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  1. Rip because everybody dont have time to stay home and check when its back...
  2. Wich part of it? Of course it depends what your goal is, for example if you want highest possible level or only maybe hp or dmg so you not reach lvl cap. If you learn how higher stat affect levels its no rocket science, its common sense.
  3. If each stat is 55 I wouldnt say its 55 for all stats to pass to baby For example, if you want a special number with a dice its 1/6 chance and if you want that number 3 times in a row its not 1/6.
  4. If your good rex is male and baby with almost all good stats is female a option could be to raise that one for better odds in the future.
  5. Have you made ticket? Friend of mine did and got help yesterday, took near a week but at least he got help.
  6. If validating is not possible due to lack of drive space or dont want to wait. Can also backup config files( files name has a lot of digits, in steamapps fold) and replace that file and just restart steam when game seems uninstalled
  7. I was kicked from game two times yesterday, before that it didnt hapoen for months but back then it happened every day, lost connections and game crashes. To be honest I have not monitored my network during long time but never had issues with other games. On the other hand I have never played other games as many hours as Ark so to compare maybe not is right
  8. Dont think many will loose char if they rollback all servers, maybe some idk how.
  9. If official pve you can have new ones from me, otherwise have to make a support ticket.
  10. Something is surely wrong with the updates, maybe a fresh install would solve some of the problem? A 200 MB update takes as long as installing a 20GB game for me, steam behaves really strange and estimated time left jumps up and down.
  11. Any planned rollback? Any news if any planned rollback on pve servers hit buy admin guy(hacker?) Destroying lots of ppls work? Heard rumours/wishes but would be good to know if problem is solved etc and if its safe to play.
  12. If you play official pve my server has a guy helping with tames if not to picky with stats.
  13. Maybe most pve players not used war mechanism, my friends and me used it alot to have fun, test the dinos in battle etc. And we dont hate, just did for fun Maybe private server with special settings is now better for us cause official pvp is to hard for, dont have time with war 24/7.
  14. What do you mean? I agree all parts should accept war but to remove it with all available weopons makes the game only a mix of collecting dinos and building, the threat of wild dinos is close to zero when you progressed some in the game.
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