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  1. Has anyone thought of taking the baby’s of the rock Drake, Magmasaur, Wyverns and deinonychus all playing together? I think that would look absolutely adorable
  2. Is that last image an inter grated Rockwell in the simulation?
  3. Hey devs for the PS4 players what is the button to pin down the smaller animals for the deinonychus?
  4. Hey ark devs can an exact date be told for release date for valguero for the PS4 and X box players
  5. By any chance do you (the devs) have an exact date for the release of valguero for the console players?
  6. Wow 4 years of people waking up on the island and having no clue on what is going on this is one hell of a game and the fact the development team are not planning to slow down is still amazing that they already know what they are going to make next with the new creatures. The development team have won the hearts of so many gamers with this game and thank you devs for this amazing game that just keeps on going
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