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  1. what is the size for Primitive Plus just got into unofficial stuff, how big is primitive plus? i keep running out of space in my drive...
  2. i think move into mainly tek stuff so you have basic tek function would make your life a lot easier. Try to unlock everything i guess
  3. breeding gigas, farming gacha, falling asleep and wake up realize i forgot to fill the bag for my gigas and half of them died. Be sad and ready to uninstall the game
  4. The lag on serves. Good lord the lag is unbearable today. 350 the center is almost unplayable and a lot of other server is lagging like crazy for some reason... Any words on the reason for the lag?
  5. how big are you people's ark folders Finally got around to start playing modded unofficial. I started downloading the mods and other stuff which i was wonder why it took so long. So i went and check the folder and good lord my 300gb empty folder just for ark has been filled completely. I guess i am getting a new hard drive then... But how big of a hard drive do i need for all the mods, 500gb? 1tb?
  6. i mean the worst thing is there is chinese player abusing this poop, two of my base in extinction got raided already while me doing drops pepehand
  7. Fear evolve is good and all but... when are you guys planning to fix the server. ok i am just poop posting for trade forum, dev keep it up please just fix your game and player would be happy. Get a kick started to fix the server or something man
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