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  1. Base health Keep them far away to aviod damage Im memory servers it should be 12k
  2. Desert Titian with 4, 220-230 dam meks takes 5-8 mins and 100 element each Forest wouldn't advise as with 3 meks it take almost 25 mins finished with Giggas Ice titian 4 meks with canons took 11 mins King titian (beta) 4 meks 6 giggas an 2 manas took 12 mins hope that helps
  3. Its Ark you die and die then bug and die once again Or glitch out and everything dissapears only to change server in to a people trap
  4. Wel t nearly up we will find out soon
  5. . Had a similarler issues turned out the isp was blocking certain ports on there side
  6. As per Steam 840hr since April Meaning i wasted 2040 hrs not playing ark
  7. This is getting cool hopefully its a full release and not a release or a release
  8. . wow cant wait to see what happens
  9. This post helped a lot thank you, very good info for a new player
  10. Morning all Is it just us or are the dino that were not completely raised during the event now going to be screwed in regard to imprints Gigas, Argies, and Rexs, seam to now not be able to get 100% imprint ?
  11. Morning all Is this still a bug ? It seamed to get a lot better before the new map launched but now it seams to be back to being near impossible to get right on the Island map
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