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  1. Wait how do you have to start all over but also just join? This confuses me. I'll just tell you my tribe's strategy when we're starting out on a map in PvE. If you're PvP then never mind that's a different rabbit hole. 1. Initial base building is important for security and having a safe respawn point. You usually start on the beach and you're welcome to stay and build there but we prefer our bases to be a little more hidden and harder to access so we try to find cliffs further inland that are more defendable and we won't need as many dino gates early. Later once we're established we
  2. My tribe has a presence on several maps, would still say that the island is a great place to start and really learn the game and then you can branch out from there. Here's what appeals to us for the other maps though of course everybody plays for their own reasons and ours are far from unique. I'll go in order released: Island - Original map, been around since the beta days so its well explored and has lots of guides and tutorials. You can really learn the basics from where to build all the way to boss battles and while it provides a challenge its a pretty easy place to survive (unless yo
  3. Most of these things mentioned are complaints about things with no real alternatives or improvements provided. It just comes off as somebody whining about the crap that personally bugs them which is fine, you can totally do that on here but don't pretend you're some kind of crusader that's looking out for everybody by bringing these 'problems' to light. Certainly there are issues that need fixing with this game but you are definitely not the herald that will bring those changes about I can tell you that much.
  4. You robbed yourself, if you waited a couple more days you could have earned the trophy for reviving a thread that's 7 months old. SO close. Seriously though the OP has 4 posts total and all of them are in this thread so it's safe to say that your information is not going to reach them. It's nice that you want to help but randomly resurrecting threads is a very ineffective way of doing it.
  5. Single player probably isn't a bad idea to get a handle on things but if you're determined to forge ahead on official this is my 2 cents on your questions. Base - Far too broad a question with so many differing opinions on what should be built, the best thing you can do is look up building videos on YouTube and find something that appeals to you. As far as the other questions I would say build your first base with the thought in mind that it's a starter base to get you going and you're building up resources to find a permanent spot. Generally a good permanent spot would be someplace you c
  6. Agree with Lycan, Megatherium is very effective against the broodmother especially if they can get their buff going by killing the ads that spawn in. Of course any boss rexes floating around the servers would wreck the brood mother as well but raising megatherium is way faster and you get 100% imprint every time plus the saddles are way cheaper.
  7. Megatherium is my all time favorite. So many reasons to love it, the more serious reasons would be because they're great for chitin and fiber, they can defeat the broodmother and are an overall amazing utility dino for surviving (solid melee and surprisingly good weight). The silly reasons for loving it? 100% imprint EVERY time you raise one, usually by around 30% maturation if you'r staying on top of it. Also when they're babies they look like little grumpy old men. They have an option to sit which I relate very well to. My absolute favorite thing about them though is that when you level
  8. Theri is great at harvesting the wood, if only it reduced the weight like others do and it would be perfect. I used to do the theri/mammoth combo but dismounting every 5 trees got annoying so we got some solid roll rats from some ab buddies and that's the only thing I use anymore. I take a mate boosted pair out, one spec'd in melee and the other in weight and I can clear whole mountainsides with minimal interruption. Sure I get less wood per hit than the theri but the uninterrupted flow of harvesting is much better. Love your idea with the volcano for the crystal but you might check out t
  9. I think it would be stranger if somebody didn't complain when something goes wrong with their thing, know I would. Also I don't think a single paragraph can be classified as an article because it doesn't fit the technical definition: A nonfictional prose composition usually forming an independent part of a publication (such as a magazine)
  10. PvE perspective here, if you have enough of an interest to ask the question then you probably won't be disappointed if you started taming them. Fast and easy to breed and groups of them are like flying piranha, they really tear through anything that pisses them off. Since they target the rider and not the mount when attacking I'd assume they'd be useful for PvP as well but that's just conjecture. A guy on our first island server had a swarm of at least 30 following a golem that he put on aggressive turret mode just for kicks. The dimorphs usually killed the dino before the golem could thr
  11. First post on the forums is to revive a thread that's almost a year old...interesting lol I'll bite Our main 465 giga stud is a blue body/white belly giga named Riptide We have a beloved poison wyvern that has been cloned many times but the original is named En Passant because it's a black and white event and our base has a chessboard theme to it (painting was a breeze lol) We have 40 snails but only one has a name: Survivor. Had to put him down 3 times in total and he survived an alpha raptor attack to earn that name because the swamp is nothing but pure evil. We have a ma
  12. Ah man well that's just spec-freakin-tacular lol Hope it stays separated and on mobile but if bloods already in the water...yeah. Thanks for informing me of that though.
  13. I originally told myself that if they came out with a season 2 and tried to extract more money from me that I'd just stick to what I have and be satisfied with that but my tribemate made a good point to me. We both bought Ark on PS4 back in beta and from our legacy server have played on all the official expansion maps except Center. Present day we have a strong foothold on Val and still love the game even though we had to start by punching trees for wood...yet again. The point he made was this: How many other games have you played with such consistency? And I had to truthfully answer none. Whi
  14. On my Rag server they completely reset it. The day Valguero hit I scoured half the damn map looking for any color whatsoever to no avail. There was a blue 145 megatherium outside my ice cave I was saving for 2x that poofed...regrets...regrets...
  15. Nope, can't say that I have I looked it up on wikipedia though and the torture chamber in the basement sounds kind of kinky I must say
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