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  1. WC please fix the Dino event spowns. On my server I go a lot times to ferox cave and is very rare find event ferox or even any ferox. Sometimes not even 1 bear inside cave, it’s empty lol
  2. I love new content for sure but can u guys fix the ferox and all the lag please? i would love breed ferox more and tame them but now takes a lot elemts for tame
  3. Hi all. im comment just to ask about one thing I sow some people talking in Facebook. Wc going ford with changes about building close to ob not more available and who have buildings there going to be destroyed? can please someone answer me? I don't think that fair for who have a lot stuff and big buildings. If they want to do that just don't let people build more but let people keep what they have already knowing we can't build more after that.
  4. Hi WC Just an idea maybe for new map... why not a fantasy map with fantasy creatures for tame like mermaids more unicorns more Phoenix. New bosses with medusa for exempl. Just an idea
  5. Yesss finally new map comes day 19th at 17:00 UTC for X-box and Ps4. I'm so excited Hope no delays WC... XD
  6. Hi WC hope next post says something about release date of new map. I'm excited to start play on new map. Ty
  7. Hi after seeing all negative comments about release of valguero im just hoping we get play on time after they announced date and time. Bc when extincion come out we can't play on time have a lot delays and for me was very late when I can be able for play.
  8. Nothing about fixing lags on all servers(ps4) if that lag keeps for more time I'm going leave game bc that way I can't go farm meat bc always freeze and dc after, and if I can't farm meat my Dino's die.
  9. Hi WC team if u guys read this please fix the lag in all server but for now I talk in particular of 861 SE server we can't farm anything there we walk few sec and lag another few steps and lag again and I dc a lot. And today I was on one meat run and my giga with lag literally fly lol I almost loose them. hope u guys fix this very fast or we can't play ark this way. ty P.S.: im a ps4 player and play every day and I like very mutch this game but this way I'm thinking stop playing.
  10. Hi all, we all sow that WC don't think very well about the new kibbles, please WC be more explicit about recipe for eatch kibble and hm we need for tame in certen level like levels between 0-50lv / 50-100lv / 100-150lv maybe more easy that way, at least for now then with time u guys see other better ways but please fix all the questions and errors about the new kibbles before the weekend event for all players can tame Dino's.
  11. Cryopods Now show gender in the tooltip anyone sow that? I'm on ps4 and only see stats but not gender.
  12. I want to know that to, for me see what Dino's I need to keep for kibbles.
  13. Hi wc u guys finish the maintenance on pve servers(ps4) ? Bc I have some baby's there and I don't want to loose them.
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