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  1. phantom55

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    what happened romours about tek wyvern saddle?+1 years since full release we still dont get it lol.
  2. phantom55

    what is your favorite dragon (No Aberration)

    i love them all.all wyverns types have special usages.my favor is lightning.im definetly sure i would be quit ark after flier nerf if we didnt have wyverns.
  3. phantom55

    pve Boss recommendations

    do se alpha manticore run in several times if you wanna kill them probablly at least once manti never gonna land
  4. phantom55

    should we go to Abberation

    wear scuba gears and go into swamp cave in island.if you like ambiance,move to aber.swamp cave is like demo version of aberration probablly you will not love.thats how i feel in aber.Aber only good for metal for me. After completing rockwell accension there is no meaning to play there.and seems most of people agree about it.aber servers mostly 2-3 players in these days.
  5. are you gonna fix fliers AI in SE manticore arena?
  6. i do not expect more often landing manticore.problem is wyverns looping on landing animation in arena.WC broke it after patch v279.275.and still not fixed
  7. No official word about Flyier AI in SE Manticore Arena yet right?Well no suprise at all.
  8. I'm really appreciated scorched Earth updates in last 2 patches. And also generator decaying should be removed.it has no tactical purposes in pvp.just making map annoying.
  9. phantom55

    Alpha manticore

    @[email protected]@Jatheish You guys hearing all these feedback?
  10. Since breeding feature arrive all surviviors suffering for holding pair dinos at same point while mating them.when we enabling wandering for mate them,they randomly getting away from each self.So Mating is not working as intended if you dont spam whistle or trap them a narrow pen they run away im just requesting from devs,a sperate behavior for mating dinos.i believe lots of player will appricate that improvement. thank you
  11. phantom55

    Fertilised eggs hatch with no dinos!

    ur tribe tame limit capped?its happened to my ferti eggs too,when our tame limit was full.
  12. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    then my answer is The Dead Island
  13. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    is it a place?
  14. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    Artifact of The Immune