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  1. Well depends, I use weight owls for faster transport of stuff. A real time saver when not carryimg to much.
  2. I kill them pretty fast with lighting from a rock
  3. Breed strong with color till you get lucky with stats and color.
  4. Well after a while its almost no idea taming high level dinos to breed with as your mutaded stats is so high, faster to tame low and ofc only keep mutation if in good side/stat. Then there is the debate if to keep different stats in separated lines until time to merge, that is maybe better if only after a couple stats, say dmg and hp. If want all stats probably waste of time ( to bad at calculating).
  5. Yea and faster to find and tame lots of low levels, or cheaper to clone.
  6. I would at least go for a gtx 1060 6GB if short of money, they are PCI 3 compatibly but dint think the difference on a 2.0 is big. Google it and see the bandwith difference for PCI etc
  7. If you should be able to hide dinos in cryo I think its fair there is some risk losing them.
  8. Rip because everybody dont have time to stay home and check when its back...
  9. Wich part of it? Of course it depends what your goal is, for example if you want highest possible level or only maybe hp or dmg so you not reach lvl cap. If you learn how higher stat affect levels its no rocket science, its common sense.
  10. If each stat is 55 I wouldnt say its 55 for all stats to pass to baby For example, if you want a special number with a dice its 1/6 chance and if you want that number 3 times in a row its not 1/6.
  11. If your good rex is male and baby with almost all good stats is female a option could be to raise that one for better odds in the future.
  12. Have you made ticket? Friend of mine did and got help yesterday, took near a week but at least he got help.
  13. If validating is not possible due to lack of drive space or dont want to wait. Can also backup config files( files name has a lot of digits, in steamapps fold) and replace that file and just restart steam when game seems uninstalled
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