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  1. My tribe has a presence on several maps, would still say that the island is a great place to start and really learn the game and then you can branch out from there. Here's what appeals to us for the other maps though of course everybody plays for their own reasons and ours are far from unique. I'll go in order released: Island - Original map, been around since the beta days so its well explored and has lots of guides and tutorials. You can really learn the basics from where to build all the way to boss battles and while it provides a challenge its a pretty easy place to survive (unless you build in thatch where gigas spawn lol). Once you get familiar with things you can learn the caves, get artifacts and get familiar with boss battles, they're easier on the island since you only face 1 boss at a time whereas other maps you face 2-3. My tribe started on an island map but we only use it for occasional boss battles and the tek cave currently. The Center - Dabbled with it a bit but its notorious for having bad support from WC and was generally made obsolete by Rag and then Valguero. Some people swear by it but you'd have to ask them why, we don't have a presence here. Scorched Earth - First DLC, all desert map and was the first map to add wyverns to the game, a major tame you want to get familiar with. You have 3 types to choose from lightning, fire, and poison. Overall levels are about the same as the island but a little more challenging a map to start out on since you'll constantly be battling the heat. Also rock golems will scare the crap out of you until you learn how to spot them. There's only one boss to battle on here but he's a slippery one you don't want to underestimate. Tougher that the Island bosses but not as challenging as multiple foes. Most of us don't play on this map but one tribemate has a deep love for it so he maintains a presence. It is very nice for obtaining wyvern milk from low level females though which helps in raising wyverns. Ragnarok - Abundant resources with plenty of room to build a base even with pillars abound. Animal levels tend to be higher than some of the other maps, especially the island. Its scar is superior to Scorched Earth when it comes to wyvern egg levels and in addition to the original 3 types Rag also has Ice wyverns in the ice biome but there's only 5 nest spots. Easy access to obs for boss battles but you'll face 2 foes instead of 1 so its more of a challenge. Probably in between the Island and Scorched in terms of difficulty starting out, leaning more towards the Island. We use this map for Polymer, Crystal, Oil/Gas, Wyvern eggs, and general taming and raising of animals. It's pretty much our mainstay server. Aberration - Probably the hardest map to survive on if you're new to the game. Everything wants to kill you even the plant life and some areas will kill you before you even know whats happening. Also there's no flyers like wyverns, argentavis, or pteras so that's an extra challenge but there are excellent climbing and gliding dinos to somewhat make up for that loss. All that being said, high risk equals high reward. There's several worthy unique tames and structures to Aberration and it is hands DOWN the most metal dense map on Ark. You're welcome to start here but like I said its a definite challenge if you're just starting out so it might be advisable to get established on another server and then just transfer in the materials to quickly build a base instead of starting from square one with nothing. Save you a lot of dying. Only one boss to battle on here but he is not a walk in the park if you're new, not at all. We almost primarily use this map for metal harvesting, we build almost all non tek metal structures on this map for all our servers because of that and my buddy tames glowtails from time to time on here, but it's mostly about the metal for us. Extinction - Can be resource rich in spots and has many unique tames but overall the main appeal to this map is how easy it is to obtain element. Element is used to craft and power the tek structures in the game and is generally an end game feature that you're not going to use much when you're still building in stone, though it can make life easier. You can harvest it easily in the city but your time is best spent on element veins out in the wastelands. A majority of the map is a wasteland that you don't want to build on because meteor showers will destroy your hard work so most people build in the city or one of the 3 available biomes but that makes it hard to find unoccupied spots. In addition to element there are supply drops that can grant needed resources and blueprints if you can clear them. The boss battles on this map are on another scale, look up vidoes on it before you even think about attempting them. You can start here but I would say this is probably a map to tackle once you're established on another map and want to start dabbling with tek. We use this map to obtain high level blueprints and supply element to our cloners and our tek generators on other maps, and sometimes tackle the titans but not that often. Valguero - Free DLC and was actually a player created map so it is VERY survivor friendly with the way it was designed. Resource rich with amazing spots to build almost everywhere with decent space overall. It has a scar but only has fire and ice wyverns. A part of the map has an aberration zone where flyers aren't allowed. Boss battles have 3 enemies instead of 1 so you definitely need to know what you're doing. Good levels and a gorgeous map to explore make this a very viable choice to start out and learn the game. We mostly use this map to raid the scar, tame rock golems, and its our main boss battle server. Genesis - Newest DLC and very different from previous installments. I can't tell you much because once I heard you couldn't build wherever you wanted I kind of lost interest. In a way it might be an advantage for you to start on this map because you don't have any experience with the other maps and it would as new to everyone else as it is to you. Sorry for the book but I'm bored at work, hope some of the info helps you and happy hunting!
  2. Most of these things mentioned are complaints about things with no real alternatives or improvements provided. It just comes off as somebody whining about the crap that personally bugs them which is fine, you can totally do that on here but don't pretend you're some kind of crusader that's looking out for everybody by bringing these 'problems' to light. Certainly there are issues that need fixing with this game but you are definitely not the herald that will bring those changes about I can tell you that much.
  3. You robbed yourself, if you waited a couple more days you could have earned the trophy for reviving a thread that's 7 months old. SO close. Seriously though the OP has 4 posts total and all of them are in this thread so it's safe to say that your information is not going to reach them. It's nice that you want to help but randomly resurrecting threads is a very ineffective way of doing it.
  4. Single player probably isn't a bad idea to get a handle on things but if you're determined to forge ahead on official this is my 2 cents on your questions. Base - Far too broad a question with so many differing opinions on what should be built, the best thing you can do is look up building videos on YouTube and find something that appeals to you. As far as the other questions I would say build your first base with the thought in mind that it's a starter base to get you going and you're building up resources to find a permanent spot. Generally a good permanent spot would be someplace you can gate off easily (or is up high and mostly inaccessible unless you have flyers) that is fairly close to a water source if possible. When you're building that permanent base a general tip would be to use large walls instead of individual walls because it cuts down on lag and structure limit. XP - Best way to do this early on I've found is to build lots of stone walls, place them, demolish them for 1/2 resources and craft more. Other structures like ceilings or foundations will give you more xp but walls are cheaper. Also once you get a rex or any respectable meat eater then just roaming around and murdering things can be a consistent way to earn XP. Taming - There are so many videos on how to properly tame things and several websites shows you popular regions for dino spawns so a little research and you'll learn the basics. I would recommend that you tame a berry eater first because you're going to need narcoberries to tame anything. Farming can help with this but it's really a mid to late game component so you're going to struggle with it early on. My personal recommendation is to tame a parasaur for immediate berry collection and then take the time (6+ hours on 2x taming) to tame a high level stego early on because raptors can't rip you off the seat easily and they can hold their own against most dinos, except a rex and the like of course. Get some starter meat eaters like raptors or carnos tamed so you can start stockpiling narcotics and narc arrows to tame a rex. Just work your way up from there. Survival - Your dinos will do most of the work for you in this game, a good way to not get killed by dinos often is to be on the back of a bigger dino that kills them first, preferably a Rex, Giga, or Wyvern. Of course you're not going to have those early on so if you do resource runs always take a carno bodyguard with you in case you run into trouble and get good at running away for awhile until you get a Rex. Gathering resources efficiently is also best done by dinos and if you download the dododex app or go to their website they have a section called 'Gathering Efficiency' that will tell you the best dino for gathering whatever resource you're after. Also some dinos compress resources that are in their inventory so you can harvest more before being over encumbered. Overall the best thing you can do when you get on your server is to build a good reputation with the established tribes that are on there. Don't beg for dinos or resources, ask if they would trade for them even if you don't have much to trade with because most people are going to respect someone who is trying to take the time to properly learn and play the game versus a moocher that just expects people to give them free stuff that they're just going to get killed in 5 minutes because they don't know what the hell they're doing. If you get on good terms with people they'll be happy to answer your questions usually and will try to help you out but do watch out for jerks and be very careful about who you let into your tribe or alliance with. Sorry for the book but I hope you find some of it useful, best of luck to you.
  5. Agree with Lycan, Megatherium is very effective against the broodmother especially if they can get their buff going by killing the ads that spawn in. Of course any boss rexes floating around the servers would wreck the brood mother as well but raising megatherium is way faster and you get 100% imprint every time plus the saddles are way cheaper.
  6. Megatherium is my all time favorite. So many reasons to love it, the more serious reasons would be because they're great for chitin and fiber, they can defeat the broodmother and are an overall amazing utility dino for surviving (solid melee and surprisingly good weight). The silly reasons for loving it? 100% imprint EVERY time you raise one, usually by around 30% maturation if you'r staying on top of it. Also when they're babies they look like little grumpy old men. They have an option to sit which I relate very well to. My absolute favorite thing about them though is that when you level them up they raise their arms up into the air and for a few glorious seconds they look something like this:
  7. Thanks so much for that! I appreciate the full details of your experiences that will help quite a bit, especially the part about the invisible wall that would have really pissed me off it that happened to us and we didn't know what was going on. My megatheriums pop with like 380 melee and 7k health before imprint so after imprinting and with a good saddle I feel much better about that strategy, it's great to know that it can be done that way. Thanks again and happy hunting to you and your tribe
  8. Theri is great at harvesting the wood, if only it reduced the weight like others do and it would be perfect. I used to do the theri/mammoth combo but dismounting every 5 trees got annoying so we got some solid roll rats from some ab buddies and that's the only thing I use anymore. I take a mate boosted pair out, one spec'd in melee and the other in weight and I can clear whole mountainsides with minimal interruption. Sure I get less wood per hit than the theri but the uninterrupted flow of harvesting is much better. Love your idea with the volcano for the crystal but you might check out the first tall mountain that is across from Carno island in the north eastern part of the map. On the 2 island servers I've been on it's way less traveled than the volcano and has loads of crystal and some decent metal to justify the trip. In the old days we made a huge base on pillars but if I were to do it current day I would slap a transporter pad down and just zip back and forth with a crab and anky. If not that then at the very least a small spot to store the anky and a transmitter. If no tek then just the anky and a few vaults, come by with argents when it gets filled up. Everything else you listed seems spot on to me, except that doeds no longer harvest obsidian, an anky would be your best bet there but to combo it with the crab is smart. Happy hunting to you man
  9. Ice Deathworm cave advice I know this is not anything new and has been around for awhile but I've always wanted to attempt this with my tribe and they are finally considering doing it. I'm on official PvE and when I look up videos on how to attempt this they're rather dated (before cryos and such) or are never on an official server and it's like a level 11 queen so I don't even know if official servers are at higher level or the same. So I figured I'd ask on here if anybody has up to date information on it. I know that high armor cold weather gear and the assortment of brews/potions would be necessary. From what I've seen a high damage shotgun and high armor shield for shooting and tanking when you have to go on foot and the smaller deathworms attack seems to be recommended. My real question is whether you can use cryopods to bring tames into this cave because none of the videos I found even addressed if you could do that or not. I love megatherium and I see that some of the passages are wide enough to accommodate one so my plan would be to throw it out when the passage is wide enough and then cryo it back up when the passage gets too small, rinse and repeat. Also if tames are allowed what's to stop me from bringing a giga and throwing that out at the queen because the final area looks freaking huge. I'm just looking for some current day suggestions on how my tribe could best do this cave as a group on official, if there's a better strategy than what I've said I'd greatly appreciate any advice or pointers. Thanks.
  10. I think it would be stranger if somebody didn't complain when something goes wrong with their thing, know I would. Also I don't think a single paragraph can be classified as an article because it doesn't fit the technical definition: A nonfictional prose composition usually forming an independent part of a publication (such as a magazine)
  11. PvE perspective here, if you have enough of an interest to ask the question then you probably won't be disappointed if you started taming them. Fast and easy to breed and groups of them are like flying piranha, they really tear through anything that pisses them off. Since they target the rider and not the mount when attacking I'd assume they'd be useful for PvP as well but that's just conjecture. A guy on our first island server had a swarm of at least 30 following a golem that he put on aggressive turret mode just for kicks. The dimorphs usually killed the dino before the golem could throw the second boulder. Saw a 150 rex just melt one time and he claimed alphas would meet the same fate but I never saw that personally.
  12. I'm not sure if you're PvP or PvE, I'm personally PvE so that's where my opinion is coming from just fyi. Turning you down isn't about whether or not they're better or worse than you it's a matter of trust. Even if they're a beach bob tribe that's been around 2 weeks they don't want to see that progress wiped away by inviting an unknown into the mix so of course tribes that have been there longer would be even more reserved about letting someone in. If you've been playing for that long then you know that people in this game respect players that go out and try to forge for themselves way more than those that want to instantly leech off the success of others. Even if you're not that successful going solo and only have the bare minimum if people see that you're trying your best, not asking for handouts, honoring your trades, etc. then you'll build a good reputation and people are going to be more willing to trust you and let you into their tribe. Of course if you go to that extent there's nothing stopping you from just creating your own tribe and actively recruiting new or existing players into your fold. Since you're apparently better than them it's only natural that you should be the leader right? Another option you have is to bug your rl friends to join you and create a tribe together like my friend did with me. 3 years later and I'm still playing this damn game with him lol
  13. If you're the type of person that says they never have good timing then your bad streak has ended my friend because PS4 transfers were disabled for over a month and were finally fixed just the other day, so you have timed things VERY well if you're rejoining ARK on PS4 lol. Several members of my tribe have created alt accounts that are dedicated to each server we're on just in case it happens again, we would have been screwed in various ways if I wasn't a weirdo that starts a new character on every server I join lol. The nice thing about Valguero and the deinos is that their eggs can make extraordinary kibble, which is the top tier kibble and can be used to tame any dino and for any imprint so you really don't need a kibble farm anymore if you don't want to mess with one. You just have to learn where the deino nests are and make the rounds on a regular basis and you'll be set, they respawn so fast as well it's great. That being said my tribe still keeps our argies out for metal runs and the like so we have lots of superior kibble as well so we don't cut into the extraordinary kibble as often...plus Megatherium are my addiction so yeah lol Overall welcome back to Ark man
  14. My knowledge of Ark youtube personalities is probably more limited than other people weighing in on this but I would agree with the no obnoxious intro point, that's your first impression and you truly don't want to screw that up. Another thing is I would say don't turn it into clickbait. I remember falling for that once and all it turned out to be was a guy reading the community crunch (that I had already read myself) and making unfounded assumptions about what WC was going to do next based off of it, all while in the background you watched some random video of him trying to tame a griffin. I'd say the best thing you could do is really clearly identify what you want to provide to your viewers. Is this going to be a tutorial or instructional type of show to give players a new insight on how to play the game? Is it a more laid back experience where you pal around with some friends and do silly but humorous things? Or are you going to awe your viewers by doing things only a minority of Ark players ever get around to doing whether it be epic PvP battles or solo killing the king titan or something ridiculous like that. Or maybe you do all of those things and have different series like Awesome series: video #25, Ark fails: video #67. All I'm saying is you would benefit greatly by having your identity clearly defined at the beginning so people know what they can expect when they click on your videos. What I would like to see personally is videos that show me something I am probably not going to see in Ark any other way. As much as I would like to solo run the ice deathworm cave on official or do something equally outlandish, I'm never going to get around to doing it and I know that so as an alternative I'd love to see through the eyes of someone that has. Just my 2 cents on the matter, whatever direction you take with it though I wish you luck in your endeavors.
  15. There are several topics pinned at the top of each forum when you click on a category and this happens to be one of them.
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