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  1. Sleiva

    Structure Decay Changes

    @JatheishJust you need do first two diffrent balance for PVP and PVE then after balancing solution doing structure decay changes
  2. Add the Structures plus to offical servers PC
  3. Sleiva

    please add structures plus

    Hope structures plus will coming soon to offical servers.
  4. Sleiva

    Scar wyvern eggs exploiting/Misconduct

    Please fix it because it's big issue that people can't get anymore new wyvern eggs due that they block spawns
  5. Hello, like you know when people drop wyvern eggs instead eating it those wyvern egg spawns will blocking due that they dropping it. All server people are warned those 3 guys to not drop wyvern eggs and if it's small level just eat it because they will block nests and on that nests any egg not will spawn. But still they dropping them purposely because i saw like 15-20 wyvern eggs float on the ground please do something with those guys i don't know they tribe name or steam profile i just know they character name. Now situation is that any people can't pick new wyvern eggs because those 3 guys blocked all nests and wyvern eggs won't spawns anymore. All screenshot i will include imgur link with coordinates. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/iqmlN5z
  6. Sleiva

    fix Scar

    Hi, I wanna talking about scar on many scorched earth or ragnarok servers have beginner people who catch wyvern eggs then if it's low level they drop it away instead eating it when they drop they block spawns in scar untill someone will pickup that egg with tapejara and eat it. That need to be fixed like those wyvern eggs will disappear in scar whitch are dropped by poeple or just disappear when it's 0:00 timer or another method to fix it. Please fix that.
  7. Sleiva

    Underwater fog

    Same there fog is still in water
  8. Sleiva

    Server Wipe

  9. Sleiva

    Server Wipe

    Wc not will wipe offical servers so you can calm down they writed it 2-3 months ago on twitter and etc also they said that they will close offical servers which are inactive.
  10. Sleiva

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Tamed dinos sometimes disappearing will be soon fixed for PC version?
  11. They said they will do every weekend x3 on this post and previous post.
  12. Sleiva

    Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    Awesome, i will play more alot ark. Thanks you devoloperments! You are awesome!