big kill but my point is if theres a will there is a way.
  5. Attempting to tame a Yutyrannus as a first tame on ARK

    I killed a deathclaw without power armor or any heavy weapons. It's hard but possible to find a yut and tame it.
  6. I think it could be like a filter option like that. It would make finding certain tiers of engrams bit easier
  7. Mobile base coming apart???

    Eh just a visual glitch move it away from the base and log out log in it should be fixed
  8. Jat's Official Word on Legacy

    If they didn't promise not to wipe there wouldnt be legacy servers in the first place.
  9. Tek Armor Element Consumption

    No settings just for the tek armor though idk if the fuel consumption rate really affects it. Might need to test it
  10. Non Ragnarok specific bosses unable to spawn in with commands

    It's on purpose. They are apart from the map not the main core files
  11. Favourite creature for exploring?

    Mine would be by rex or horse
  12. Yutyrannus Lifespan

    Or two alpha carnos. Eh they could use better AI on what to attack vs trying to eat everything
  13. Aberration Hype?

    I'm pretty hyped for some of thr creatures and buildings not so much on the map though I'll take a crack at it
  14. Memory Leak Causing Ark To Crash?

    Hm then I'll try what the posters above said. Your ram is good and not under 8g
  15. Memory Leak Causing Ark To Crash?

    How much ram you have on your computer?