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  1. Teo96

    Raising babies

    A little tip, if you hatch them 7 hrs before even at the first timprint you will have 2x imrpint even if the maturation till event was 1x (this way you can get a little more imprint )
  2. Hello! Probably many people are in my position, i am early bird even if i play for one year and a half and i helped people when i could with my limited knowledge on forum. I had a break of few months and now i will be back to game and it would be helpfull to have acces to trading forum but i am still an early bird
  3. Teo96

    Opinions on killing alpha mosas

    I used Baryonyx for my first alpha mosas ( 2 with 4k hp and 370% dmg base , at the fight they were around 7k hp and 700% dmg and asc saddles 90 armor) , than upgraded to plesio ( 20k hp and 450% dmg i killed lvl 90 the highest , 120 arnor saddle) , than to mosa ( 20k hp and 500% dmg killed every one i was meeting with regen break after i killed 2 primitive saddle) and now i have tusos ( tamed them with pearls from previous alphas ) my tusos now have 27khp and 337% dmg base and i am breeding them
  4. The safest way is to move the character to another server ( i am doing this on official as i play on 4 maps ), the only reason i did this is that i didn't wanted to take my main character on Aberation.
  5. Teo96

    Dieing in a building when you log off

    Happened to me too about two weeks ago , it was a rollback and i died ( in my water base) and lost all my imprint kibble , the way i knew it was because that is that i was raising tussos and other people on server told me that was a 4 hrs rollback ... ( official server)
  6. Teo96

    Aberration Official Servers?

    The number of servers is a joke
  7. If you have friends that play on platform you can ask them how many server they launched , we could make an idea by that
  8. Oh well , i guess we should have expected this ...
  9. Teo96

    trough set up

    I think is impossible to fill a trough with fish meat hoping that the other dinos won't eat it, dinos eat the lowest value for feeding first as fish meat is lower than raw meat it will be eaten first . The good thing is that fish meat have a longer spoiling time than raw meat so as Domi said is the best to put it on Otter and be safe :).
  10. Well it seems like someone have too much time on his hands and if that is a official server is probably caped so what other things to do?
  11. Teo96

    Cross tribe breeding

    As Danielnz said is possible, you just have to get your female in the mating range and put both dinos on wandering.
  12. Teo96

    The Early Bird

    Hi! And nice to meet you all! Finally a game with a pretty good community