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  1. @Probitas mostly agree, but where does info about less programmers coming from? Last I've heard they were hiring more.
  2. Dinos are supposed to get teleported with players, right? if bronto and other large creatures are not excluded from this rule then you would need to have your base large enough and have unlocked behe gates. I didn't see your base setup, but would guess it is easier to move than to reconfigure it to allow magma, bronto, turtlezilla teleports inside your base.
  3. If normal rexes are allowed it is safe to assume X-variation should be too and someone simply forgot to include them in specie whitelist.
  4. I suspect those ids do not allow to actually identify a player and will be different if all 123s on server reconnect. Something like id of whatever entry in player list would be my guess.
  5. I bet they were, but since those don't crash the game, it was safe to ship DLC with known bugs to patch it later. It is irritating as hell to me that genesis is 50% about missions and they still can't make ocean races beatable on officials. Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving the mission buff in specific biomes (Bog/Ocean/Arctic) that's nice and all, but buff is still broken.
  6. Try a pair of gachas(mate boost). Load them with stone and pellets. Should always give you max amount of material per crystal as long as those conditions are met.
  7. They should use smallest poop, but every 0.6 seconds.
  8. Goats would eat almost anything. I saw a got munching empty cigarette packs and plastic cups. Sharks often have a lot of random crap they can't even digest in their stomach etc etc. So it's not something unimaginable for dinosaur with brain smaller than a peanut to eat a dead robot. Tek dinos poop because they have a bioreactor inside. C'mon, guys, you can find an explanation for anything you want in ark if you feel like you need one. Why poop of all things? You are not concerned with parts of their legs often being a bunch of separate pieces with no connection to each other yet still operate as a single mechanism.
  9. Afaik battlemetrics only works with names(that's why everyone is 123), how would it pass steamID to bot if it don't have that information?
  10. Alas, crafting skill only affects loot quality, not quantity.
  11. Even more reasons not to, for me. You see, for me it was the opposite - pvp was my gateway gamemode to pve and I don't feel like coming back. Ark is not all about pvp, nor is it all about pve. Those are separate worlds and I see no reason to try and tie them together.
  12. Sorry, mate, I'm not reading this novel. Skimming through: 1 pve is almost fine as it is and most of all needs to be separated from pvp 2 can't comment on pvp, out of the loop for too long. Though whatever you do with its ruleset and balance, will get shred to pieces by next DLC 3 TLC was promised 4 would be nice I guess, but I won't get upset without those Imho. What ark really needs is to move on latest version of UE4 and huge chunks of engine rewritten from scratch to get rid of years old hacks and crutches piled on top of each other. Would do more good than any little tweaks or new items.
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