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  1. Can`t find u on steam with that nickname send me link to your profile or just add me, link in the upper post
  2. Looking for tribe on small tribes Im looking to join a tribe on 6 man. I prefer EU servers because better ping. I have over 1,5k+ haurs in ARK. Prefered language polish and english. Add me for more informations on Discord: Miszu#7322 or Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166771116/
  3. Extinction is not that hard at all. Just tame couple flayers on start. Then try out to tame mana and owls. After that try to tame high lvl giga and u can do red drops solo.
  4. Only depends of your pure luck what u can get
  5. There is 120 or 140 per crystal with pellet
  6. Miszu

    Desert titan taming

    I think Manas are the easiest way to do it.
  7. U can claim OSD`s and veins, its cannot be stealed. Packs form OSD are locked for them
  8. i think Rag is the best map for begginers there all of the things to farm and dinos. Caves = good bp`s and gear. So many good and hiden base locations. Fast lvl up and get engrams for defending your base
  9. I tamed a bunch of Gachas and didnt got any with element dust. They have to be rare finds.
  10. Miszu


    They need nerf but if they got one pve players will be sad about that (nerf only good for pvp)
  11. Miszu

    Mana saddle bp

    The easiest way is to drop it from red OSD but if u dont have any good dinos or saddles u can try getting it from caves, but % are so low for good one.
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