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  1. It is a long time since i posted here. In February i moved to a new apartment and got a new job. So i had no more time to play Ark. I lost my progress of almost a year on the Island, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction. But so it is. In the last months i had too much responsibility and too much work for playing. But since August the hardest part is over. I like to play on Official PS4 Servers, other Options are too easy in my opinion. But i started for a few days with Singleplayer on Valguero. I like this map, i am a great fan of taming boats (maybe some of u remind my aberration river taming boat for Karkinos). But soon i missed the Online gaming. So i searched for an EU Server and joined him. Spawned at Beach1. Around 38 40 there is a little Island 20 Feet in the Water. I was able to secure the Area. A little bit laggy because at the coast someone build a little bit much. But i need no large spot to begin. I started with my classic 3x3 build on wood. like always i ask if someone has a starter pack for a new player (I have a Opposite Opinion to ask for starter packs as Aushegun wrote it a few pages back). I was gifted with Metal hatchet and Pickaxe. A Leather Armor too. That was really nice. I tamed a few dodos and upgraded my hut to stone. Then i did another floor on the hut. I tamed my first trike, always funny to run with 3 slingshots behind a dino that likes to kill u :D It was level 40, but enough to start with berry farming for Narcotics. I did a 2 high Wood fence around the Island to protect myself. That was indeed good, often rexes and alpha rexes fell down the cliff at the beach and running up and down there. I build my first boat and made it directly a taming boat. for first it was 2 walls high and i tamed 2 high level trikes. 100 and 135. then I tamed an ankylo, shortly followed from a level 40 doedi which was near my place. a week later my base was completely stone ( fence included) and i upgraded the boat to 3 high. i drove to the nearby brown area (forgot the name) and looking for Mammoths. Found only a level 60 and lured it on the boat. Taming without kibble is hard on Mammots. So i traded a bit Honey and did a few Cakes. Made a boat trip to the end of the river at the white cliffs, a good spot for sheeps. tamed 3 and brought them on the boat, tamed 2 Jerboa btw. The next Weekend I found a 140 Mammot, I had no kibble so I tamed it for very long 3,5 Hours. I explored the map and found the Aberration Entry, build a 3 x 3 hut there. I found the first short river and build a Trap with included Hut. Trap was for Spinos and Karkinos. 4 x 4 and 3 high. On the side of a Cliff. Tamed 5 karkinos there. 3 x 140 and 2 x 90. I like the map but deep within I hear a whisper. So I build a bigger house on my little Island. I tried something. All around the outer Foundations I placed Stone Fence Foundation. Every 2 Foundations I placed Pillars. And between them Glas Walls. So if a glas wall is damaged my entry house will not be destroyed. And I have a fantastic view to the lake. I tamed a few rexes for eggs. Traded a little Wyvern so I can travel everywhere. With him I traveled to the Scar and caught 2 Dung Beetle. Travelled with him to the so called Swamp and caught 3 Achatinas. Tamed them all at home. With the Wyvern and a Whip i found in a drop i could easily get Deino Eggs on the White Cliffs, i was lucky and got Blue Ones. Tamed 3 Bees easily, I like the Run and Run Technique. With Wyvern the Hive destroying. Then with full speed running to the queen and give a kibble, then run away before u get stung, repeat till tamed. Victourios every time. Til end of September I tamed and breeded much Spinos, my Favorite mount. But there was the Voice in my Head again which said “Why not taking a Spino and protecting a Vein for Element”. I noticed that I was missing Extinction, I had everything there till February, Raising is the best for me there cause Tek Throughs. Next step I tell about October and my Extinction Adventures^^
  2. Everyone has another opinion if u should use pickaxe or hatchet. For me I got more with pickaxe.
  3. Yeah, on official ps4 Server. I use a Mantis with 298% pickaxe.
  4. Lowest on 1x was 10 Element. Highest on 2x with Mantis was 120 Element from easy Vein.
  5. New Maps would be nice. Why not bring the winner of the last contest Valguero. It mustn't be official, but for unofficial or single player a few new maps would be nice.
  6. I hit enough lampposts and feeded the Dust Gachas to Craft a new Tek Generator and 8 Tek Troughs. Started to raise the Gigas one after another. Started to farm blue OSD an 10k Vein with my Spino. Someone left the game and i get 10 Velos, a Megatherium and a Level 120 Giga. Drastically increased Meat Gathering with the Giga. Now i could raise all Gigas the same time. But 2 of my Gigas are done now. Better melee, so more Meat. 15th arrived and i transferred a few of my Aberration Dinos. Some of the 451 Melee Ankys, a few 414 Melee Spinos, a few Crabs and my Rock Drake Dutch. He is my Favorite. Now i can search peacefully the Map for OSD and Veins. Over the last Week i did a few 10k Veins and Blue OSD. I search with Dutch and use then my Fire Red Spino who is now at 18k HP and 600% Melee. With him it is easy to beat the corrupted. Most annoying part is searching for the last corrupted. They never find the OSD or Veins, stuck on everything. I helped a few times at 50k veins, but most of the time i look how the Titans beat all the corrupted. Transferred my blue Body Ankylo and made a few Eggs with the Blue Horns Ankylo. I hope i get a full Blue Combination. Traded on Ragnarok 2 fert. Vulture Eggs. I like them and now i can breed them. Traded a few fert. Giga Eggs, i want more Colors and better Melee.
  7. I dont wrote since Extinction arrived, so a little bit more Text. Finally Extinction arrived on Console. Found a little spot at a Waterfall in the City. My mistake was to place only a few pillars around my base. The next day i was blocked in mostly all ways. So i have only a little spot about 15 x 30 Foundations. But for the Begin it is not a Problem. I had a free day and spotted a 55 Argy. Tranqued him and it took almost 3 Hours to tame him with Level 65. But mobility is important on this Map. Tamed a 35 Iguanodon, ran around and was eaten by a Rex. Bye bye Igu. Tamed a level 10 Trike then for berrys. Tamed a Level 10 Ankylo too. Found a pair of Dilos for Eggs, tamed 4 female Dodos for Eggs too. Build a 2 Walls high Fence around my base. I was able to kill a few Enforcer to gather Oil. I could craft an Level 26 Enforcer. Only to see after the Crafting that u cannot use them. I put him on a shortcut and the whole Server was freezing oO. Put it deep in a Box and hope for a fast Update. Tried to build a base in the Forest but found no good spot. It is so empty there. Never saw a Gacha. Placed 4 Foundations, a bed and something to store. Ran the next day and only saw 1 Gacha, but another Player was taming him already. Tried to spawn in the Snow but was killed every time. So i crafted a 2x2 Stone House and a few pillars. So far i like the New Map. Over the next Weeks i expandend. I build around 52 38. The Place is next to a Waterfall, so every time Water. A few Meters away i was able to claim ground abot 60 long and 15 deep. Between these places there is a Bridge. Over the Bridge i could claim the Whole Area, Bridge included. The Place where my future Breeding Pen will been build. Before the Wyvern fix i needed Velo and Plant X. First time a Wyvern arrived i had luck. He landed in my Area and after a Second he flew away without attacking. So i traded a pair of Velos and build Plant X. A Few days later i was 3x a Day attacked. But my Defense hold. I only lost a little Para and my Compost bin. Some friendly player from my Country gifted me a fert. Giga Egg. I got triplets with 170 Melee. But till this day no one is higher then 20%. I traded a 220 spino baby. Couldnt imprint him but 6k HP and about 330 Melee. Nothing to my Aberration Line but a good start to farm in the nearby Swamp. Everyone was searching Dust Gacha, so i was able to get all other leftover Gachas for cheap or no costs. Got 14 Gachas at the Moment ^^. Traded Ingots for a Baby Thyla, as i arrived at birth it goth Twins, male ´n female. Level 186. So i have a breeding line. Farmed Stone, Wood an Thatch like Crazy and started my Breeding House Project. It is 12 x 30 Ceilings Long. The End is an Octagon. On the Ground Floor i placed the Tek Replicator. Replicator Crafting was not the big problem as i thought. I tamed a 95 Gasbag. I flew 2 times to the King Titan Terminal. 100 Meters away from it i could place Crates and store the items till i arrived 2nd time. On the Floor about the Replikator i placed the Cloning Chamber. Started with Raptor Clause hunting. I think it is like on every Server at the Moment. You find a present, Sit on it with your Owl. The „nice" players see you and fly awaya to search for another present. But then their are these players who are not so nice and try to steal the present. I was „robbed" 3 times till now. But who cares, i was able to get a few BP of ascended Swords, some ascended Ghilie BP´s. A ascended Thyla Saddle which will be used on my Thylas. Found a nice yellow Gasbag Saddle. Didnt feed Mistletoe to the Gacha, i should use them the next days before the event is over. I tamed a red 110 Megatherium. Traded a Red, White and Green Owl Green from another tribe. Will be a nice present for my kid. Traded a Dust Gacha for a too high price, but now i can make element Dust whenever i breed. Cloned him and put one in the freezer for further cloning. Whenever i go to the swamp i am looking for nice colored Dimos. I like them, and there are almost no other Shoulder Pets on this map. Tamed a few with green and red. A Shame that Extinction is the first DLC which has no exclusive Shoulder Pet. Breeded my Ankylos with another Tribe, got a Color Mutation with Blue Horns. Got 4 Baby Owls gifted. Nice for Pellet farming. I am thinking about 2 or 3 little Gacha Huts near my new breeding pen. Something where 2 Gacha and 4 Owls can live. Saw an interesting build on Youtube. Or i try something out myself. I have enough space on the „Plateau" where i live. I only want the 2 metal spots to not be gone. Next steps are farming Element for 1 Generator and 6 to 8 Troughs. I want to continue raising my 3 Giga Babys.
  8. At the moment got too much work. Can write only now what i did the last 2 weeks. Last weekend at 8x i got only an hour. So i farmed only 4k Crystal on Aberration. But on Sunday night i was done with work and had a free day. So i put 20 Spino Eggs and breed them. They grew so fast. The hour it took for the Eggs to hatch i gathered tons of fish at the Aberration River. it was really fast, 6,5x at this time. i kept 10, 8 of them had the 414 Melee, the other 2 had my Magenta Mutation. In the morning i could imprint all of them, they got 50% on 1 Imprint. At Afternoon i could do the 2nd and last imprint on 9 of 10. The last one wanted Dimetrodon Kibble. The only KibbleDino i still dont have. I have now a fully imprinted Magenta Spino with 414 Melle and 6,4k HP. He is my new Allrounder. Cause Monday was 4x i breed 15 Ankylo Eggs. I wanted more of my Venom breed. 7 of the Venoms had 451 melee at start, so i kept them. 3 are other colours but with same Melee. I was able to imprint all of them. 1 Imprint and all get 100%. Now i wait for Tuesday and Extinction. I want a Cryopod. I got so many Spino, Crabs and Ankylo in my base. It will be really helpful to store them.
  9. Abberration Didnt tame much in the last 2 weeks. 2 Otter which had event green. Tamed 5 Achatina for the Paste. From Level 20 to 90 i get everything i could. Hooked them up with the grappling hook and brought them on the Rock Drake to the Base. Tamed them easily there. But on Sunday it was finally the Day for Breeding. My kid had time to help, so i dropped 29 Ankylo eggs. Should have thought of not dropping 5 eggs at a time which breed in the same Second. We lost 2 Ankylos through starvation. Cause my kid wanted to arrange all Ankylos so we can feed them in a round. But he forget to feed them and was very slow with arranging them. I was to busy to caught them after breeding. 2 Ankylos i let starve cause no Color Mutation and not the 451 Melee like the Rest. But oh Boy, i did it. I get the Color Mutation i want. I got a Male and a Female with Red Body and shiny Green Horns. Got another Mutation with Bright Green Horns. Got the Opposite, red Horns with Green Body. One who is almost black with Greeen shiny Horns. And some other Mutations. I will make many Eggs of the 2 with the shiny horns. This week i found some people on the Island who do often the Bosses there. I missed the Tek Generator cause i died at Ragnarok Fight after beating the Dragon. It was funny, they thought i need a few more minutes and wanted to beat Alpha Ape before i arrive and do the fight with me again. But i was there. They blocked the Entrance of Red OB with a Dragon. I was there on feet as the teleportation started. Cause i was not in their tribe i couldnt use any of their Dinosaurs. So i stood at the Edge and tried to not get hit by a Stone. But they had very good Rexes and the Boss was down in 2 Minutes. I did nothing but now i have unlocked the Tek Generator. I crafted enough Element in the Last 2 Weeks to build a Clone Chamber and a Generator. Got almost crazy as the only place where the Chamber could be placed was the top ceiling of my Breeding House. It took me over 3 hours and all my nerves to place 2 Elevators. One replaced the wooden Aberration Variant to Enter Breeding House. The Next one goes from breeding floor to the Top and the Cloning Chamber. Placing the Elevator track is something I want do again in the future.
  10. I play on Official Server. I need to do the Megapithecus to unlock the Last Tek Engrams for my char. But i only breed on Aberration. I have more then 30 Spinos. They have Melee from 250 to 414 at birth. Are those enough to beat the Boss on Gamma and Beta? I know that the blue saddle with 42 Armor is not enough for Beta. But is it enough for Gamma? How should i level the Spinos? I will try to get a Yuti for Buff and use him with 19 Spinos. Tactic would be to shoot at the Boss and lure him to the start point. Which Saddle BP i should try to get, which armor is a must have for Beta Megapithecus?
  11. Aberration Once again i had no time to breed the Ankylos. But for the first time in 4 Months now i tamed Megalosaurus. Saw a 140 Megalo, used a trap from another player at the Lake at the Blue Biome. Then a Level 80 in Green. After taming the 80Green i found another Green but Level 150. Tamed her too. I used the Trap at the Lake for a male 140 Baryonix. Now i can make a few Baryonix eggs, i want to use them on the Island for Cave Runs. A Tribe from Aberration invited me to a Boss Fight on Ragnarok. We killed the Alpha Dragon easily, but as we fought the Manticore my Gasmask broke as i fought him Eye to Eye, i was dead in 2 Seconds from there. So i have now unlocked the transmitter, clone chamber and Teleporter. But not the Generator or Troughs. So i need Beta Monkey or Gamma Manticore in the next time. I crafted about 60 Element these week. Thinking about building first the Transmitter and after it the Tek Replicator. Transmitter is more use for me at the Moment on Aberration. So i must not search for Drops to transfer. And i can craft the Transmitter on a Replicator of other Tribes. Solo Element producing is not the fastet. But i can get 15 Element in 15 Minutes or so. Not the worst for me. And i have something to do in the next weeks. The Red Ore and Element Ore farming will be slow enough within the Week on 1x farming. Maybe i take one of my Rock Drakes and give him 1500 Stamina and the Rest on Weight. Unluckily I cannot let the charge batteries reload. Some players like to steal them. Lost 10 2 days and today 20.
  12. What D1nk and DJRone wrote reminds me of myself at Unofficial Server. They are nice but your progress is too fast. That was the Reason i quit and go back to Official Servers. They are not so fast. I play now more then 4 Months and didnt made a Boss Fight yet. And i can only breed at the Weekend if the Wife let me^^. Aberration Helped my kid to tame a few Ovis. He is at 11 Sheeps now in his own building. Ran around at the Weekend and saw a nice Level 95 Basilisk. Build a trap of 4 Stone Gates around him and tried to tame him. 1 Gate was to close to a Rock and he „climbed" over the Gate. Run like hell with my RockDrake to loose aggro and crafted 4 new gates. This time i tamed him without a problem. As i came back to the Area i saw a 115 Basilisk. He killed everything around. I crafted more Gates and came back to him. He was burried and not far from him a lvl 85 basilisk was burried. I placed the gates and could tame the 115 without the 85 noticing me. As i wanted to go back with him the Level 85 woke up and chased me. So high speed and we left the scene. But i came back with new gates and tamed the 85 too^^. She burried 2 times and lost a few levels but i got her with lvl 112. Now i´m almost out of Rock Drake Eggs. Only 2 left. Next week i must get a few new ones. But now i think i can tame them without a problem. Only problem is to go with the Rock Drake every 30 Seconds near the Basilisk so he can bite you. If he dont bite you for a minute he will loose interest and bury. Found a Level 80 Baryonix near my new trap at the blue Biome. Lured and tranqued her. But she was eaten as i ran around searching for more Ankylos in Green. I should make a little Base around the Trap. But that is something for the next Weeks, problem is a new player build almost next to the place. I didnt pillared too much, i wish i had. I searched and found a female 55 Ankylo with Dark green Horns and back. Tamed her nicely. On the way back with her to base i saw another green one Level 50. But she had bright green glowing horns and parts of the back are glowing too. Tranqued and tamed her. She has more white in the glowing horns as my poisonous green Horn Anky which i tamed a few weeks ago. But i will cross breed all of them. My goal is a Red green poisonous Abomination. Unfortunately i couldn´t breed at Weekend cause funfair is in Town. So the Wife decided it is family time. But next week i will breed ( I hope so).
  13. My Ankylo breeding project got a little more complicated. Yesterday I found another green Ankylo. Upper side is dark green and the belly is shining green. I want the shining belly. Tranqued the lvl 90 Ankylo male. As I want to get back to base to grab kibble a Ravager attacked the Ankylo. Killed him but the Ankylo lost many efficiency. He woke up with lvl 102. Brought him back to base and let him made a fertilised egg with my 414 melee female. At weekend I will breed the new eggs and hope for nice colors
  14. Again too much work at the Week. I Only gathered the Materials for the 30 Blue Spino Saddles. Midweek i saw a green Level 35 Equus. Tamed it and brought it to the Equus Gang. Searched the Days fo a green Doedi. But highest was Level 70, tamed her for Decoration. Sunday i farmed with my kid Red Ore. On The Way Back we searched the Blue Biome for a Event Colored Ankylo. And i found the best Color i could wish. A poisonous shiney green Colored Ankylo Lvl 70. We trapped her between our Rock Drakes and i tranqed her. My kid was guarding and i ran back to Base and grabbed Kibble, a yellow Saddle and my Crab for faster Transporting. Grabbed her after taming and brought her to the base. Grabbed my red Ankylo Male with 454 Melee and let the 2 make a fertilized Egg. I want a Ankylo with the Red Glowing Body from the Father and the Green Horns of the Mother. I want an Abomination of Poison. That is my next breeding Projekt.
  15. The Island Tamed another Bunch of Dilos, now i have 12 Female and 6 Male. Every 2 Days i let them breed. Got a nice Bunch of Kibble after a Week and transferred it to Aberration. I Found a Level 140 Event Red Doedi and Tamed him. Tamed a normal grey colored 110 and a Grey Red 145 Doedi. Aberration Sunday was the Day where i finally breed all of my Spino Eggs. 33 i had at this time. 3 of the eggs came out too low, 1 x Lvl 66 and 2 x Lvl 105. Every Other was at least 149 or higher. Except the Magenta Spinos. Cause here i breed first the Color, after it the Levels. I was succesful, 1 Magenta got the Pink Belly from my pink Belly Spino. Another One got the Pink Top Fin. Now i must breed these 2 together to get a full Magenta Spino. The 2 Eggs i traded in came with the Color from the Father. Red Body and Christmas green Fin. And all have 414 Melee at Birth. 1 Egg got Twins, 3 powerful Spinos for my breeding Line. Now i can breed a more dangerous line of Pink Power Spinos. After the First Day i grabbed all Spinos with a Karkino and placed them along my Base Wall. 30 Spinos is to much for my Breeding House. Placed a bunch of Troughs and filled them. Today i could imprint the last time before they are full grown. The Reds are at 63 and 75% Imprint. Better then i expected.
  16. Did nothing special this week, got to much work to do. But Friday a lvl 80 Direwolf spawned inside my SE Base. Tranqued him and feeded him Prime Meat whenever i found it. Stood up with Level 109. I will transfer him to The Island. He will be my first Cave Runner. I need to tame a male Carno on Aberration, 3 females now but only 2 eggs in Weeks. I should tame then on the Island too i believe. Prepared all for Crop Plots and Kibble. Fabricated an Industrial Cooker and metal Water Pipes for The Island. At the weekend i was farming fish on Aberration as i saw a 145 Karkinos. Ilas it was Saturday, it was taming day. Grabbed the Boat, shoot the tranq dart to lure the crab into the boat and knocked her out. Bit by bit my Base is getting to small for all the Tames. Tamed another 2 female Dilos on The Island which gone for a walk near my base. Level 10 and 90. First Smoke House is full with fertilized Dilo Eggs. Realy need to make Crop Plots and Smoke Meat. Placed the Crop plots and the Water. Noticed if the Water is 2 Walls higher as the plots, they dont get water. I dont understand that, but placed all Water Pipes 1 wall lower and all is fine now. Uploaded on SE the Sabertooth and 2 DireWolf. Now my Coworker can Explore the Island ( until he run into his first Alpha, they are everywhere on South 2). No time this Week to breed all the Spino Eggs this week again. Was hoping i have time and can crossbreed the Magenta Spinos with the Spino with the Pink Belly. And i have 2 bought Eggs from another tribe with much more Melee.
  17. The Island Like on Aberration i had luck again and the Neighbour doesnt play anymore. So i made 20 Pillars and Ladders and claimed more land. I was Able to make a Foundation about 40 x 40. I could go bigger but lucky me i found 6 metal spots behind the base up on the Hill. I wont risk that they not respawn so i build not as big as i want. Now we could make the House a little bit longer. Made a 10 x 3 Floor on 1 side. There will be the Dilo Spot. I tamed more Dilos, now at 5 female and 2 male. Dodos are now 3 female and 2 male. I didnt want to take ages to build, so i brought a Doedi, a Roll Rat, an Ankylo, a crab and a Spino from Aberration up to the Island. Farming goes now much better. I made 3 Stone Gates and 1 Behemoth Gate. With this placed i made a Wall 3 Walls high. And this is the First time i implemented the House at the Beach in the Fence. On both Ends of the House i placed the first Stone Fence Foundation. I think i will make 2 Floors of 2 Walls Height. And then a third Floor which is 4 Walls high. This is where the Crafting will happen. Not sure if i can use Glass Walls at this height. We will see. Aberration Started with the taming of a Level 35 Event Red Equus. Found a Event Red Crab, but she was killed from Sarco as i drove withthe boat to her. Found another the next day, Level 35 like the Horse. This time i tamed the Crab. Tamed another level 140 Crab this Week. I am still at 120 Carbo Kibble leftover. Found a Level 96 all red Tek Stego female, but she died as she got stuck in my spikes as i tried to tranq her. Found a 132 Tek Raptor female near my base, tranqued her from the Rock Drake. Next to her a male Level 6 Tek Raptor runs along. 1 Shoot from the Xbow and he was knocked out. Searched for a Sheep, gave it my chainsaw and tamed both Tek Raptors. At the Weekend i breeded many Eggs, i mated the new Ankylo i bought with my females. I didn't realize I bought an Aberration variant. Got 6 Ankylos from 4 Eggs. Lucky me, the Tripplets all had the Melee of 451. But i had no luck with imprint. 2 of the Triplets wanted Dimetrodon Kibble at first imprint. I have no Dimetrodons there. I breeded 4 Eggs of the Tek Stego too. I was hoping for 1 high Level, Father was 233 after taming. But the Levels are from 72 to 147. I tried with my kid a new Berry gathering. Kid took the Tek Stego and i took the Red White Basilisk. We could fill all 300 Slots and the Basilsik was not Overload. So we could fast gather the Berrys, the Stegos ate them like crazy. Dont know if it was a bug or not. At Baby stage we filled the inventory up as they had 9.1 %. As we came back after gathering they were 10.5%. No one of the 4 had Berrys left in their Inventory. Luckily we already had filled 4 Troughs. As i thought 10 Dinos are not enough to raise i searched All Rock Drake Eggs i had. Had 5 From Level 150 to 180 and throw them near the Cooler. Got down to red Area and found a 180 Egg. Brought it back and let it hatch too. Got a Mix of Colors. Another One with Blue Wings, like my Dutch i use all the Time. Some in the Normal Green Color. But One Egg was special. The 150 i hatched was from the last Event. He is completely Grey Purple. When i use my Featherlight to lighten he is more grey, but when i use the Light from Electricity he is much more Purple. As my kid saw him i knew he will be his new favorite ride. Called the Rock Drake Lavender ^^. The breeding Pen now is full like hell. But i have now enough good Ankylos for all the Maps i play on. Scorched Earth As my Coworker slowly wants to learn the game ( i told him to make his own Decisions and learn everything he can by himself) not on the run i said i will tame some low Dinos for him. On Scorched i have often the problem that on the Ground Floor of my House a Dinso spawns. Or they spawn inside my little base. Out of this Reason none of my Dinos is on the Ground floor. Last week a level 35 (I think the game says me something as i see 35 everywhere oO) Sabertooth spawned in the base. As i saw him i knew my coworker would like him. Cause the Sabertooth looks like he teared something to pieces. He has a Grey White body, but the Head and the Neck are Blood Red. So i tamed him. I bet he will Name him Khorne, like in Warhammer 40K, he is a Fan of this Chaos Demon. In the Next Days a Level 30 and a Level 15 Wolve Spawn inside the Base. One near the House, one in the House. I tamed both. Will be nice Pets to explore the Island. Thinking about taming a few Carnos on Aberration or the Island for Kibble. High Level Wolves are my Favorites for the Caves.
  18. The Island My Coworker had no time this week. So i feed the Dinos and build a 2nd floor on the Mini Cabin from 4 x 2. Crafted some Pillars and placed them towards the country. The first 30 Meter i could only place them on the 4 walls apart, there are to many pillars at the beach. But after the 30 Meters i could expanse in both Directions. So we will be able to make a nice base. In the House we have now 2 female Dodos and 1 male. I tamed more Dilos. Now there are 2 female and 1 male. I hope i can tame here 20 Dilos. I want a good Dilo Egg farm to tame much Aberration Ankylos. Aberration Found at the Weekend a Red White Level 85 Basilisk. I tried the taming with 4 Stone Gates again. This time i knew i had to wait 3,30 Minutes for each Rock Drake Egg to be eaten. He ate 4 Eggs and was tamed. Boring to wait but one of the easiest tames if u sit on a Rock Drake and let the eggs drop next to the Basilisk. The few bites u get from the Basilisk dont knock the Drake out. Then i tamed 2 x Level 85 Crabs (will use them on other Servers as Transporters). And tamed a Level 130 Crab. The 14 female Carbonemys drop enough Eggs at the week so i can tame every Weekend more Crabs. Must be 19 Crabs at the Moment. I think i have a taming problem again. Tamed 2 Lystro cause they are red. From my favorite Tribe i traded a normal Ankylo, still no one has Aberration Variants. But the Ankylo has about 400 Melee, much higher then my 250 Melee Aberration Variants. Until i get good Aberration Variants i will breed him so i can use them on every Server. Cause i think i will play in Future a little bit more on the Island. Dilo Farm and maybe Fighting some Bosses. I want for my Aberration Char the Tek Troughs.
  19. Ragnarok Tamed another Dilo, now I have 5 females and 1 male. I really need more eggs from them. Cause no one on my Aberration Server trades Ankylos. And my best has only 250 damage at birth. Most of the other player use normal Ankylos and not the Aberration variants. So I need kibble to tame them myself. Finally no level cap and I can mate them. 5 eggs every 2 days. Better then nothing. I should tame a Oviraptor for more eggs. Sadly I am most the time on Aberration. When I play with my coworker on The Island again I will tame Dilos too. U can have not enough of them. Aberration Mated the 233 Tek Stego with the level 12 and level 6 female I have. I hope I can breed them at the weekend. The Stego has 5900 HP, not the worst I hope.
  20. Weekend was nice, found a Level 140 and a Level 145 Karkinos. Tamed both with Kibble. Lucky me has 14 female Turtles and more Eggs in a week as i can tame with them. Finally found a high Level Tek Stego. Now that i have 7 female Sarco it is enough in a week to tame a high level at the weekend. The male Tek Stego was 156. Tamed him with Level 233. At the same time i saw a level 12 female. Tamed her too. I will make a few fert eggs with the both Stegos until i find a higher female. Tried to tame a Level 132 Tek Raptor, but he glitched through my boat as he was going to be knocked out. Never seen him again. Found a Level 30 Event Color Doedi in full red. Tamed him. My Coworker finally bought Ark and wanted to play with me. So i searched a not so full official The Island Server. Played for a few hours with him. We tamed a Level 50 Trike, a few Dodos, a Phiomia and a Parasaur. It was funny. I leveld to 20 and could build metal Axe.
  21. Did nothing special this week cause too much work. But tamed 4 Aberrant Otter in Event color.
  22. Aberration^^. Prepared all for the double breeding weekend. Filled the freezer with cooked and raw meat, that was much running with Spino. Every Tribe was running up and down the Rivers for Meat and Baby Reaper levelling. Never seen so much people at the same time on the same place. Placed 25 Troughs in total in the Breeding House. Breeded 8 Spino Eggs, 6 of them were from the Magenta Spino i have. 3 of them came out in complete Magenta . The Rest were green, so i let them starve except 1. Need him for my Scorched Earth Base. The Other 2 Eggs i breed i traded from another tribe, they should be Blue. But both are not Blue, but a Pink Fin and a Pink Belly. They had 320 Melee, so i keep them. Breeeded the 6 Sarco Eggs i made earlier the Week. 1 had twins. So i hatched 6 females and 1 male. I keep them all, i need the Eggs for Tek Stego Taming. Only have 23 Sarco Eggs at the Moment, not enough for a high Level Stego. Breeded 3 Featherlights and 1 Glowtail too. No Mutations. So they will stay at the base. I found more blue Otter next to the Base. I am at 8 blue Otter now. Highest is 57.
  23. Aberration Building a 3 x 3 x 2 Hut for the Reaper Baby. Waited till 2x XP at Weekend and running up and down the River killing everything. The 75 Level were easy on this way. Found and tamed a Level 15 Roll Rat. It was Grey on the Upside and Purple on the Downside. Next to my base at the water the Otters are still chilling. If i dont see a color i like i kill everything and come back later. So i found 3 blue Otter about the Weekend. From Level 10 to 35. Tamed another female Sarco. I am at 3 female and 1 male now. But they are so lazy at laying eggs. 22 Sarco Eggs now, not enough for Kibble for a 180 Tek Stego. Tried to tame the blue Basilisk. As i was near him something aggroed him. He rised next to the trap and not in the trap. So i went back to base and build 4 stone gates to trap him again. As i came back he was gone. Never seen him again. And it was a nice blue -.- Finally i gave birth to the reaper. After adopting him i let him kill me with my inventory full of meat. After 4 hours i came back looking for him. This little brat was sitting next to the house. He aggroed on me, so i demolished one side and lured him back to the house. Rebuild 1 wall. Ran back to the Vault and crafted more Walls, Ceiling and foundation. Build complete around the house a second wall. After this i dont go back to him till juvenile phase. In this phase i let him follow me to my breeding house on top of my house. Dumb me forget to deactivate wandering. As i go up to let the wooden elevator down he was running around. He walked straight to a bulk of 10 Dinos (they killed a Raptor). Took me a few Minutes until i could reach him and deactivate wandering. Now he is in the House and can eat all the meat there. Only problem is i can only once a day try to imprint him. Build a little 4 x 2 breeding pen with 2 Stone Gates. So i can breed more than 1 medium Dino at the time. Tried it with the 4 Sarcos and with 4 Ankylo. It is working. Used the new Space from Base expanding last week and placed a Few Dinos on other Spots. Im thinking of making Lights all along the Fence which is near the Water.
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