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  1. Just my 2 cents Some players are from regions that do not have allocated Server I.E Africa If it were to follow the same suit as other games it would default to Asia or Asia OC Sadly we play mostly on EU server as the Ping and packet loss is vastly less the OC/ Asia 80 vs 190ms and 0.5% vs 1.5% If we were lock this would almost kill off at lest one pool of players for official
  2. Good day Have you tried rolling bck the driver or doign a fresh in stall of Nvidia drivers ? Try uninstall with DDU app to clear reg as well ( 10 mins to complete uninstall and reinstall ) There seam to either be a path or reg error ( file moved or name change possible) Give that a shot
  3. Hwdy In regards to screen size, resolution and refresh rate there is a sweet spot Running a card at 80 hrz and the screen at 40Hzr will also look odd as you are skipping frames Nvidia for a while now has been trying to smooth it out (Gsync) one example, but it can also result in input out put lag de-sync Good way to look at it always have the screen faster then the card but 10-30 FPS ( this doesnt apply to FPS games ) for it to look the smoothest Some time lower card perform better due to native resolution ie my wife's 2060Super and 1080P vastly out performs mt
  4. Hwdy What you are experiencing is render lag, or more accurately data transferred from server to you client lag. Arks network and servers are not the most optimised and as it dosn't use local cache data can take a while to load and render in. See how many time people get stuck in bases or fall through the world Even if you have a top tier Hardware spec pc the load and render times with be the same I have tested ark over 25Mbs 50Mbs and 100Mbs fibre lines (1:1 ratio) and there is no discernible difference in load times ( you result my variy with your ISP) Thi
  5. It is server save, or rather server cache It will normally lag for 15-20 seconds as it saves all the data
  6. Good day Decent specs to run smooth would be CPU I5-9400 (Intel) Or R5 2600 (AMD) 16Gb Ram 6GB GPU GTX 1660 Super Or GTX1060 (6GB) SSD 256 for OS and steam ( if you can go with a 500GB to include ark runs much smother) HDD 1tb 7200RPM 550w PSU Hope this helps
  7. As per Steam 840hr since April Meaning i wasted 2040 hrs not playing ark
  8. This is getting cool hopefully its a full release and not a release or a release
  9. . wow cant wait to see what happens
  10. Morning all Is it just us or are the dino that were not completely raised during the event now going to be screwed in regard to imprints Gigas, Argies, and Rexs, seam to now not be able to get 100% imprint ?
  11. Morning all Is this still a bug ? It seamed to get a lot better before the new map launched but now it seams to be back to being near impossible to get right on the Island map
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