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  1. @lilpanda in server 273 is been really hard to play with the lags, server freeze up to 60sec at times and this happens a lot with disconnection etc.
  2. Add also "The-EU-PVE-OfficalServer273 (on Nitrado)" same situation as iStephano writed.
  3. @lilpanda PC Server 273 PVE after 2-3 days ago getting very big lags and kicked by battleye many people on server 273 have this issue. That issue was came when devoloperments did small fix patch and those lags is everyday hard to play really please fix this issue. Edit: now we had all disconnect on server and when i am connected i saw mine tribe like a alliance color and 3-4 min then its showed green color and still its very lagging we cant play.
  4. @GamerPerfection any idea whats going on with very lag and kicked by battleye in offical servers? When was came out small fixes patch its starting very lagging and kicking by battleye in many offical servers and with those issues is hard to play. My thread
  5. When those a little patch fixes was coming out offical server is very lagging and some people is kicking by battleye (ex: offical Island 273, SE 692 and many anothers servers) With those issue we cant play 2-3 days when those issues started. Please resolve those issues.
  6. This is PC section not Xbox there is link for xbox
  7. Hello devoloperments, server 692 and 273 crashing every 5-10 min please fix that.
  8. In regards to 513 Longneck.


    Do u have giga, wyvern or Q skins?

  9. When will be fixed x3 rates i only on pve offical server pick up 2 stones instead 3
  10. Same on me 2 stones only picking up offical server pve
  11. @GamerPerfection Why i cant craft anything skins in smithy Holiday Lights Holiday Stocking Wreath Gift Box Holiday Tree Snowman Santa Hat Skin Dino Santa Hat Skin Candy Cane Club Skin Megaloceros Reindeer Costume I dont have skins in engrams that i can learn them also in cooking pot i have only emotion and dodorex there no skins
  12. Why i can only craft 2 things in cooking pot only dodorex and emotion there dosent have like skins,hats and etc. Also no x3 at island, only x2 but on mainmenu they saying x3 right now
  13. Why no winter on island? Still fatal crashing about megalosaurus