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  1. Nameless vs reaper

    any idea about that new reaper dino stats?and can we use them from boss fights?
  2. Scorched earth 255 ping

    eu-scorched earth 193 has 255 ping every weekend.all players reporting everytime but nothing change
  3. 2X?

    u're totally right about what u say but still some people wouldnt have chance breed in x1 weekend.when event occur suddendly and unexpectly it gonna be disappointment if people plan doing other stuffs not gonna play ark. rare but regular shouldnt be imposibile pre-scheduling evo event weeks.
  4. 2X?

    Really wondering about how they decide about activating event or not.people have plans.they should put it name.
  5. pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    you did?can you share more details please?how many wyverns u drag there and base levels and stats pls.what was manticore diffucult level?
  6. pego shouldnt attack dinos if no rider.otherwise servers will keep having huge boxes all around what people call dino pen.
  7. Are you buying aberation?

    i already bought season pass before ark full release.i guess i did wrong.currrent servers not enough already reached tame cap and always full.when aberration arrive same issue will be waiting us; 70/70
  8. Golem 90%efficacity at start everytime

    have you ever tame a golem by that way?what was starting taming effect. percent?
  9. Tamed dino cap per server

    so if servers dino cap 5500 and we know tribe tame limit 500 then servers actually support only 11 players right?not 70.
  10. v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    i doubt about having a way.they consider all they ways as exploit and they fix it.Problem is Ark not an early access anymore.You cant change settings and just say "fixed some exploits" now. There will be no excuse for player's casualties anymore
  11. v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    @Jatheish We really wanna know how Wildcard tribe deal with dragon on official rates.You guys can make a tutorial video please.and one more video about how to farm element solo
  12. Cant join , already Im in game 0_o

    i just validated ark local files and joined server back.
  13. Cant join , already Im in game 0_o

    i have same issue cant join server.
  14. Scorched Earth Generator Decay

    when in game full day gen requires repearing 2 time in day its very annoying.Turbines works %100 only in desert areas.thats make them useless in a large part of map. Please balance it.
  15. Will there be 2x event next weekend?

    i was hoping x2 will be official rates for breeding after full game release.