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  1. I play on ps5.. and every time I try to play I get really frustrated and give up and stop playing.. I ry to download a map because I don’t like the island map and then I can’t download any of the other mods I want and even with out another map there is not enough memory to download the mods I want.. it honestly makes me not want to play. I can’t even get into any of my friends servers because they have different mods then my single player mode.. it’s soo frustrating.. so iv been playing other games..i can hardly download anything I want..I wish you could just open it up more and give more memory… like double what it is now..maybe even triple.. especially when fancy new creatures come out and all the building stuff I can’t even use it.. I feel like I wasted my money on a game I don’t even want to play.. it’s just soo frustrating to me..I’d really like to play it but everything just doesn’t work..
  2. Ooo I’m excited for the new fishing! And the new types of fishies! It would be cool if you can pull up loot to sometime. Or rare items. To make people want to fish more besides getting fish. Ooo and maybe you can make them wall decorations with some fish like a collection? There could be trophies for collecting stuff with the fishing. Lots of new aquatic life would be cool. Oo maybe put in aquariums? Or be able to put in ponds around your builds? And be able to put your fishy’s you catch inside it? I’m getting even more excited!
  3. It was just an idea… I play ark in a lot on role play servers and people rp as that stuff in ark.
  4. Aww.. poo.. I thought I saw it on a community crunch as a sponsored mod.
  5. Ooo I like the new lizard thingy! But Im A little sad cuzz I was hoping for cheetahs and lions lol. I’m staring to look forward to the new ark ascended. I’m hoping for lots and lots of character customization.. lots of new outfits.. some girly ones too.. and more hairstyles and face and body sliders..like black desert.. oo and maybe make up and maybe war paint and tattoos? I like to play on roleplaying servers so I guess having mods will open stuff up. But like having elf ears or wings, or wolf ears and tails or having a event were you can turn into a werewolf or vampire would be cool.. could have a buffs and weaknesses and a cure.. it be cool for the roleplay servers. I rp as a fairy or a elf.. sometimes a mermaid.. there could be something in the settings to turn it off and on..
  6. Ohh I wonder what the next creature is going to be? 🤩🤔💭 I can hardly wait! maybe for halloween and spring events they could add outfit skins for each. vampires and werewolfs and zombies? Maybe even fairy’s? Maybe they could be a new diseases? And maybe they can be cured with a new kind of plants you have to get that are guarded by three different mini bosses. And they can make your characters look different. And have diffrent stats or buffs? and weaknesses? Or an ability? Fairies could have the ability to make resources grow back once a day with the fairy dust and fly around? Grow and shrink. Or give others a boost for better drops for a set amount of time like that fish thing you can tame? And maybe to become one you have to do trials and fight mini bosses to get the dust that turns you? Oo maybe there are two kinda fairy’s a light and a dark fairy. And the dark ones could have some kinda mischievous abuilty once a day. Like turning a another player into a random creature for a set amount of time? It could be something helpless or something that back fires and is dangerous. The mini bosses could be creatures we already have they could just be bigger and more stats. Like bats for vampires. Wolfs for werewolfs. Any zombie skin beasts for zombies. And maybe that nature titan for fairy’s?
  7. Yay more updates! But what ever happens to npc? I’d like to have them for my single player world.. I was really looking forward to those..
  8. jonin

    elven Kingdom

    my castle im still building. as well as other stuff.
  9. I think there is.. you just have to find the bar thats about events and put in current event. or the name of the event.. I think.. It worked on my single player and I play on ps4
  10. there altered by the ark.. it makes its own creatures that dont exist so.. I would not give them such a hard time.. it works with the world universe.
  11. OOO I LOVE THIS CRUNCH!! SO COOL! I really want the crystal isles.. its a map I always wanted to play on! and the castles and keeps yessssss! I love building so much.. and the pretty new rp stuff to fill my builds has me jumping with joy in my seat! I hope it comes out soon!! I really hope the npcs come out soon to. id like to have npcs in my single player world. mermaids in the water biom would be cool in one of the under water caves. I wonder what the new dinos gonna be.. Love the new tlc ideas.
  12. you have to go into the psn store and look up ark genises theres a free add on you put on and then it should work.
  13. everything looks awesome.. the new animals are very cool but iv been playing around in my single player mode and there that are really annoying and making me frustrated. for starters every time I log off I have to re do every setting all over again it wont save the way I set it up.. I saved when I logged off and then I log back in and my ferox is just gone not where I left it. I hate what you guys did to the creative mode. like really hate it. really really really hate it. how I zip all over the place.. and how much slower it gets when I equip the gps.. its like slower then before. also I hate not being able to use the flying with the tek suit.... lots of bugs to fix I guess. but still like the new stuff its all really cool.
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