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  1. I'm not sure if you're PvP or PvE, I'm personally PvE so that's where my opinion is coming from just fyi. Turning you down isn't about whether or not they're better or worse than you it's a matter of trust. Even if they're a beach bob tribe that's been around 2 weeks they don't want to see that progress wiped away by inviting an unknown into the mix so of course tribes that have been there longer would be even more reserved about letting someone in. If you've been playing for that long then you know that people in this game respect players that go out and try to forge for themselves way more than those that want to instantly leech off the success of others. Even if you're not that successful going solo and only have the bare minimum if people see that you're trying your best, not asking for handouts, honoring your trades, etc. then you'll build a good reputation and people are going to be more willing to trust you and let you into their tribe. Of course if you go to that extent there's nothing stopping you from just creating your own tribe and actively recruiting new or existing players into your fold. Since you're apparently better than them it's only natural that you should be the leader right? Another option you have is to bug your rl friends to join you and create a tribe together like my friend did with me. 3 years later and I'm still playing this damn game with him lol
  2. If you're the type of person that says they never have good timing then your bad streak has ended my friend because PS4 transfers were disabled for over a month and were finally fixed just the other day, so you have timed things VERY well if you're rejoining ARK on PS4 lol. Several members of my tribe have created alt accounts that are dedicated to each server we're on just in case it happens again, we would have been screwed in various ways if I wasn't a weirdo that starts a new character on every server I join lol. The nice thing about Valguero and the deinos is that their eggs can make extraordinary kibble, which is the top tier kibble and can be used to tame any dino and for any imprint so you really don't need a kibble farm anymore if you don't want to mess with one. You just have to learn where the deino nests are and make the rounds on a regular basis and you'll be set, they respawn so fast as well it's great. That being said my tribe still keeps our argies out for metal runs and the like so we have lots of superior kibble as well so we don't cut into the extraordinary kibble as often...plus Megatherium are my addiction so yeah lol Overall welcome back to Ark man
  3. My knowledge of Ark youtube personalities is probably more limited than other people weighing in on this but I would agree with the no obnoxious intro point, that's your first impression and you truly don't want to screw that up. Another thing is I would say don't turn it into clickbait. I remember falling for that once and all it turned out to be was a guy reading the community crunch (that I had already read myself) and making unfounded assumptions about what WC was going to do next based off of it, all while in the background you watched some random video of him trying to tame a griffin. I'd say the best thing you could do is really clearly identify what you want to provide to your viewers. Is this going to be a tutorial or instructional type of show to give players a new insight on how to play the game? Is it a more laid back experience where you pal around with some friends and do silly but humorous things? Or are you going to awe your viewers by doing things only a minority of Ark players ever get around to doing whether it be epic PvP battles or solo killing the king titan or something ridiculous like that. Or maybe you do all of those things and have different series like Awesome series: video #25, Ark fails: video #67. All I'm saying is you would benefit greatly by having your identity clearly defined at the beginning so people know what they can expect when they click on your videos. What I would like to see personally is videos that show me something I am probably not going to see in Ark any other way. As much as I would like to solo run the ice deathworm cave on official or do something equally outlandish, I'm never going to get around to doing it and I know that so as an alternative I'd love to see through the eyes of someone that has. Just my 2 cents on the matter, whatever direction you take with it though I wish you luck in your endeavors.
  4. There are several topics pinned at the top of each forum when you click on a category and this happens to be one of them.
  5. My first instinct is to be suspicious of this, but if life has taught me one lesson it's that since this is posted on the internet then it has to be true. So congrats on having the Chuck Norris of pteras.
  6. You are welcome good sir, hope it helps in some way. It's a really crappy feeling when they just poof like that, especially if you took the time to tame it.
  7. Great post, you make several valid points and any new survivor to the game would benefit well from reading this though to be honest I don't think some would have the attention span to do so. Just the other night on my Val server a 9 year old (know this because when asked he told his age) got into global chat and asked to join a tribe. When he received no response he then went on to beg for 3 straight hours for somebody to let him join their tribe. Highlights of the evening was when he spelled out 'PLEASE' using individual letters scrolling vertically several times and then proceeded to hold down the E button when typing 'PLEASE' until he hit the character limit. I know that is a rare case but that level of selfishness is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent even in full grown adults sadly. I do hope that people who actually want to learn how to play the game discovers this post and other helpful ones before they make fools of themselves like so many do now. It would make the game nicer for everyone.
  8. I've had this happen to me as well and unfortunately I really haven't found a way to avoid it or figure it out completely but my tribe has gotten into certain habits with the hives and we've seen some moderate success with it. One habit is that the person that places the hive needs to pick it up, preferably the person that tamed it (if it wasn't a trade). Don't know why but it seems to poof less often when we adhere to this. Another is that we try to get bees from the server we're on as opposed to taming a whole bunch on another server and transferring them over. All the ones we transferred poofed on us so we stopped doing that. The last one involves cryoing the bees if we're storing them as opposed to keeping them in hive form and saving them in a vault. I know it's annoying to sacrifice room in the cryofridge for this but the hypothesis on this is that the information on the bee is better saved when they're in the cryopod as compared to the hive form so they are less susceptible to weirdness from rollback, patch updates, and the like. All of these practices are somewhat voodoo and I can't give you scientific proof they work because we still lose a bee every once in awhile but on the whole we lose much less than we used to so something has to be working lol
  9. Can't say I've had that either but my beds sometimes turn me into a ghost. I'm moving around but can't interact with anything and tribemates say they see me still sleeping on the bed when this happens. Only goes away when I travel to another bed and back. Ark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. They have amazing carry weight I would say that is probably one of their most appealing properties, also I believe they take less damage when they're fully puffy so they can take a bit of damage if the timing is right. My clan tamed them pretty hot and heavy for awhile on Extinction but we found some negatives that eventually made us stop using gasbags as a primary utility dino. One was that they were very, very awkward to steer and believe me when I say we tried to get past the learning curve with the thing and we never truly could. The second one, and much more annoying concern, is the fall damage it takes. If there's a good amount of oxygen left in the gasbag when it lands it will take less damage when it lands compared to if it has no oxygen, kind of how it takes less damage the puffier it is. Also if you have to land it and it has no oxygen you can always do the dismount trick so the tame doesn't register any damage, though of course you might. My clan and I are on official servers and so while the fall thing doesn't seem like a concern in theory, when it came to actual application we found that all it would take is for lag to hit at the worst time and the gasbag would take considerable fall damage, leading to us losing several gasbags in the process. Once they opened up transfers we got our high weight argies transferred in and haven't really used the gasbags the same way since, though if you are on single player or unofficial the lag won't be as bad so maybe they are more viable in those enviroments. That's just my 2 cents, overall they are pretty fun so probably worth the tame but I think it will really come down to your personal preferences and what you plan to use them for.
  11. Yeah unless I'm on a giga I give tickle chickens a wide berth, you get murdered off a wyvern a couple of times and you truly come to respect them. Like others have said though they don't aggro unless you get up close and are pretty easy to kite away but you'd definitely need a flyer as very few things on the ground are going to outrun it. That being said you can't imagine life without one once you've tamed it, so freaking useful for so many things. Personally I wish the Theri could use it's alt attack to cut hair off of people and ovis like the scissors do. Mostly because it would be very useful not to ever have to repair scissors again but I must also admit I want to have a fabulously sassy neon colored Theri hairstylist named Ferdinand, always been a dream.
  12. So if they implemented your idea what would prevent someone from kicking out a member of their tribe every 7 days with C4 in their inventory and having them blow up a random door/doorframe while they're an 'enemy' to gain the protection and invite the player back? I'm not even a PvP player and it took me all of 2 minutes to think of a way to exploit that. Your thoughts are nice ones if everybody played by the rules and showed empathy and compassion toward their fellow man. Unfortunately that behavior is the exception not the norm and human nature is always going to be a major factor in how the rules and policies of this game are shaped. It's a sad but unavoidable truth.
  13. Your logic is spot on but it's still crazy to see that typed out lol. Basically sanctioning an Ark GITMO.
  14. Elementals are different from regular knock down tames, the only way to knock out an elemental is to shoot it in the head with a cannon. You used to be able to use RPGs but I don't think you can anymore. I've never tamed one but I believe crabs are tamed in a similar fashion, if you ever feel like messing with them. Any questions of "What's the best dino for X resource?" can best be answered by dododex in the the 'gathering efficiency' section. Choose the resource you're after and it will tell you the best gatherers for that category. In this case golems don't harvest metal, anky is still your best choice for that although killing wild golems can give you a nice chunk of metal and other resources if you feel like taking a stroll with a giga.
  15. When I first saw it I thought of the ghosts on Destiny as well, but I am also a heathen that didn't play Zelda when I was younger so that might be why. Unfortunately right now the pet only reminds me of a roomba because it follows me face down along the ground. Between the silliness of that situation and the constant humming sound I don't really keep it equipped tbh. I might give it a second chance if they make the right tweaks but I'd want them to spend their energy more on the maps. I am now picturing Guilty Spark with an Australian accent...what have you done sir lol
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