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  1. It might be ark is running in Windowed mode or letter box. Also worth checking if you Xbox game bar is set to "show on top" that movement sometimes triggers it. Do you have any add-on installed on the PC ?
  2. Points to check Reinstalling My geforce drivers fixed it the first time Un-check light blome and gradients ( apologies for the english) Check if GTX experience is overriding your settings I have seen this has a aggressive effect when in a metal base or when a lot of lights are present Post processing also seams to have an effect on this I have seen this on the following cards R7 390 GTX970 GTX1070 GTX1070TI GTX1060 hope that helps
  3. For Context Im runing ark, Chrome (youtube), Remote desktop and a V box with out any issuse Full break down as follows Panser z case Antec 850w modualr PSU Asrock X470 killer one down from current BIOS update Corsiar Dom 8gb 3400Mhz memory (x2) XPG 128gb NVME Samsung 500gb 860 SSD Galaxy GTX 1070 LG 25" screen x 2 As for as hardware clashes and compatibilty Other then the audio clash on HDMI on the screen every now and them ( fixed by selection the headset as always default) it all good If you need any help shout im sure there are a lot of people on here that will help
  4. The CPU out dated ? It release 4 month back ?
  5. Just my 2 cents Bellow is a run down of my Wife and myself have to run ark 1st pc 550w PSU CPU -AMD 2400g GPU-R7 390 (4GB) RAM-16GB (2x8gb 2999Mhz) Ark SSD 500GB M.2 HDD 1tb Avreage FPS 45 2nd PC PSU-650w CPU-AMD 1600x GPU- GTX970 RAM- 16GB (2x8GB 3200Mhz) SSD 256gb M.2 ArkSSD 500GB 2.5' HDD2x2TB Average FPS 55 3rd PC PSU-850w CPU- AMD 3600 GPU-GTX1070 Ram- 16gb (2x8gb 3400Mhz) SSD- 128gb NVME SSD- 500gb Ark SSD- 500GB HDD- 3x2tb Average FPS 65 Hopeing that helps a little more Ive built a few ZAR8600.00 (USD750) pc's that run ark well
  6. Base health Keep them far away to aviod damage Im memory servers it should be 12k
  7. Desert Titian with 4, 220-230 dam meks takes 5-8 mins and 100 element each Forest wouldn't advise as with 3 meks it take almost 25 mins finished with Giggas Ice titian 4 meks with canons took 11 mins King titian (beta) 4 meks 6 giggas an 2 manas took 12 mins hope that helps
  8. Its Ark you die and die then bug and die once again Or glitch out and everything dissapears only to change server in to a people trap
  9. Wel t nearly up we will find out soon
  10. . Had a similarler issues turned out the isp was blocking certain ports on there side
  11. As per Steam 840hr since April Meaning i wasted 2040 hrs not playing ark
  12. This is getting cool hopefully its a full release and not a release or a release
  13. . wow cant wait to see what happens
  14. This post helped a lot thank you, very good info for a new player
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