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  1. it’s a 1:5 ratio when using terminals to convert element, so 1000 element is 200 element in dust
  2. imaxzo

    50k veins solo

    Tried it today and completed it easily thanks
  3. you need to go into game files and make overridemaxgamediffulity 5
  4. happens to me a lot, you gotta make backups of your single player saves to fix it
  5. Raft base on ragnarok is a lot better than a bronto
  6. Same thing happened to me, but server was lagging a lot
  7. imaxzo

    50k veins solo

    50k veins solo Anyone know if it’s possible to solo a 50k vein with a giga roughly 435 base damage
  8. Make griffins breedable Why not, easily one of my favourite dinos
  9. Used to do this on minecraft aswell but building a big base and moving thousands of blocks and starting fresh. When you get to the point where your new base is pretty much the same as old merge the 2 together and make a mega base and keep doing it. For ark though you could do this but on different maps or servers
  10. Quetzal needs a tlc badly The Dino is slow and clunky, really needs a rework
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