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  1. Totally agree with @b0ender this server is timeouts more than 30 times in day like i said before and i saw that its timeouts kicking all people from server when is coming save lag every 15 min and also lagging sometimes its 200-255 ping. Horrible to play on 465 and when i doing trades and switch to another extinction its not lagging, not kicking and have good ping. Why should we suffer about this situation on 465 even i tryed contact via twitter messages, twitter posts, send many times outage and forum topic and no anyone can't help us. All another extinction runs nice but this not we just get all times kicking and can't even do nothing like play normaly do element nodes or drops no you can't because you get every 15 min or less kick from 465 server and all people get this kick and popup message "TIMEOUTS".
  2. Tryed it we maked everyday report with my tribe mates and people who play on this server no result
  3. Still server is kicking and lagging its horrible to play you can't even do drops because server kick all people. @Cedric @lilpanda
  4. No Public Passenger also on Managarmr you need invite first to alliance before he can jump on to public passenger
  5. @lilpanda can you do something its kicking all people everyday more than 30 times
  6. EU-PVE-Official-Extinction465 spikes lag and kicking. So, EU-PVE-Official-Extinction465 server is lagging like hell every 10 minutes ping goes to 200+ and then its going lower then server is kicking all people from server 20-30 times in day. This issue also happened yesterday. When server is kicking all people you should wait 3-5 minutes untill it's kicked all people because if you try connect instantly its says "unable to connect" its only kick not crash. Server lag spikes every 10 minutes impossible to play on server like every 10 minutes is spike lag and you should wait 1 min untill its will unspike and some after lag spike coming another lag. Today and yesterday we was maked ark.gg/outage but no results its really not playable. Please help @lilpanda @Cedric
  7. Original breeder gigas who is mutating damage not playing on asian server atm
  8. Rexes get normally 9% on x1 so they offed event atm
  9. 6 hours... https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/490995/downtime @lilpanda @Cedric What we need to do that you will fix it forever? We don't get any responses, outage dosen't work also tryed twitter.
  10. Please help it's down 4 hours. Please fix it lilpanda and cedric @lilpanda @Cedric People can't play fine on PVE 72.
  11. My all tribe mates and me reported 3 hours ago when it's was going down and no results in 3 hours still down after crash and don't want come online.
  12. More than 3 hours now and ark outage no results.
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