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  1. I got mastercraft theri saddle 70.5 bp from red boxes. So if you are lucky you can get it from there.
  2. correctly on x1 rates 9h 55 min 14 seconds. on x3 rates 3h 18 min 24 seconds. I had 1 time that i saw gestation on them but after some minutes i didn't saw anymore don't know how it's work but you can see gestation via ark smart breeding
  3. At final stage those corrupted gigas should be nerfed that they not make damage buffs to your dinos.
  4. Anyone figured out? How that works
  5. 2 feroxes died when you used elements to mutate and that timer ended then its mutating to back and anti-meshing is killed ferox everytime. Map: Genesis
  6. Tamed just bloodstalker 140 lvl and anti meshing destroyed it Map: Genesis
  7. Tamed today bloodstalker and anti meshing destroyed it Map: Genesis
  8. Most players play on PvE so, they did first time correctly and didn't spended most time to get this on PvP too.
  9. Some more info: There all devs playing right now 12 people: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3886208
  10. Welcome to ARK, they make all patches also on PST all times
  11. Missions they mean like on extinction example: OSDs or Element veins
  12. Giant bees they have more than 1 bee hive when you destroying bee hive and giant bee was stucking in bee hive and it's get anti-meshing destroyed when you tamed it. Map: Abberation
  13. Ragnarok 72, High ping, lags, kicking all people from server, crashing and sometimes server it's kicking people but it's show that all people at server and you can't join to server that happens since when love evolved patch was deployed and event activated. Island 43 BattleEye is down, high ping, lags, disconnecting people and running on PvP mode instead PvE. Island 199 high ping, lags, kicking al people, crashing. I think many server is crashing, lagging, kicking all people and have same problems what i write before because this love evolved patch was deployed and thats was making server perfomance to poor.
  14. They was filming youtube video for genesis 1 day ago and testing same patch at island. Genesis BETA: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4345290 Genesis Filming : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3886208 Island BETA: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5383495
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