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  1. True but i have on extintion a room with cryofridges around a tek generator on 1 radius ( all tek around) so i can leave the base there a looong time ( 4k element in it )
  2. What about the issue someone else mentioned where the dinos in the fridge dies when it is not rendered at all for 7 days? Has anyone been able to prove its real? This is partially correct, i submitted a bug with cryo fridges, if they don't have power during server restart the dinos inside die, had this on aberation when i was in a trip for 9-10 days and left the generator with gas but the cables decayed and when i came back had 20 rock drakes prepared for rockwell dead in cryos ( did that with a friend). WC was nice enough to return my dinos, only 10 of them with lvl 190 without impr
  3. Ah, sorry the rexes had 9.4k base hp and 385% base dmg imprinted and leveled to 30k hp and around 550% dmg and all the riders had armors 80+ while the other 10 rexes had primitive armors. And the rex i was riding had 35k hp as i put more lvls on him
  4. I would say that these crashes might be made on purpose by some people who want to duplicate their stuffs but of course that we don't have people like that on official right?
  5. I had my mek dissapear from my base with no message in log around 2 weeks ago, it was just a design lvl 51 one ( on Island). It had enabled auto repair and had dust and shards in inventory
  6. hi yeah im interested, but im busy during the week, can we do the deal at the weekened

    1. Teo96
    2. Teo96


      If possible i would rather like sending me a PM 

  7. If you have friends that play on platform you can ask them how many server they launched , we could make an idea by that
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