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  1. On my Rag server they completely reset it. The day Valguero hit I scoured half the damn map looking for any color whatsoever to no avail. There was a blue 145 megatherium outside my ice cave I was saving for 2x that poofed...regrets...regrets...
  2. Nope, can't say that I have I looked it up on wikipedia though and the torture chamber in the basement sounds kind of kinky I must say
  3. Hold on, did I seriously just read the comments on the Fanart Friday post and not see one person complain about meshing or how their server is broken or something equally unrelated?
  4. It's a bummer about no breeding event, tbh. Almost everyone in the various servers I play on have been gearing up for that, stockpiling fert eggs and the like. It's still a fun event and I'm thankful they at least have 2x taming over the weekend but 3x (or hell even 2x) breeding would have been a great way to reconnect WC with the more dissident members of the community. TO CLARIFY, I don't think that WC should throw a breeding event out every time the community complains about something, that's basically bribery and is a very slippery slope. I do believe that doing that for this event would have been justified though. I say that because from what I've gathered in my servers and on previous CC posts leading up to this event, a good amount of people were expecting a breeding event anyway so it would have been a completely appropriate tie in. So now not only have WC missed an opportunity to mend fences with the dissident members they've also gone and annoyed many players who had no issue or had been biting their tongues. Personally, I'm still looking forward to taming some fun colors of the various dinos I love and am very appreciative that there is an event at all, there's nothing saying they HAVE to throw this event but they did it anyway even in spite of recent tensions. Unfortunately though it's hard to not feel like this whole thing was a wasted opportunity and could have been way better for everyone involved, just my overall feeling about the whole shebang. To completely switch gears I wanted to also thank WC for their recent steps in increasing communication with the community. Even if you don't have an immediate fix for things the fact that you're addressing matters and are willing to openly and honestly address them is appreciated and a definite step in the right direction. It's impossible to please everyone but It feels a bit more like you give a damn at least and that's nice.
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