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  1. Turkey paratroopers falling from the sky would like to welcome you to Aberration.
  2. I'm thankful for cryopods. Best thing that ever happened to ark. After few years of forcing quite unhealthy habits on players, devs finally had mercy on us.
  3. UPD: Linja solution worked for me too - try restarting Steam Usually on map load(tried CI and Island), once before even getting to main menu.
  4. I would suggest to not build a base at all. Wyverns take a lot of space and will make it a pain in the ass to imprint in small to medium box - you will often not be able to unpod them without moving few others around. Well, maybe just a small box with ACs if you want to do all breeding stuff there - mate, hatch. You will only come to mate, check baby stats and feed them, thus they will be in stasis most of the time anyways so don't need a lot of protection. EDIT: whoops, forgot about gates. Having those those would add all protection needed imho.
  5. "It would be op if bred" argument is blatantly hypocritical after mana release. Several nerfs later and it's still everyone's go to in every situation. On ab no flyers is allowed and drakes were supposed to replace those, yet everyone still using mana instead. There is an owl which is similar in mechanics to griffin and is breedable while griffins don't even have a saddle. No reason not to allow breeding for griffin too. Maybe other species are left for next TLC.
  6. Because you are playing pvp, would be my guess.
  7. And by "fixed" I mean it still happens, but now I can't benefit from it. Mated my breeder male that has mat +1 pat +23 counters with female that has mat -4.9bil pat +1.9bil. Baby had +1.9bil. Don't remember which side, killed it few hours ago. Am I doing it wrong or negative mutations count is getting discarded when calculating baby counters?
  8. Don't go for lowest level - if you have good longneck you will most likely kill it with single shot. While I was still using snails I tamed lvl 40-80 species.
  9. Spider is a bit of a troll boss, it's presented as easiest one on the Island, but alpha spider is so much harder than alpha monkey it's not even funny. Using sloths instead of rexes does help, but for me this method is unreliable - I'm playing solo and sloths without rider will often ignore small spiders and fight boss without buff or focus small spiders and ignore boss completely. Also I prefer to use same dinos for all bosses. Switching between sloths and rexes would be inconvenient. And to make it even harder, my yuty had a habit of teleporting into boss arena a bit lower than gro
  10. Record your boss fight please, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in watching it.
  11. There is no raw input in ark afaik, so there is not much you can do about it. Disable smoothing and use strong hardware. That won't get rid of sluggish mouse, but will make it less noticeable. It might feel bad, but doesn't really matter - hit registration is horrendous anyways.
  12. Trying to play official pvp solo will end up with you losing everything you have. There is no "if", only "when". They was fixing ratholes for a very long time. You knew that place you chose for your base is temporary and will eventually get fixed. Enjoy it while it lasts, but don't be surprised when you lose your base. WC don't hate solo players, but I would agree that solo players are second class people to them. 1 player doesn't affect online numbers, thus useless. On the second hand, game is playable solo. It wasn't intended to be, for sure, but at this point you can do pre
  13. Try launching ark without any parameters. If this microrubberbanding is gone - try adding your old params back one by one.
  14. https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/rendering/29120-what-is-the-rhi-thread-what-is-the-difference-between-rhi-thread-and-rendering-thread
  15. I think it's much more useful in pvp - since it heals you on top of replenishing food/water and being lightweight. In pve I stopped using custom recipe food/drinks. It's easier to grab and eat couple of eggs of dinos scattered around base or even raw meat. There are alternative uses for custom consumables though: - troll food for your tribemates. Use few stacks of rotten meat and make -5000 hp snack. Forcefeed it to your mates while they asleep. - dino "energy drink". Use few stacks of stims and make extra-stam food for your flyer so you won't get stuck midair again.
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