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  1. Sleiva

    Imprint bug

    Hello i am playing on offical server and it's showing +3% imprint when i imprinted giga and on stats its showing that giga got +2% imprint 95% imprint instead 96% imprint.
  2. Sleiva

    Server 197

    Can you fix it? Yesterday its very lagged again like when you walked 10-15 sec from base to transmitter it's rollbacking you again to base and it's lagging, rollbacking, poor performance everyday please fix thanks. I filled up Server Outage report many days ago but nothing still not fixed. @lilpanda
  3. Sleiva

    Structure Decay Changes

    @JatheishJust you need do first two diffrent balance for PVP and PVE then after balancing solution doing structure decay changes
  4. Sleiva

    Server 197

    Hello, devs EU PVE server 197 Center yesterday was been 255 ping and huge lags when i attacked alpha mosasaurus i waited like 5 min untill it's unlagging and also everyday it's very lagging and people can't play. Please fix it.
  5. Add the Structures plus to offical servers PC
  6. Sleiva

    please add structures plus

    Hope structures plus will coming soon to offical servers.
  7. Sleiva

    Moschops unable to farm Sap

    Please fix this bug can't farm sap on ragnarok and scorched earth
  8. Sleiva

    fix Scar

    Hi, I wanna talking about scar on many scorched earth or ragnarok servers have beginner people who catch wyvern eggs then if it's low level they drop it away instead eating it when they drop they block spawns in scar untill someone will pickup that egg with tapejara and eat it. That need to be fixed like those wyvern eggs will disappear in scar whitch are dropped by poeple or just disappear when it's 0:00 timer or another method to fix it. Please fix that.
  9. Hello devs i think you know this issue that when you moving stuffs dinos inventory to your character inventory or from character inventory to dinos inventory fps dropping from 70-80 fps to 15 fps due the T button and when you moving all stuffs example 15,000 thatch with T button after that it's will freezing your game 1-2 min or more. Is it possible to fix this fps dropping and freezing thing.
  10. Hello after patch 264.4 on center it's light flickering when is daylight keeps going dark, light, dark, light not only me on global chat some people saying same and my mate in my tribe too. Please fix this
  11. Sleiva

    dung beetle Dung Beetle Escape

    This helps but devs should fix this that they not escape
  12. Sleiva

    dung beetle Dung Beetle Escape

    When will be fixed that more than 1 year this bug and still not fixed dung beetle escape bug.
  13. Sleiva

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    1) What about underwater fog its are not still fixed is it will be fixed or not? 2) What about very rare spawn basilosaurus and spinosaurus is it will be fixed on pve?