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  1. I'm really appreciated scorched Earth updates in last 2 patches. And also generator decaying should be removed.it has no tactical purposes in pvp.just making map annoying.
  2. phantom55

    Alpha manticore

    @[email protected]@Jatheish You guys hearing all these feedback?
  3. Since breeding feature arrive all surviviors suffering for holding pair dinos at same point while mating them.when we enabling wandering for mate them,they randomly getting away from each self.So Mating is not working as intended if you dont spam whistle or trap them a narrow pen they run away im just requesting from devs,a sperate behavior for mating dinos.i believe lots of player will appricate that improvement. thank you
  4. phantom55

    Fertilised eggs hatch with no dinos!

    ur tribe tame limit capped?its happened to my ferti eggs too,when our tame limit was full.
  5. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    then my answer is The Dead Island
  6. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    is it a place?
  7. phantom55

    Solve this Riddle

    Artifact of The Immune
  8. phantom55

    Every Flyer from worst to best

    well i can control argies better than tapejaras while building indeed.
  9. phantom55

    bugged loot Found a Bugged Loot Drop

    this bug was there since dlc release.also there is another in desert cave in deeper of cave where you fall and sudden death. Looks like Wildcard dont mind
  10. phantom55

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    is this tool advanced spyglass?if then finally we got sth cool
  11. phantom55

    Scorched earth gather rates official

    only sandy stones x2 (2 stones+2 sand in normal rate.4 stone+4 sand in event)in SE when you harvest with hand.maybe thats why your friend thought x2 alltime.pure stones around black mountains x1 normally and x2 in event time.
  12. phantom55


    totally right.there was no issue before flylier AI patch.wyverns and even argens keen on landing in the middle of fight. @Jatheish, @Jen you guys need to take a look it pls.
  13. phantom55

    Changes To Structure Decay Rules

    this changes may cause issues more then solving current problems.pillaring is only way to protect common use areas and bases without blocking resources spawns. now people will build more structures what will block resources and spawns.
  14. phantom55

    Greenhouse health increase today

    anyone able to check decay timer?
  15. looks like we shouldnt expect breeding events anymore. we may hope adjustment for dino's baby phase time?Some of them have +24 hours baby phase.thats makes breeding almost impossible for a lot of players.please reviev it devs.thanks