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  1. Can we have Extinction fixed, I have the base version of the Xbox one and the graphics on Extinction look like Play-Doh, Mario 64 has better graphics. I just want to play it and not be reminded that I wasted money on something that looks awful. Wildcard, please fix it
  2. Technically they didn't make valgero, Ragnarok and the center, but it's sad that I'm able to say Mario 64 has better graphics than Extinction
  3. I don't want to look at something that looks like Play-Doh, it's a disgrace that even though they were able to make scorched, aberration, valgero, Ragnarok and the center, but they can't even take a few days or a few weeks to fix Extinctions graphical issues
  4. Extinction graphical issues for Xbox One When are we to see a fix on the Xbox version of Extinction? I feel like I wasted my money and they have been worrying about other things and complete forgot about the issue of the graphics not fully rendering or the just don't care because the are too worried about the PC kids
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