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  1. One more thing What you suggesting is to willingly break the game and trade inventory functionality for being able to see cyrillic. "drop all" and "transfer all" doesn't work on filtered items in russian version. Was reported on this forum, so known for at least 2 years now.
  2. Maybe the problem is how server is sending strings, I don't know, but my client is capable of rendering cyrillic characters without switching game to russian. That's what I'm trying to explain. Okay, would be easier to show I guess. Here how it is for me And if you can't take my word for it and think it is photoshoped, you can add me on steam and I will broadcast it for you. My message was not a question so it doesn't answer anything. Doesn't disprove anything I said either. Joebl0w13 repeated what I said and suggested me to use search. Was it just bloating the message because forum thinks "yup" is too short or am I missing something here?
  3. Pardon, what exactly are you suggesting me to search for?
  4. I would argue it is not necessarily the case. I have both languages(en, ru) available in my OS. English version of game. As many others, I see cyrillic text as squares in chat and name plates, but my fonts are fine. I can switch my keyboard to russian layout and type something in chat. While it is still in input field I can see it normally as proper cyrillic characters, but after I send it and message is displayed in global(tribe/alliance/local works the same) chat it is displayed as squares. So my game in its current state, without messing with fonts, can properly display cyrillic characters as evident by normal looking characters until message is sent. And only thing that prevents me from seeing cyrillic text in chat and name plates is chat implementation. It is same for chinese btw, and I'm sure would be for other languages with non-latin characters. Devs don't want to region lock the game, guess they want people from all over the world to play together... they just don't want us to communicate for some reason.
  5. Region lock would be amazing, but is too good to be true and some of mods claimed that devs said they will never do this. As for losing the rest of player base... it's not the constant 255 ping and whole biomes blocked by single [][] base that keeps us playing this game. Trust me, I'm a survivor.
  6. Some nice suggestions here. To make it more appealing to devs, I just like to mention that it might reduce average server load in the long run, since people would not need whole separate building to grow their dinos.
  7. But there are bugs like climbing picks, for example, that will instantly kill you and destroy your inventory. You can't move to different server since all ab maps will be the same in this regard.
  8. Wait a minute. Was there ever event that made crops grow faster? What about consumables? Don't you want food crafted from 135lvl crafter recipe to feed you for a whole ark session?! I know I do!
  9. For new players: stop leaving wood in beaver dams! If you don't trash it, new cementing paste won't spawn. For everyone else: stop removing wood from newbed beaver dams! Let them find it having nothing but wood next time they come for it, otherwise they will never learn.
  10. What about ab random deaths while using hooks? I can't be sure, but seems related. I f I had to guess I would say hooks push you into mesh and then teleport to killzone.
  11. Same here. All 3 emotes on island char and panic on ab char. Gone. Had pumpkins and other event stuff disappearing 2 days in a row when event started. Doing twice as much work to have nothing in the end. Feels bad man.
  12. Pardon, but griffin was op while: not breedable, no saddle, no swimming. I'm not defending one-shotting players and don't even use griffins, but what was the point of nerfing it if they added mana after that which is even more op in everything?
  13. Always have a bunch of empty pods in your fridge and swap them with those you use on a regular basis. Don't wait for it to go low on charge.
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