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  1. SwishPapaSweets

    Spawn entries map?

    I'm pretty interested for rag as i cant seem to add spawns to certain caves and whatnot
  2. SwishPapaSweets

    Is Leedsichtys still in the game ?

    I believe they were spawning more north last time i saw one up in some of the new areas
  3. SwishPapaSweets

    Is Leedsichtys still in the game ?

    Rag has some just in deep water
  4. SwishPapaSweets

    Does tame limit decrease?

    It'll correct itself on log out.
  5. So hatching eggs in a cave and using them as body guards is illegal? Hmm I call shenagagins
  6. SwishPapaSweets

    How am I supposed to raid a base with heavy turrets

    If you can get in thier blind spots(if any) then c4 them. Otherwise you'll probably have to go keep sending tames. I have my turret setting to x5 which soaking still works but you'll have to swap dinos constantly.
  7. SwishPapaSweets

    Ragnarok: Leedsichthys Spawns?

    Leeds on rag are in deep water so you'll hardly see them near shore
  8. SwishPapaSweets

    Dino Death after 350

    450 and yep thanks to overpowered rexes and gigas with thousands of melee %
  9. SwishPapaSweets

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    My tek rexes(once I get extract stats on breeding sets) will have with no muts 14.5k and 502 melee. I would say they are pretty good once bred more lol
  10. Most of the lag and loading issues are from heavily populated servers. Probably the only way to fix it would be to custom a game engine for ark and import it to it but that would take years....
  11. SwishPapaSweets


    Offline raids perhaps but if you have use ranged or explosives you will kill them easily
  12. SwishPapaSweets

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    That's how most posts go. Big dumb apes chanting about something stupid just to be instant gratitude
  13. SwishPapaSweets

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    Tek rex and Normal rex share the same stats just spawned a bit higher.
  14. SwishPapaSweets

    New Boss Killers?

    Not necessary. I have 180 as the max wild level however max Tek rex is 208 (210 for 7) However they do go by one over the servers max difficulty level but not exact
  15. SwishPapaSweets

    New countdown!!!

    Hey raptor all of you I love the skins and rex. Lol But seriously give them time gee