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  1. Yes, though it has a cap on how much mats you can get back so you won't be set for life by grinding one ascendant mosa saddle.
  2. Worth it. - simple leveling - power leveling - converting stone to flint - turning crappy gear you find in that decayed base into nice mats - org poly on demand
  3. Since war mechanic was removed from pve, there is no reason to keep it tied to pvp anymore. Before that you could say that it still has to be somewhat close to pvp balance because technically pvp is available in pve. But that is not the case anymore.
  4. Cough cough. Can we get any feedback please? If it happened to 210, then it can happen to any server I assume. We play pve to wake up knowing our base will still be there and now this... @GP @invincibleqc can you guys push this to devs please?
  5. Yeah, server shows as day 2 on battlemetrics. Wow. This is a whole new level for WC. Hopefully you will have a rollback to normal state of your server.
  6. is there any ground out of water in there? Place where I can stand and consume food, drinks etc.
  7. Ty, was checking favorited servers and battlemetrics. Guess server's IP has changed.
  8. eu pve island198 is down for 2 days eventhough I reported it yesterday 8(
  9. Same here. Server is down this early is a baaad sign. Usually I hatch eggs, get baby to 10% and FO for the rest of the day since I can't do anything meaningful anyways - server can drop me at any time and crash is matter of time.
  10. I doubt it will work after you made new tribe. Hopefully GM will restore your ownership in time. Just remember if it happens again - don't create new tribe , don't join any other tribe, don't do anything - just transfer out of that server and back.
  11. Never do this. Instead, transfer to any other server and back, that usually restores your tribe membership. Also set pins for everything, so even in worse case scenario you would be able to get your bp's, materisals and dinos from fridge.
  12. I don't think it is related to land whistle anymore(though whistle might trigger that glitch too, not sure). Sometimes when I login my wyvern is out of base. Either when I'm getting in or out of server it starts walking for 20-50 foundations and stops there. Doesn't fly, on passive, not pushed by gasbag or whatever other exploit is there for moving enemy tames on pve, since there are few structures on its path and if someone was around it would be rendered, preventing wyvern from phasing through. Seems random, at least I can't figure out why sometimes it stays where I left it and sometimes walks through gates out of base.
  13. WC has a history of staying quiet most of the time. Servers always perform poorly during events. Dev reaction time is tied to timezone difference. Also, all dev attention is usually shifted towards newest DLC. Genesis is still fresh, kinda, so it gets all the care while other maps and core game can wait.
  14. @Probitas mostly agree, but where does info about less programmers coming from? Last I've heard they were hiring more.
  15. I don't know if this is the same case as yours, but I had flyers constantly walking away from me if I used force landing whistle on them sometime before. Cure for me was to whistle follow (T) and stop(Y) after that, while not mounted of course.
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