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  1. Any, but Alpha Rag is priority.
  2. Looking for boss runs. Can pay with ingots. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  3. I looking for boss runs too. Weiland_01#9228
  4. i'm looking for any boss fight. Can provide with one battle dino with me on saddle and/or lot of ingots. Weiland_01#9228
  5. I'm looking for same thing. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  6. looking for any boss run. Paying with ingots. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  7. I also looking for boss runs. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  8. If you do Alpha Ragnarok, plz let me know. I have one battle dino with me. I interested only in engrams. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  9. I looking for boss runs too. Discrod: Weiland_01#9228
  10. I want to join Ragnarok Alpha bosses run. Offer lot of metall. Discord: Weiland_01#9228
  11. If someone still do boss runs, pls PM me. I can pay with ingots. Discrod: Weiland_01#9228
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