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  1. SwishPapaSweets

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    Tek rex and Normal rex share the same stats just spawned a bit higher.
  2. SwishPapaSweets

    New Boss Killers?

    Not necessary. I have 180 as the max wild level however max Tek rex is 208 (210 for 7) However they do go by one over the servers max difficulty level but not exact
  3. SwishPapaSweets

    New countdown!!!

    Hey raptor all of you I love the skins and rex. Lol But seriously give them time gee
  4. You're harvesting when you kill multiple dinos and it freezes from that
  5. Any harvest rates over 8 tend to lag when you eat a body or attack a resource node. 6 is about good for little lag from gathering
  6. SwishPapaSweets

    Aberration is still full of glitches

    Stay ignored as this things are fixed on unofficial servers
  7. SwishPapaSweets

    Turrets should be a DEFENSE not an OFFENCE

    Even if they snuck turrents to p+ they'll disappear on server restart as they don't exist in the TC
  8. SwishPapaSweets

    Turrets should be a DEFENSE not an OFFENCE

    Or change tactics. Flanking the weak side or make a hole in thier line
  9. SwishPapaSweets

    Opinions regarding infanticide for XP.....

    I murder babies when they are not thr right stats. Does that make me a monster
  10. SwishPapaSweets

    impending dino overpopulation on legacy pve

    They save it before they announce the kill list
  11. SwishPapaSweets

    Is Ark dying ?

    Official will die off eventually however the unofficial side will keep ark alive especially modded PC. Hell I'm going to rebuild my pc just to play modded again
  12. SwishPapaSweets

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    Eh they are easy to dispatch with a bow and s good shot though they are annoying when you're not prepared for them
  13. SwishPapaSweets

    How are we feeling about the new kings harvest event?

    Need troodon spawn drops hehe
  14. SwishPapaSweets

    Spino vs Rex

    Yea the ark spino can hold its own with rexes even at high bred stat levels (rex 17k 525m maxed at 40k 1200m and Spino with 8k 414 maxed at 30k 850m) But I will say barley because if the rex didn't roar all the time or got in one more bite the spino would died. (500 left) also it was in the spinos turf so the rex and Spino can kill each other depending on the situation and advantages.
  15. SwishPapaSweets

    Can griffins breed

    They do however have baby stage models (can be set to babies) which is interesting. I set a 100% imprint on a Griffin for lawls