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  1. This event was a nightmare with lag and disconnects. I could barely look for wyvern eggs because it was almost a death sentence on my Valguero server. Every 2 minutes the game lagged for 30 seconds (not an exaggeration.)
  2. I believe that is the skirt from the Valentines Day event.
  3. More Crossplay Servers We need more crossplay servers. There is 2 pve for NA and EU and 2 pvp for each. That is just not enough. Val has like 5 for each NA/EU and same for pvp. What makes you guys think that 2 servers for each is enough to sustain the population. You have a ton of servers for everything but crossplay. The ones that are out are almost always full by the afternoon and by the evening forget about it. I haven't been able to play for 2 days and just sit in a queue, it's unacceptable. Please open some more servers up, preferably not at 2am when people are sleeping.
  4. I'm honestly not sure but I think it seems like kind of a big feature so they are maybe going to be beneficial to your progress towards end game. Usually when you have mission or quest type progression it is leading you to an end goal. If that's the case I think there will still be the same game play as usual with building bases and taming/breeding. I don't think it would be a good idea to completely move away from that aspect of the game and push players into non optional content they are not use to up to this point of the game. I could be completely wrong and we will all find out soon. For m
  5. I went through this with Microsoft this morning and they did confirm the Genesis Season Pass is separate from the game that is play anywhere. If you want it on pc you have to buy it from windows store or gamepass beta. If you want it on xbox you have to buy it on xbox. I personally don't mind if that is the way they want to do it, I just feel like they've given no information and a lot of people are in the dark and they aren't being up front about it. Just be honest and it would be fine. I don't understand why Wildcard doesn't address situations like this promptly. It's been 6 months since pre
  6. @VeeTea Ok so I just spent a half hour with Microsoft and they said that this game pass is separate for pc and xbox one. The game is play anywhere, the pass is separate. There is the answer for all of us. Unless Wildcard says different I would say this is correct information. You must purchase on both pc and xbox. I don't have a problem with it, just wish it was made more clear and Wildcard would just come out and say, "hey ya they are seperate." When they say nothing and you can't find any solid information from the company, it just feels shady.
  7. I'm curious about this. I bought it on the xbox because I play on both xbox and pc. I bought it on xbox first because I can game share with my daughter who likes to play on single player and run around with dinosaurs. I don't have hlna on pc but I do on xbox. I can of course get it if I log into xbox first. I would just love to know if I need to purchase it from the Win10 store as well as xbox or if it is play anywhere. There is no clear information pertaining to that.
  8. I like colored dinos and boosted rates. I do like some of the cool skins as well though. The wolf helmet skin is one of my favorite in the game. There better be a Halloween event or else ?
  9. He isn't a rideable dino because, he never was meant to be tamed, so there you have it.
  10. The reason hes not rideable and is still aggressive is because this titan wasn't meant to be tamed, so he still acts wild, however, I think hes the only one that does.
  11. Extinction wasn't really that great of a map. It did bring some really fun ideas into the game though, like the new drops and element veins. I feel like that gave players something really new and fun to do and work towards other than just taming new stuff. In the description for Genesis it says there is a new mission based mechanic and I'm really curious about this. I don't know exactly what it could be but it sounds like maybe some type of questing or just a rpg element that might help make the game more community driven on a server.
  12. PvE crossplay servers are still missing, there are still ZERO. Good lord how do you raptor something up so bad?
  13. I have this exact problem. At first I thought it was my keyboard messing up. It is only in Ark though. I feel like I have to press so hard on the keys when I want to type something in global/tribe chat or when trying to type things in to drop off me or dino. It is really annoying and it has been since the last update that it's been like that.
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