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  1. Jay1077

    Stryder Aggro?

    Hello, does anybody know if the Stryder draws aggro from Carnivores? Or is he like f.e. a Megatherium and most Dinos ignore the Stryder? I want to know if it is safe to walk around and farm metall around Rexes, Allosaurus etc.
  2. At the Moment you can tame Higher Levels. For example: i only did 6 missions and that means i can only tame Level 15. But Yesterday i tamed a lvl20 and could try a lvl50. But Server was to laggy for the lvl50.
  3. Since when? I cannot Transfer Maewing to Aberration. Neither goes Stryder.
  4. The 3 months count only to transport to Genesis 2. You can always transfer out. My Extinction base has now some new Maewings. But still nothing for Aberration.
  5. Same goes for Maewings. And you could bring all Genesis 1 creatures to Aberration. That ist what i dont understand. I breed much in Aberration and the Maewing would bei nice there. Egg Incubator is in Aberration laggy.
  6. It is a long time since i posted here. In February i moved to a new apartment and got a new job. So i had no more time to play Ark. I lost my progress of almost a year on the Island, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction. But so it is. In the last months i had too much responsibility and too much work for playing. But since August the hardest part is over. I like to play on Official PS4 Servers, other Options are too easy in my opinion. But i started for a few days with Singleplayer on Valguero. I like this map, i am a great fan of taming boats
  7. I hit enough lampposts and feeded the Dust Gachas to Craft a new Tek Generator and 8 Tek Troughs. Started to raise the Gigas one after another. Started to farm blue OSD an 10k Vein with my Spino. Someone left the game and i get 10 Velos, a Megatherium and a Level 120 Giga. Drastically increased Meat Gathering with the Giga. Now i could raise all Gigas the same time. But 2 of my Gigas are done now. Better melee, so more Meat. 15th arrived and i transferred a few of my Aberration Dinos. Some of the 451 Melee Ankys, a few 414 Melee Spinos, a few Crabs and my Rock Drake Du
  8. I dont wrote since Extinction arrived, so a little bit more Text. Finally Extinction arrived on Console. Found a little spot at a Waterfall in the City. My mistake was to place only a few pillars around my base. The next day i was blocked in mostly all ways. So i have only a little spot about 15 x 30 Foundations. But for the Begin it is not a Problem. I had a free day and spotted a 55 Argy. Tranqued him and it took almost 3 Hours to tame him with Level 65. But mobility is important on this Map. Tamed a 35 Iguanodon, ran around and was eaten by a Rex. Bye bye Igu. Tamed a level 10 Tri
  9. At the moment got too much work. Can write only now what i did the last 2 weeks. Last weekend at 8x i got only an hour. So i farmed only 4k Crystal on Aberration. But on Sunday night i was done with work and had a free day. So i put 20 Spino Eggs and breed them. They grew so fast. The hour it took for the Eggs to hatch i gathered tons of fish at the Aberration River. it was really fast, 6,5x at this time. i kept 10, 8 of them had the 414 Melee, the other 2 had my Magenta Mutation. In the morning i could imprint all of them, they got 50% on 1 Imprint. At Afternoon i could do the 2n
  10. Abberration Didnt tame much in the last 2 weeks. 2 Otter which had event green. Tamed 5 Achatina for the Paste. From Level 20 to 90 i get everything i could. Hooked them up with the grappling hook and brought them on the Rock Drake to the Base. Tamed them easily there. But on Sunday it was finally the Day for Breeding. My kid had time to help, so i dropped 29 Ankylo eggs. Should have thought of not dropping 5 eggs at a time which breed in the same Second. We lost 2 Ankylos through starvation. Cause my kid wanted to arrange all Ankylos so we can feed them in a round. But he forget to
  11. Aberration Once again i had no time to breed the Ankylos. But for the first time in 4 Months now i tamed Megalosaurus. Saw a 140 Megalo, used a trap from another player at the Lake at the Blue Biome. Then a Level 80 in Green. After taming the 80Green i found another Green but Level 150. Tamed her too. I used the Trap at the Lake for a male 140 Baryonix. Now i can make a few Baryonix eggs, i want to use them on the Island for Cave Runs. A Tribe from Aberration invited me to a Boss Fight on Ragnarok. We killed the Alpha Dragon easily, but as we fought the Manticore my Gasmask broke as
  12. What D1nk and DJRone wrote reminds me of myself at Unofficial Server. They are nice but your progress is too fast. That was the Reason i quit and go back to Official Servers. They are not so fast. I play now more then 4 Months and didnt made a Boss Fight yet. And i can only breed at the Weekend if the Wife let me^^. Aberration Helped my kid to tame a few Ovis. He is at 11 Sheeps now in his own building. Ran around at the Weekend and saw a nice Level 95 Basilisk. Build a trap of 4 Stone Gates around him and tried to tame him. 1 Gate was to close to a Rock and he „climbed" over the Gat
  13. My Ankylo breeding project got a little more complicated. Yesterday I found another green Ankylo. Upper side is dark green and the belly is shining green. I want the shining belly. Tranqued the lvl 90 Ankylo male. As I want to get back to base to grab kibble a Ravager attacked the Ankylo. Killed him but the Ankylo lost many efficiency. He woke up with lvl 102. Brought him back to base and let him made a fertilised egg with my 414 melee female. At weekend I will breed the new eggs and hope for nice colors
  14. Again too much work at the Week. I Only gathered the Materials for the 30 Blue Spino Saddles. Midweek i saw a green Level 35 Equus. Tamed it and brought it to the Equus Gang. Searched the Days fo a green Doedi. But highest was Level 70, tamed her for Decoration. Sunday i farmed with my kid Red Ore. On The Way Back we searched the Blue Biome for a Event Colored Ankylo. And i found the best Color i could wish. A poisonous shiney green Colored Ankylo Lvl 70. We trapped her between our Rock Drakes and i tranqed her. My kid was guarding and i ran back to Base and grabbed Kibble, a ye
  15. The Island Tamed another Bunch of Dilos, now i have 12 Female and 6 Male. Every 2 Days i let them breed. Got a nice Bunch of Kibble after a Week and transferred it to Aberration. I Found a Level 140 Event Red Doedi and Tamed him. Tamed a normal grey colored 110 and a Grey Red 145 Doedi. Aberration Sunday was the Day where i finally breed all of my Spino Eggs. 33 i had at this time. 3 of the eggs came out too low, 1 x Lvl 66 and 2 x Lvl 105. Every Other was at least 149 or higher. Except the Magenta Spinos. Cause here i breed first the Color, after it the Levels. I was suc
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