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  1. server gone again playing in 210 since day 1 but not enterily.this server wasnt even bad while it was 70/70.currently unplayable.server saves takes so long around 30 seconds and causing insane laggs.
  2. phantom55

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    an option for disabling cloninng forever like neaturing/spaying so owner can sell them cloneable or un-cloneable.
  3. when game is back to playable,i think i will cryo them all,no killing. Didnt checked new list completly but im planning to choose dinos by depending their diet.Only leave fully carnivorous or herbivorous for easier feeding.
  4. phantom55

    Tek dedicated storage

    doesnt unlock tested in single island and ragnarok alpha dragons.
  5. phantom55

    Tek dedicated storage

    Ragnarok dragon doesnt unlocks any new engrams,need to be done island so.
  6. Since when titanboa egg removed from Special Eggs list? So we can only use wyvern,rock drake and golden duck eggs for cooking extraordinary kibble?These eggs dont even be enough for imprint
  7. phantom55

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    sorry to hear you had broken gpu 2 times.i think im gonna wait for awhile thanks for advice
  8. phantom55

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    hello all, RTX series still have problem in ARK?im planning to upgrade my GPU to RTX series and ARK is the only game i play primarly. What do you suggest?Should i wait for awhile? Thanks.
  9. phantom55

    can't wait for dedicated storage

    i didnt use beta version. anyone know we will able to use pull ability
  10. phantom55

    Just Herbs

    it would be easy peasy boss runs with vegicake powered therinos,not a challenge indeed.they are more usefull against dragon. you can some get real challenge in underwater,best thing u can use is the turtle as a herbivore i guess
  11. phantom55

    QoL Changes

    -Adding option for teleporter disabling Wilddino teleport.so everyone can keep their teleporter for public use safely.
  12. phantom55

    Lost Everithing while tranfering

    servers are coming back online i think.some of them sorted on list
  13. phantom55

    Highest and lowest Element harvests!

    we getting around 350-450 element from 50K veins in x2 event.based on our test using primative metal pick and default melee char has chance to get higher amount of element.
  14. i was planning to suggest same thing but adding wyvern and drake eggs can create some side effects such as empty scars.people can prefer to farm eggs from scars instead of taming some snakes.Milk farming can be issue ^^
  15. consider to adding trainning option for all ark babies like managar pls.its little bit pain adjusting imprintig schudule. as a pve player good to see transfer will be enable soon.kibble wont be issue for tribes already playing in other maps.people got tons of eggs in other maps but they need to tame 5 lvl egg layer dinos in extinction.annoying