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  1. The deino eggs not spawning you need a wild dino wipe for them to start spawning at least it works for me
  2. Devs should at least have a ini settings for the drakes and have the reaper character in the maps data so unofficials could just add those back in if wanted to
  3. Hmm i wonder if they added just the drake nests but not the drakes themselves and if added into the ini would that be a work around? Hmm
  4. Oi if they can breed im making an army of them
  5. Honestly i would just make it apart of the main game.
  6. I'm waiting for PC hosting but I built my prototype titan base and made ideas on community builds and bases(I host a couple servers) Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  7. Kinda waiting for pc xbox hosting after suffering server wipes from bad saves on all three of my servers lol.
  8. Some mods might make it to console however it'll depend on how they will put it. They could add them as dlcs like center and primitive plus or minic fall out 4 and skyrim mod loadouts.
  9. Then Valhalla is next in line for official mod right? hehe My question is how often would there be updates for these official mods?
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