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  1. GP is correct, I'm talking about cough cough some posters writing this and then this Which is a bit hypocritical. At least for me, giving someone a finger is more rude than facepalming their post. But more importantly it's just wrong. Explanation is simple: mods read a ton of posts every day and can't remember it all. But I can help with this. Huh, it's like both sides are facepalming each other. Who would have thought...
  2. Insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill. A lot of other things can fit loose use of this term. For example: believing everything video-game characters say or complaining about "inappropriate" smiley usage while doing it yourself.
  3. That's not insanity, that's addiction. Ark specifically designed to stimulate its development in players. I'm not singling out WC on this one, a lot of companies are doing it. Exploiting flaws of human behavior is how you keep players punching trees for 6 years. If someone complains, but keeps playing, it should not invalidate their opinion. it was discussed a lot. Thing is, the more you play, the more issues you will encounter. So players who play a lot are also suffering from way more bugs and glitches than those who leave before reaching wood tier. How they react to that is a different
  4. Tbh I don't understand that part at all. While it really is very different from everything else they did, but I'm missing the grandeur part of it. Animation itself is not disney/pixar/dreamworks quality, yet it's not a machinima with reusing of existing game assets. It can't be consumed again and again as we do with a game which is an interactive media. What I'm trying to say is what's it purpose? Is animation series really profitable nowadays?
  5. So ark2 is supposed to be "beyond anything we've ever done prior". Quite the opposite imho. I fail to see how it's any different from anything they always did. Looks like a part of same old vicious cycle: rush release - patch it a bit - start something new and abandon everything you did before - repeat Engine is not what holds ark back. Problem is their organisation of development process and management. Eventually ark2 will repeat every mistake ark1 did and add few more on top. Higher system requirements will prevent a lot of people from playing. Emphasis on better graph
  6. Record your boss fight please, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in watching it.
  7. Yes, it's absolutely horrible. But I guess installation size will stop growing after gen2.
  8. Enforcers are just scripts on payroll - they don't think at all. Most of their actions is wiping 2-piece structures. There is no way you can file an appeal or evaluate their work. If they feel like it they can remove your base even without a reason. So why would they ever bother to actually do what they were supposed to(remove pillars) if they can crash half of your base without even as much as a slap on the wrist?
  9. Yes, though it has a cap on how much mats you can get back so you won't be set for life by grinding one ascendant mosa saddle.
  10. Worth it. - simple leveling - power leveling - converting stone to flint - turning crappy gear you find in that decayed base into nice mats - org poly on demand
  11. Since war mechanic was removed from pve, there is no reason to keep it tied to pvp anymore. Before that you could say that it still has to be somewhat close to pvp balance because technically pvp is available in pve. But that is not the case anymore.
  12. Cough cough. Can we get any feedback please? If it happened to 210, then it can happen to any server I assume. We play pve to wake up knowing our base will still be there and now this... @GP @invincibleqc can you guys push this to devs please?
  13. Yeah, server shows as day 2 on battlemetrics. Wow. This is a whole new level for WC. Hopefully you will have a rollback to normal state of your server.
  14. is there any ground out of water in there? Place where I can stand and consume food, drinks etc.
  15. I would prefer them to see it your way =)
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