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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
imaxzo imaxzo 09/01/2019 Anky was aberrant, but gave me a Yute to make up for the confusion Albarian Albarian
kathid4444 kathid4444 08/31/2019 Pleasant, easy and fast transaction, would definitely recommend! irishstorm irishstorm
irishstorm irishstorm 08/31/2019 Nice person, would def trade again! :) kathid4444 kathid4444
BornSlippy BornSlippy 08/31/2019 Nice player, easy to trade with :) kathid4444 kathid4444
Gruesome Gruesome 08/30/2019 Nice person, easy trade :) highly recommended! kathid4444 kathid4444
Celestest Celestest 08/30/2019 Trustworthy trader thanks! BornSlippy BornSlippy
BornSlippy BornSlippy 08/30/2019 Quick trade very polite and nice player. Big vouch for trading with him :) Celestest Celestest
kathid4444 kathid4444 08/29/2019 Fast, easy and convinient trade. Nice communication. Look forward for more deals. Villain Villain
Celestest Celestest 08/28/2019 Quick responds, very nice trader. Miszu Miszu
Miszu Miszu 08/28/2019 Quick trade, recommended ^^ Celestest Celestest
Sleiva Sleiva 08/27/2019 nice trader, quick and easy :) kathid4444 kathid4444
Albarian Albarian 08/25/2019 very nice trader, helped me move metal to my base. Very smooth imaxzo imaxzo
Amanda632 Amanda632 08/23/2019 Great trader! Thanks! BornSlippy BornSlippy
Synistermissy Synistermissy 08/21/2019 Had a really nice trade with her and was very patient and kind. Would love to deal with her again in the future. Great Trader. chyarr chyarr
chyarr chyarr 08/21/2019 Great Communication! with a Great trade for the Unicorns they sell, had them ready for me by Trans and offered Trans to export ect :D really friendly and was very fair in Trade for Event Dinos, will defo purchase from again Synistermissy Synistermissy
Teo96 Teo96 08/20/2019 Excellent, friendly trader. Andy69007 Andy69007
Andy69007 Andy69007 08/19/2019 Nice trader, fast and responsive Teo96 Teo96
deedoubleu deedoubleu 08/17/2019 thanks for helpfull trade.i hope doing more deal later. phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 08/17/2019 Trade went even better than I could expect. Good seller and a nice guy. deedoubleu deedoubleu
Lycan187u Lycan187u 08/16/2019 fast and cool :) KamiRagna34 KamiRagna34
Rogero Rogero 08/16/2019 Fast and easy trade, thank you. Andy69007 Andy69007
Andy69007 Andy69007 08/16/2019 Bought nice Velo egg Rogero Rogero
Andy69007 Andy69007 08/15/2019 Super Fast and easy trade, 2nd time we trade and its always friendly and smooth StephStephina StephStephina
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 08/15/2019 all cool antru antru
Andy69007 Andy69007 08/12/2019 Nice epickarn epickarn
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