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  1. some dinos can carry dead dino bodies.Not all of them have this ability i did with rexes and direwolves
  2. Still same issue since game release.Wildcard patched once its landing AI seems like not working.No idea about how they made succesfully landing AI for Dragon but not Manticore. Boss run has no joke.Players loosing 1-2 weeks work of breeding just in seconds.Devs need to do sth about it. Yes shooting it working but its expensive way to get element and not everyone has huge tribes and allies.
  3. in scorched earth yes its possible do with a group of lightnings wyverns +600 melee.used around 15-17 wyverns.you should enable special attack AI otherwise they do not use right click attack.Fire Wyverns fire attack do not damage manticore only bite. but since 279.275 patch flier AI forcing them to land in middle of fight.that cause wasting times and making hard to kill it in time. Done a few run after this patch but some allies lost their wyvern packs in fights.so i do not recommend. i will never forget that patch wildcard,nice improvement :p v279.275 - Improved Flyer AI so that they no longer do circles into the air when attacking each other
  4. https://twitter.com/survivetheark/status/1146087085364801537
  5. guys can you fix dedicated storages bug please? un-pin coded dedicated storages are still lootable by people not in tribe .
  6. another huge map which will be another disappointment for pve players.just corious about guys who wants to add this map have any idea about current state of ragnarok map in official pve cluster?your servers are unplayable.they re not handle ragnarok map.Servers saves freeze game 30 seconds in every 15 minutes. People calls it as Lagnarok.how we gonna call this new map then? Lagguero?
  7. he is the orginal breeder of 30k hp 1000 melee rex line in official pve cluster.he keeps babies only if they have mutation i think.
  8. yeah that would make game really easy and brake wyvern breeding mechanic. i have never tried but would be great if we were able to farm milk from unconscious corrupted female wyverns.so people can raise wyvern in extinction without transfering milk.
  9. Thats why most of chinese players use numaric Steam names?its same qq id i think That makes sense now
  10. Does it requires hard coding disabling teleporting wild dinos?at least in official pve? Never seen someone teleport wild dinos for taming or other harmless purposes but only griefing.
  11. our rag server much more better after maintanance.only lag while server saving same like all other servers.
  12. server gone again playing in 210 since day 1 but not enterily.this server wasnt even bad while it was 70/70.currently unplayable.server saves takes so long around 30 seconds and causing insane laggs.
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