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  1. add tek helmet activating button change patch into this upcoming lovely patch batch pls. We waiting it for long now
  2. 466 is unplayable for almost a month.reported alot times still no progress.thanks for topic.i hope they see this one
  3. Congrats for Anniversary.Game has issues no doubt but still playing for 3 years now.Ark is unique! Wondering about what kind of Boss arena waiting us in Crystal isles thats why i downloaded map for checking it in single player. Couldnt teleport boss arena but i saw my mythological nightmare in Obeliks: the manticore which not like landing. isles gonna be 4th map where we fight against manticore.pls fix its landing mechanic or consider to add another boss there.we really dont like him. ☹️ @Jatheish @Dollie
  4. servers are back and rates still x1.when rates will be change?incubating some eggs here
  5. we took 5 velo with us for beta run and place them highest cliff where we can reach in agressive-turret mode.Lucky manticore stucked in air again on exactly top of velos.it took 5-6 minutes for lowering manticore healthy.First time i was happy because of manticore stucking in air
  6. Hoping upcoming QOL improvements including activating Tek Helmet by different button not "E" And damn manticore landing issue.now facing with it in 3 maps by adding valguero official clusters.
  7. Still same issue since game release.Wildcard patched once its landing AI seems like not working.No idea about how they made succesfully landing AI for Dragon but not Manticore. Boss run has no joke.Players loosing 1-2 weeks work of breeding just in seconds.Devs need to do sth about it. Yes shooting it working but its expensive way to get element and not everyone has huge tribes and allies.
  8. https://twitter.com/survivetheark/status/1146087085364801537
  9. guys can you fix dedicated storages bug please? un-pin coded dedicated storages are still lootable by people not in tribe .
  10. another huge map which will be another disappointment for pve players.just corious about guys who wants to add this map have any idea about current state of ragnarok map in official pve cluster?your servers are unplayable.they re not handle ragnarok map.Servers saves freeze game 30 seconds in every 15 minutes. People calls it as Lagnarok.how we gonna call this new map then? Lagguero?
  11. Since when titanboa egg removed from Special Eggs list? So we can only use wyvern,rock drake and golden duck eggs for cooking extraordinary kibble?These eggs dont even be enough for imprint
  12. servers are coming back online i think.some of them sorted on list
  13. consider to adding trainning option for all ark babies like managar pls.its little bit pain adjusting imprintig schudule. as a pve player good to see transfer will be enable soon.kibble wont be issue for tribes already playing in other maps.people got tons of eggs in other maps but they need to tame 5 lvl egg layer dinos in extinction.annoying
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