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  1. Icthyornis needs to be nerfed!!!!!

    Did it tame at least? Lol
  2. Silent Griffin nerf

    Think people have been riding moths tho
  3. The silent Giga nerf

    This on pc or xbox?
  4. Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    If it bothers you so bad go play elmos world. Otherwise quit your bitching. Now what would be good for a pve official server would probaly be either add aging to creatures or make a dino storage uploader that only stores the info of the dino but can't cross transfer from it.
  5. I'm getting mine this week trading the s in for some money off the x
  6. Try a good dedicated server because there's some with good communities and usually ban trolls
  7. Great Addition for Unofficials

    Lol I need to replace my power source and get a new graphics card but ATM life takes priority
  8. Great Addition for Unofficials

    Ha well I'm on Xbox til I get around to rebuilding my computer.
  9. Great Addition for Unofficials

    I like the public teleporter addition. Makes cc builds easier to teleport to
  10. Lol made the mistake for falling for a girl from ark. Not anymore lop. Now I was tempted to take a random legacy island server and add it to my rag cluster but I wanta find a good save with some nice buildings hehe
  11. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    Got 70 on steam and about 200 on Xbox. Would be more if my computer didn't die on the plane....
  12. Ark: Aberration

    Nope. Just relax and enjoy ark
  13. Are you buying aberation?

    I'm. Goina buy it just not right away due to life lol
  14. How does one unlock Tek sword, shield, and light?

    Its the pathway for the item but using gfi Teksword or shieldtek(other way will spawn the forcefield)
  15. Xbox players joining PC hosted Servers

    Yes the 25th ( if its not pushed back) Nirado will have options for PC hosted Xbox servers