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  1. I don't know where you've gotten this information but it's just completely wrong, one look at the wiki and you'll see that's not listed as an ability, the only buff it has is the boosted unfert egg and feces laying rates
  2. Annnndddd still not addressed the breeding timers haven't played since the event ended and honestly don't know if I want too, up too 48 hours between breeds is verging on mobile game bullpoop designed to make you pay to speed up the process but you forgot to add that part in
  4. Yea it's something to do with how the whole abb map renders on Xbox it actually causes it to over heat, all other maps are fine, if it was actually stable then I'd definitely use Manas there but sadly I can't have nice things
  5. First of all that map lags so hard on Xbox that dashing on a mana is risking disconnecting, and second, the map is so vertical and has so many loading zones that freeze your game that the Manas limited jumps and dashes mean it's more hassle than it's worth when rockdrakes exist
  6. Allow manas on genesis for pve, they're completely useless on flyer maps, give us a reason to actually breed them
  7. Why no 2x i understand theres an event but official rates are abit of a joke as it is, can we not just have a weekend to tame coloured stuff abit faster? Im going on the fact that previously events havent had boosted rates and the 2x was cancelled, if its 2x anyway then thank you
  8. Yea, believe it or not its fun progressing through the game, beating bosses, breeding lines and not having the slightest worry about meshing or duped chocolates and meks, you may not like pve but it will always have alot less bullpoop going on than pvp, unlike you i play for fun and enjoyment rather than egotistical reasons, grow up
  9. If you're meaning because 2x maturation ended, this isn't new that it's just how ark works, anything positive has a negative, oh there's cool coloured dinos, no 2x for you. Theres a cool candy that half tames stuff for vday? Well still no 2x effectively meaning this cool candy was just a limited 2x depending on how many dinos you could breed. If youre gonna do a raising event, yes you could do some maths too avoid it but of course they won't make it easy to imprint fully.
  10. Do we get eu pve crossplay servers on xbox for valguero or no? Been waiting all weekend for our server to open up on our small cluster
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