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  1. Valguero spawn entries I been trying to add reapers to the radiation zone and the spawn entries from wiki isn't working. Has anyone had any luck with it or know a working spawn entity? This is console by the way and can not use mods.
  2. The deino eggs not spawning you need a wild dino wipe for them to start spawning at least it works for me
  3. Did you ever sleep? Lol Idk off top of my head but im rocking around 170 days i think?
  4. Personally I don't like going around and raising other people's babies even my own babies i let them grow up lol im pretty lazy as to are my admins. I made my server settings just good enough that you got to grind still but its not life consuming. You just gotta hop around on unofficial til you find a good one if you go that route.
  5. Hell i actually enjoyed the 20 or so people i had on my little cluster but unfortunately fibercraft and million times rates kinda killed my population off but i still run them for myself.
  6. Compared to other video games i played ark is by far the most bang for my buck on both console and pc. Still for the rock drakes i would like to at least be able to add them and thier nest in via ini setting.
  7. Devs should at least have a ini settings for the drakes and have the reaper character in the maps data so unofficials could just add those back in if wanted to
  8. Personally i would rather have the option to add them via ini and the nest actually works. Will still test this on xbox whenever it hits
  9. Oi if they can breed im making an army of them
  10. 320 is about 45 points into the stat. They don't get very high melee percentage
  11. Atm there's no ini weight changes. Only actual stack mods have them
  12. I need an ark wife but all i got is this bird. Oh well back to breeding lol. Btw try using the whip. It should lead them into the direction you want them to go
  13. Honestly i would just make it apart of the main game.
  14. Officials will probably die but as long as people make mods It'll live into unofficial territory.
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