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  1. Just checked - it's all there: emotes, pants, bras. Also short mating cooldown, faster egg incubation, 4x on stone pick up. Imho fastest way to get in touch with devs is to report this through server outage form.
  2. Since war mechanic was removed from pve, there is no reason to keep it tied to pvp anymore. Before that you could say that it still has to be somewhat close to pvp balance because technically pvp is available in pve. But that is not the case anymore.
  3. Try filtering by "my survivors", if that list will be empty too, then I'm not sure what else you can do.
  4. Cough cough. Can we get any feedback please? If it happened to 210, then it can happen to any server I assume. We play pve to wake up knowing our base will still be there and now this... @GP @invincibleqc can you guys push this to devs please?
  5. Baby will always have sum of parents mutation counters. Dad 2/20 + Mom 3/20 = Baby 5/20
  6. Yeah, server shows as day 2 on battlemetrics. Wow. This is a whole new level for WC. Hopefully you will have a rollback to normal state of your server.
  7. Could be just hooks. Those always worked like that and was disintegrating players on ab long before antimeshing system was introduced.
  8. Damn, maybe server I'm playing at was less stressed or my dino was just lucky to get better place in waiting line.
  9. Batching in all its glory I guess. Lagging baby will catch up eventually. Say in 1h it will instantly hop to same percentage as one that grows normally. Annoying part is that while I can leave normal-growing dino for a while, other one will need to be handfed for hour more by 5 pieces of meat staying at 0.0%.
  10. Sometimes they start walking if I dismount right after landing, possibly before full stop. Also noticed that rendering a wyvern will often trigger it. I set off quite a few of them like this, unintentionally, while flying past someone's base (they were offline at that time) and I guess that's why my wyvern is outside base 1/3 times I log on. It might be few similar issue, not just one. Like when flyers used to panic and fly away if they try to attack something in water(this one was fixed I think).
  11. If you relog you still start in air? Will structure on platform block rain, I mean maybe quetz with something on its platform can shield you from rain.
  12. is there any ground out of water in there? Place where I can stand and consume food, drinks etc.
  13. Everything looks kinda crappy on my settings, but Ci doesn't infuriate me as genesis1 did. Having fun so far actually. For each their own I guess, but for me gameplay was always more important than eye-candy and Ci plays just fine eventhough it does need a lot of work still.
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