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So what did you do in ARK today?

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4 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

I am not sure there is a guaranteed way to find him but I have found him twice near the twin pillars, once to the north on the mountain and once in the trees to the south.

Yeah neither was I, was just looking for anything to help find him. Twin pillars ? And which mountain ?

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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Dodorex can spawn anywhere so just make sure you have a good security perimeter.

For myself, I didn't play at all on Thursday or Friday.

But yesterday...yesterday was huge.

First I spent the morning finishing my prep. I am very, very sad to report my unnamed bary, who has been so crucial to my success, has died. I lagged/mistimed the final jump in the lava cave and...yeah. The worst part was raising a new bary and otter and entering the cave again knowing I was going to see the death message and there was nothing I could do. Sigh. But I brought some prebuilt structures and built a bridge across that jump, totally forgot I can do that with PVP settings on. I won't say his death was for nothing, but it was avoidable. I also figured out a little trick for the artifact, at least on SP: don't pop any loot drops before getting the artifact. Get the artifact, then go pop one loot drop, then go back and the artifact should have respawned. Much better than waiting 30+ minutes for it to respawn naturally. Wish I'd figured that out 3 caves ago.

Anyway, with my prep finally done I went back to base to gather everything I needed. I had already moved my army to the obelisk since they needed time to wake up. So spoiled doing this now with cryopods, so easy. Parked my bird and my pig, positioned all of the rexes. Saved the game just in case. Took a breath and popped gamma Broodmother for my first ever solo boss fight.

Victory! Barely even took any damage.

Back on the platform, put my new flag and the precious element away. Gathered the second set of mats and popped beta Broodmother.

Victory! Definitely took significantly more damage, although no one was really bloody. My worst hit rex was down maybe 10k max. As an aside my strategy was to turn group whistles off on the yuty. I hop on whatever is closest, whistle attack, then when they clear out I can jump on the yuty and whistle attack again to get the last rex moving. Then circle around behind to get the rexes to fill in the gap so she's circled. Yulia definitely needs a better saddle.

Healed up again, stashed the prizes. Big, deep breath because I know the first two fights are nothing compared to this...alpha Broodmother.

And the verdict is...victory! But not unscathed. I lost 2 of my first gen battle rexes and in the rush of first victory I stupidly forgot their saddles. And we definitely took a lot of damage, I had one bloody army. Yulia actually came close to death from the spider swarm. I think I'm putting the rest of her points in HP, I did boost stam a bit and was considering some melee but no. Also I really should replace her, I have a significantly better yuty I can breed with much higher base HP.

Nonetheless, I was extremely happy about my hard work finally paying off. Somewhat anticlimatic though, not much to celebrate just yet. I packed the army up and took it home to heal, along with my prizes and a total of 112 element.

But, losses don't slow me down. If anything I come back stronger. I spent some time breeding and hatched 3 of my second gen boss rexes. My first gen hatched out at level 239, pretty respectable. My second gen hatches out at 271. Nice. I only needed 2 but I happened to pop a third so I'm keeping it.

Also got another HP mut while hatching everything.

Did a large metal run, checked my mats. I really need to spend some time organizing everything, it's such a mess. I ended up building a new crafting station just for the replicator. I have everything I need except I'm short on black pearls.

I gathered my gear and some kibble and took my new bary out to the open sea. A crossbow mitigates the jellyfish threat. And honestly these things are OP. The fact that it can stun alpha megs never fails to amuse me, we killed 3 of them in our travels. Scouted an alpha mosa that I'm not going near for awhile, and a 145 kraken that I may tame for the sake of it as I've never tamed one before.

But the real prize, eventually I found a 140 basilo and tamed him up. He has high melee, which I'm pleased about, but low HP, which kind of sucks. But that's fine. Cryo'd my bary, popped on the ascendant basilo saddle I found while farming swamp cave, and continued farming in hopes of finding another. No luck, but then it was getting late anyway. It's been a long day!

Back to base, very, very happy.

Current goals, leveling up the new boss rexes, making their saddles and the Tek replicator, taming a mate for my new basilo so I can breed them, which also means finishing the water side of my base perimeter.

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Finished a trap shack I started last night.  Evil church/temple with bait and  some nasty surprises in it.  Should be good for a few loot bags this week.

Worked on my direwolf breeders.   Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever.

Built a new bunker with dual industrial grills at the bottom of the ledge that borders my territory.  Now I won't have to navigate Big Red through the trees all the way up to base at the end of meat runs.

Freshened up the ferts in the greenhouse/bee house I built to speed up sweetcake production.  Not sure why, since I don't use cakes.  They may come in handy for trade, though.

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Coming off yesterday's victory, another immensely successful day.

Started out with a metal run to feed the machine of progress. Also known as an industrial forge.

Then loaded up my basilo and set off for the depths. I ended up with a full pod, taming 2 more males and finally a female. None of the stats are super fantastic, but I can combine them all to make one good imprinted whale for future underwater caving shenanigans. Well, obviously I'll end up with 3, a stat pair and the actual active whale. Still mad at myself for not breeding the bary before he died, I lost my high melee stat from him. It's surprisingly difficult to find good stat barys for some reason even though they're not that uncommon.

I also took the opportunity to farm eurypterids for black pearls to build up my stock.

Then I settled in for an afternoon of breeding. Got stage 1 of my whale project done, raising a female with 2 stats to go with the male who has the other 2 I want.

Got a melee mut on the rex line, progress is slow but steady.

Haven't gotten anything on the spinos in awhile but that's fine. Honestly I'm probably going to stop once I get to 10k base HP since this line is just for fun and I don't really need it for anything. I'll get the stats on one of my color spinos and make that my main mount for the rest of my time on this map.

Farmed a bit more metal, spent some idle time letting the babies grow, then called it a day.

I did make my tek replicator but I haven't set it up yet. I need somewhere to put it, and my doed is still over at the redwoods base along with my mammoth. I'll go grab them the next time I play. It's not a priority right now anyway; aside from being tek tier and looking cool the replicator won't do much for me until my next set of boss fights as I'm down to just 12 element, not enough to make anything.

This week will of course be focused on setting up for the megapithicus; if all goes well I plan to do them next weekend, once I tally up what I actually need to do.

All in all, very happy to feel like I have tons to do after a month of essentially idle time.

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Jumped over to extinction to test wether the skins from the orange drops are unlocked or just a one time find, they are not unlocked so I need to chase more orange drops. Headed out through the sanctuary and discovered extinction is still running christmas colours, the gacha clause was a big clue, so I decided to stay for a while and tame some coloured things. Went to the snow and got a low level (15) green and red owl then headed to the desert and have tamed a collection of christmas kentros. Gonna see what else I can grab while I am here and then try for the christmas Tapejaras I passed in the sanctuary, if they are still there, on my way back to the island.

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20 hours ago, SMP said:


Worked on my direwolf breeders.   Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever.


I always use the timer alarm on my cell phone when breeding or imprinting dinos.  Depending on how long of a wait I have, I will either set the alarm for a few minutes early (if away from base) or just 30 seconds (if working in base).  Otherwise, I can get distracted and forget about the breeding or imprinting

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Managed to tame a couple of the coloured tapejaras on my way back to base, my work here is done. Decided to check the production outputs of the gachas before I left and 1 of them produces clay, that is going to make life on Valguero so much easier, podded up the pair and off I go.

Sitting at the map selection screen about to return home to the island when I decide to visit rag and see if I can get an event Griffin in purple. I had a sleeping bag by the ob at the northeast guarded by a poison wyvern, so I have downloaded the empty cryopods and several stacks of narcotics and am good to go. Before I take off on my next adventure I take a moment to appreciate the autumnal colours on the trees, and oh look an orange drop in the distance, this might not be so bad.

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PS4 - Unofficial cluster


I ended up getting to play a lot less than I had anticipated this weekend.


Valguerro: continued my addition to the base, and managed to tame another event owl and event mana. I harvested a bunch more bone dinos and was able to craft up a couple of the headless and hockey mask skins.  I sure wish I could use skins on the tek helmet. sucks that it only works on other helmets.

I hatched and raised a couple of Abberrant spinos that I had transferred the eggs from Abberation, and also raised up another boss tek rex for the boss battles.

I then spent some time harvesting drops and resources, including raw metal for the forge.

I found a dead spot in my food trough coverage, so I made up and implemented a couple more of those too. (sure wish we could see the trough range like we can with tek generator)

I also raised up a couple of Reaper babies I had transferred from Abberation.


ABBERRATION:  Spent some time looking for event shinehorns, featherlights and other dinos. During my search, I came across a handful of dinos, and their timers said 1.5 minutes until claimable. The tribe name was the same guy I had helped out 2 weeks ago, so it appears that he has already given up on Abberration.  I cryo'd the dinos and put them aside, if he shows back up I will give them back to him. He had nothing of my interest, except a couple event colored Drakes, one of which was a good level.  

I also got Reaper impregnated twice, but since the event colors are very close to the regular vanilla reaper colors, I gave up, as I kept getting vanilla looking babies.


RAGNAROK: I spent some time re-arranging dinos around my base as I am getting a bit crowded with everyone parked right next to the base.  My base location is in upper hidana, so I'm in a spot small enough where I can spread out more, as no one can build on the same butte as me, unless an ally.

I then decided to go looking for event Griffins to tame. So I grabbed some cryopods from the cryofridge and some kibble and headed out. 

Instead of griffins, I soon tamed up 2 good level event Gachas, and one was a black pearl producer and the other had Poly, Crystal and Silica Pearls. I needed all of these things for my Valguerro base, and they were a M-F pair so this was PERFECT.  I cryopoded the gachas, and went back looking for griffins. As I was flying  around, I hear the "armor breaking" noise and I see a message that says empty cryopod dead. I look in my inventory, and all of the cryopods on my body were dead, INCLUDING the two that held the newly tamed Gachas.  I am confused as to DILO happened, since those pods came from a cryofridge, as I always store my pods in a cryofridge when offline. Needless to say, I was a bit cranky after this, and I then returned to base, only to notice that my two event zombie wyverns that I had tamed after killing a dodowyvern were totally bloody and near death. I checked their inventory, and they had meat, kibble and berries (which I had put in days earlier, as I wasn't sure what a zombie wyvern ate) I then checked the tek trough they were parked next to, and that was full with all variations of meat, berries and kibble.  I have no idea what is going on, as all the rest of my dinos were full food levels. So I cryo'd those wyverns until I learn what to feed them.

Then around 7pm last night the cluster owner mentioned on Discord, that they had added The Island map, so people could do the tek cave as experience the halloween event correctly. So I uploaded a couple flyers and the materials for a starter base and headed over.

I found a spot close (but not too close) to Red OB, and set up a tiny starter base on the tiny island underneath the water fall. I spent some time getting that set up, then hit drops for about an hour while also looking for the dodorex, as the moon was up. No one ever saw the dodorex, but the meteors flying thru the sky were certainly interesting.

I tamed up a secruity system tek parasaur and installed him at the base.

Then it was time to watch my Green Bay Packers win in an exciting football game.

I don't plan on spending a ton of time on The Island, so I intentional built a very small base. I will however transfer some boss dinos over to do the bosses at some point.

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There has been quite a bit done in a few days and haven't posted so its gonna all get smushed together and were gonna pretend that I didn't have other grown up things to do and could just spend all day doing this (which I totally want to do) First finally got all the walls built around the base so we are now a little safer from wandering hungry dinos, although the argy seems to be able to find for herself and take out anything that shows up, which is good cause we still get random spawns in our little area and that's how we lost trike #3 but we have #4 already and so far (knock on wood) she has the record for longest lasting trike. We also lost our dung beetle Mr. PBH due to running out of stamina and drowning in a little bit of water. But I'm pretty sure he was suicidal because I was forever pulling him away from where he died. And I wasn't there to save him this time because we just tamed a beaver so now we have all the resource gathers animals that we have been wanting and can really get started! Once were all built up again (which shouldn't take to long) were gonna start working on the 2nd floor of our base and can finally have a storage/crafting area with all the bells and whistles to be even more productive. Also hatched a ptera egg yesterday and got through all the steps until 12 something this morning and found out that i needed to hand feed it basic kibble which I didn't have so it got frozen until I finish the green house and am able to make some. 

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Unofficial, The Island, private server

I started back up our private (just two of us) server for the weekend and continued our normal advancement through the game.  We are working towards the gamma Broodmother fight as our first boss battle.  We tamed a decent level Megatherium (130 or so) and used it as the basis to create our Megatherium army.  We still need a Yuti and perhaps some Theris.  After my adventures on an Official PVE Valguero server, I have learned the wonders of Pokeballs.  Uh, I mean Cryopods.   The last time that we tamed a Yuti, we lost it on the way home.  With a cryopod, we only need to protect it until it awakens from taming, load it in a cryopod, and then fly it home safely above all of the other Yutis and their evil minions.

Since I was by myself on Valguero, I learned to use the "4 dino gate" trap.  This also came in real handy for trapping our Megatheriums on The Island and I used it for Argys on Valguero.  There are traps that take less resources, but the beauty of the 4 dino gates is that they are simple and easy to carry and to set up.  I keep the gates and doors in my inventory, fly around until I see the dino of my dreams and then build a trap near it and lure it in.  Luring usually consists of shooting it with an arrow and running into the trap until the dino is inside and then walking out through a survivor-sized gap.  I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to try this method with behemoth dino gates for really big dinos?

I raised a third Rex and remembered that Rexes take a loooong time to mature.  I raised a couple more broods of Megatheriums and sheep while I waited.  I also started building on the "ocean dino pen" for when we start accumulating water dinos.  We have a few sharks, but we have not seriously gone into deep water yet (waiting for scuba gear).  I am using metal gate supports and a behemoth dino gate.  We seem to get lots of Alpha sharks around, so I used metal for durability.  I may or may not go ahead and wall it in with regular walls, but I am hoping that the fence supports will keep in what i want in and keep out what i want out.  The only thing that I can think that might be able to get in is the darned jellyfish and maybe I can keep them out with only the top layer of solid walls.

I came across a 150 Anky on Herbivore Island and so I tamed it.  It seems to be in the range where destroying each metal rock in one hit gives me less in total than my weaker Anky gave by taking several hits per rock.  I will keep leveling up melee for a while until it gets better.

I also went to every orange drop that i could find and stocked up on all of the goodies therein.  I am accumulating quite a pile of pumpkins, headstones, and scarecrows.  I guess we will need to go kill a lot of skeletal dinos to be able to build some of the event items.  I have not seen the Dodorex yet and I am kind of afraid that i will try to kill it if I find it.  The most likely result will be that it will kill me, plus the dino that I am riding, plus all of my gear, etc.

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2 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

Cryopodding dinos can reset the care requirement, when you unpod it it may want another kibble or a walk or cuddle.

Good to know. The first time it wanted cooked meat which I have plenty of, so if it wants that again I'm fine with it. I just didn't want to loose this one. I'm gonna be building our greenhouse tonight after the kids go to bed so should be able to make kibble for it very soon!

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Well today I did a little rework of my baby growing room, adding fridges on both sides to make meat runs less tedious:

I had to jump over to extinction to refresh my little base there, but while there I saw this snow owl and decided, "yeah why not, I don't have any event dino's yet", and tamed it:

After returning to the island, and putting the owl away, I decided that I should raise some babies (Still working on them), so I tossed a few out:

And … because you know... its Feat Evolved.... I did a little decoration at the front of my tower, and took a screenshot for everyone:

well that's my day on ark, Though its not done yet, just sitting around feeding the babies that are out, and doing the occasional meat run to fill them up.  trying to keep the giga's out at least 7 hours each day.



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Legacy Island PVE

I started my day as usual, mounted the giga and went on a meatrun. Since I live near the river, I decided to look out for colored otters and after few minutes I found the first one with dark purple fur. Chomped down the brontos on the beach and returned to the base to grab the seagull. There were massive salmons swimming around and with the ichty it was tamed in less than 5m. I put the otter in my otterhouse, joining the colored collection. Will breed it later with my higher ones.

Took the meat out of gigas inventory and grabbed my cryopoded waterbabies with halloween coloring - ghost white plesi, white twin basilos, blue mosa, white frog (guess its the basic color, but wanted it for my spooky collection) and a white dolphin with blue back. Packed the meat in the tek troughs, uncryoed babies and set timer for their imprint.

As I was heading back to main base the orange text popped up saying someone is downloading an ice titan. Asked in chat and a tribe decided to kill the dodorex, so I offered to join and help locate it. Took my best base lvl 306 mana, my tek armor, bunch of cryopodes and a cryoed giga. Night started, dodorex spawned. Someone wrote in chat that the stupid thing spawned in the swamp behind green obe, RIGHT where they downloaded the titan. So I turned around and rushed to green obe. Lag. Without dying I got an option to respawn, and I already knew whats going on - the same unpatched bug since the exti release. I quietly said bye bye to to the tek gear, cryopoded giga and my best mana. Respawned at bed, took wyvern and bunch of cryopods and went to green obelisk. They lured the dodorex down in the water under obelisk and stucked it with the ice titan. We barely killed it in time and all the gigas that were in fight (guess like 4-5) died. Saw people chasing after the zombie dodos down near the water, so I decided to fly UP from where they were falling. Found 2 zomdodos right on the edge. Turned around and tried to listen for dodosounds. Followed the chirping and found 3 stucked in each other, one of them lvl 130.  As I was about to leave I heard another dodosounds. Checked around and found another 3 stucked in each other, two of them were lvls 170 and 180. Wooo, didnt know they get this high, the 170 one has almost 4k hp. I was about to leave to put them safely in base and I found another 2 zomdodos. Thats total of 10 zomdodos for me and the other tribe got 13 of them. Not much for my lost gear and tames, but at least something to remember from this event. Asked my friend if he wants the 130 one and he declined. Well he is not wrong, they are useless. Sad I didnt get the taxidermy because the dinos ate the corpse.

Went back to imprint the water babies and decided to check valguero. No ice wyverns, no deinis, no nests. So I went to ragnarok instead. Grabbed a 180 lightning egg from the trench and on my way home decided to look for a griff. Found a 145 orange one, lured it to a public trap, shot down. Jeez, this no taming event is boring. With heavy heart I gave him 21 kibble and went to fly around to look for another one, hopefully purple. Only thing I found was a lvl 50 skeleton giga and spent 30 minutes chasing it with a wyvern. 18 bones and a skeleton skin, meh. Finished taming the griff and named him Pumpkin.

Brought him back to base, relogged to island and cryoed all waterbabies. Guess I will have a look at some rock drakes/reapers/basilisks/karkinos tomorrow.


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It is a long time since i posted here.

In February i moved to a new apartment and got a new job.

So i had no more time to play Ark.

I lost my progress of almost a year on the Island, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction.

But so it is.


In the last months i had too much responsibility and too much work for playing.

But since August the hardest part is over.

I like to play on Official PS4 Servers, other Options are too easy in my opinion.

But i started for a few days with Singleplayer on Valguero.

I like this map, i am a great fan of taming boats (maybe some of u remind my aberration river taming boat for Karkinos).


But soon i missed the Online gaming.

So i searched for an EU Server and joined him. Spawned at Beach1. Around 38 40 there is a little Island 20 Feet in the Water. I was able to secure the Area. A little bit laggy because at the coast someone build a little bit much.

But i need no large spot to begin. I started with my classic 3x3 build on wood. like always i ask if someone has a starter pack for a new player (I have a Opposite Opinion to ask for starter packs as Aushegun wrote it a few pages back). I was gifted with Metal hatchet and Pickaxe. A Leather Armor too. That was really nice. I tamed a few dodos and upgraded my hut to stone.

Then i did another floor on the hut. I tamed my first trike, always funny to run with 3 slingshots behind a dino that likes to kill u :D

It was level 40, but enough to start with berry farming for Narcotics.

I did a 2 high Wood fence around the Island to protect myself.

That was indeed good, often rexes and alpha rexes fell down the cliff at the beach and running up and down there.

I build my first boat and made it directly a taming boat. for first it was 2 walls high and i tamed 2 high level trikes. 100 and 135. then I tamed an ankylo, shortly followed from a level 40 doedi which was near my place.

a week later my base was completely stone ( fence included) and i upgraded the boat to 3 high. i drove to the nearby brown area (forgot the name) and looking for Mammoths. Found only a level 60 and lured it on the boat. Taming without kibble is hard on Mammots. So i traded a bit Honey and did a few Cakes. Made a boat trip to the end of the river at the white cliffs, a good spot for sheeps. tamed 3 and brought them on the boat, tamed 2 Jerboa btw.

The next Weekend I found a 140 Mammot, I had no kibble so I tamed it for very long 3,5 Hours. I explored the map and found the Aberration Entry, build a 3 x 3 hut there.

I found the first short river and build a Trap with included Hut. Trap was for Spinos and Karkinos. 4 x 4 and 3 high. On the side of a Cliff. Tamed 5 karkinos there. 3 x 140 and 2 x 90.

I like the map but deep within I hear a whisper.

So I build a bigger house on my little Island.

I tried something. All around the outer Foundations I placed Stone Fence Foundation. Every 2 Foundations I placed Pillars. And between them Glas Walls. So if a glas wall is damaged my entry house will not be destroyed.

And I have a fantastic view to the lake.

I tamed a few rexes for eggs.

Traded a little Wyvern so I can travel everywhere. With him I traveled to the Scar and caught 2 Dung Beetle. Travelled with him to the so called Swamp and caught 3 Achatinas. Tamed them all at home.

With the Wyvern and a Whip i found in a drop i could easily get Deino Eggs on the White Cliffs, i was lucky and got Blue Ones.

Tamed 3 Bees easily, I like the Run and Run Technique. With Wyvern the Hive destroying. Then with full speed running to the queen and give a kibble, then run away before u get stung, repeat till tamed.

Victourios every time.

Til end of September I tamed and breeded much Spinos, my Favorite mount.

But there was the Voice in my Head again which said “Why not taking a Spino and protecting a Vein for Element”.

I noticed that I was missing Extinction, I had everything there till February, Raising is the best for me there cause Tek Throughs.

Next step I tell about October and my Extinction Adventures^^

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17 hours ago, Rosati said:

Good to know. The first time it wanted cooked meat which I have plenty of, so if it wants that again I'm fine with it. I just didn't want to loose this one. I'm gonna be building our greenhouse tonight after the kids go to bed so should be able to make kibble for it very soon!

I would suggest focusing on taming Yutys, so you can make the Extraordinary kibble. This kibble will work for taming any creature and for any imprint asking for kibble. 

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