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  1. Those chocolates all losted on sunday because they disappear due the new patch v255 so exactly u didnt even use them on wednesday
  2. Read correctly notes
  3. Same there giga saddle 117 armor bp nerfed to 100
  4. DILO guys how we can now beat bossess now, all my bp nerfed to 250 dmg
  5. Tamed dinos sometimes disappearing will be soon fixed for PC version?
  6. Add also "The-EU-PVE-OfficalServer273 (on Nitrado)" same situation as iStephano writed.
  7. @GamerPerfection any idea whats going on with very lag and kicked by battleye in offical servers? When was came out small fixes patch its starting very lagging and kicking by battleye in many offical servers and with those issues is hard to play. My thread
  8. When those a little patch fixes was coming out offical server is very lagging and some people is kicking by battleye (ex: offical Island 273, SE 692 and many anothers servers) With those issue we cant play 2-3 days when those issues started. Please resolve those issues.
  9. This is PC section not Xbox there is link for xbox
  10. Hello devoloperments, server 692 and 273 crashing every 5-10 min please fix that.
  11. In regards to 513 Longneck.


    Do u have giga, wyvern or Q skins?

  12. They said they will do every weekend x3 on this post and previous post.
  13. Awesome, i will play more alot ark. Thanks you devoloperments! You are awesome!
  14. There dosent will be wipe just stop this poop, devoloperments say when they release finish version ark at end 2017 they dosent will do wipe, so you can stop talk poop and also there playing over 10,000 players on PC and only 200 voted on your poll so raptor off.