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  1. Oh, no, I'm too lazy for that. I rarely take bronto out(only when raising 10+ theris and need to fill few troughs with mejo), just hopping on it when I'm back to base and doing few swings without even moving. Getting fiber in base courtyard with theri. I believe it would take more effort in snow biome.
  2. Fiber and berries are definitely low in snow. Wood is probably similar to other areas. Stone could use a little more nodes imho. Enough metal. As for meat, atm I'm using tuso in north part for meat gathering. Easier than on land, though still annoying. It irritated me so much that I made a thread about mosas and plesios dropping no meat, but it seems no one cares so why should devs. Oh, all of the above is my Island experience.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can find yuty all over rag's desert or does it classify as scorched?
  4. Will it affect "death by climbing pick" in any way? Or on top of dying and losing all gear I will also be flagged as potential cheater now?
  5. And as if everything above was not enough - loot from those crates is not worth the trouble. I would advice you to just stick to caves.
  6. Plesio and mosa drop. So can anyone tell me why plesio and mosa drop no regular meat at all? Ton of hide and few pieces of prime, but that's it. I can put up with stupidest crap as long as it serves some purpose. For example, unrealistic weight of items is okay if it is well balanced. But what was the reasoning behind no meat from those 2? They drop prime and that's enough? Nope. Bronto, diplo, stego... heck, even hyaenodon drops prime AND regular meat. Is there a reason? Or maybe someone who configured their drop did it late friday and then was ashamed to admit they messed up? Didn't care enough to fix it? Never even noticed? Maybe underwater areas was an afterthought and as a result didn't get much dev attention, so now you don't want players to farm meat and spend too much time there in general because one of them might be a streamer and viewers will see how dull is underwater world? You can't add this task to person responsible because adding another item to creature's loottable takes insane amount of time, thus it will mess up their working schedule? Not to mention 3 months of QA department work. Better test it thoroughly, right? You asking what people want in ark and what they don't like in game. Well, here you have it. Some annoying inconvenience that is there because... can't even say "because reasons" since it doesn't seem there is any reason. Really does seem it's like that just because. For years. And no one cares enough to make 3 clicks to solve it.
  7. > Velos are primarily intended to help in base defenses but they were far stronger in the meta than intended. Well, now velos are kinda annoying same as manas I guess. Velos are okay if they not shooting anything, which also means you don't need them in the first place. When they do shoot anything, they starving. One would think that fixing higher_than_intended damage output would be enough, but I guess you saw it differently. Now player needs to stand there filling trough for velos to not die. Though it might be preferable outcome since they can't kill anything without taking few breaks in process. One wild doed can kill all your velos without hitting them once. Mana was cheapest and cheesiest concept from the beginning and still is. Instead of making them unsaddlable and unbreedable you decided to make them annoying to use. Instead of balancing them to make manas cool but niche creatures that would be strong for one task, but meh for another, you trying to make them so inconvenient that no one would use it without really making it weaker. Lets make lightspeed breedable aquatic flyer with ranged stun attack and saddle and then pretend chipping away from number of jumps makes it not godlike anymore. Honestly, I'm really surprised you find it surprising it is still one of most used species. You still see these species used much more than they deserve because of inertia. Players spent a lot of time and ingots/element to acquire those fancy creatures which became more of a nuisance than anything useful. Personally, I'm burning wood all day long to switch to turrets. Hope you are not planning tiredness mechanic(overheating) for those too. And no, I'm not mad, just disappointed.
  8. You can breed rexes and kill 100+ of levels ~500 every 2 days. It won't give you much I assume, but it is easy and reliable. + brothel soup + toilet
  9. Eventhough spawn map shows any place with fish as potential spino spawn, it is incorrect. In reality there are much tighter spots where spinos spawn and as mentioned above you can't just look for them, you need to work for it. Though you can get 1 spino at each spot after server restart, it's not guaranteed, but probability is very high. Note that there are very few(~10) spots that can actually produce a spino and none of them is protected area so blocking it is not against CoC. You can completely block spinos from spawning on Island map and support will just nod and give you thumbs up. If every fish spawn was also a potential spino spawn, getting sails would not be such a chore, but devs seem to be happy with current state. All you can get from them is same suggestion as you got here "kill all fish".
  10. They did already, go check the patch notes. A lot of those were caused by players arguing, complaining, discussing etc.
  11. Using wings or shute is inconvenient if you running naked or jumping across beds a lot. Trying to break the fall by jumping on something mid-height first is unreliable. Can't count how many times giga decided to eat while I was trying to land on its arm. There is already a safe dismount mechanic in game - you can see it in action by dismounting from argent in 2-wall-high space or giga while saddle is inside structures. In these cases player will be placed on the ground close to mount's feet. Why isn't it the default method? I have no other guess except for aesthetics. Jumping off of mount back just looks nicer. For some reason devs don't care about half giga'a body going through structures, but dismounting is very important to them. I think best solution would be a switch in settings between "boring" and "I'm feeling lucky" dismount methods.
  12. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ PvE Specific Griefing > Game Blocking - you are not allowed to block other tribes from playing the game on PvE servers. This can include but is not limited to: Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc)
  13. They said underwater fog is fixed too.
  14. But it won't harvest more than half its weight anyway.
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