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    Why are they making these changes and doing these kinds of updates during events? Why not compile all these fixes and changes into one big patch and release it before Genesis launch in January? Thus allowing more time to test internally.
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    So, Invincible, you know I'm a fan of yours but I have to strongly disagree with that level of generosity in your thinking. The only reason they get away with so, so, SO many problem during rollouts is that this is a game with retail customers. If they had any customers that were businesses this would never fly, or even commercial productivity software for retail customers. The only reason that game companies get away with their (constantly) shoddy practices is that they are games. In most games it's not terrible, but in a game like this one, where players can lose thousands of hours of work (for a whole tribe) if they can't get into the game and keep things alive, it's nothing less than abusive. WC created a game in which their players have to do constant maintenance, and that means there should be a publicly acknowledged burden on WC to be more careful, do better testing, significantly reduce their error rate, especially their critical error rate. In most games you don't lose anything, you just can't log in, but when things go wrong in ARK the results are a catastrophic abuse of peoples' time, WC should be held to a higher standard of dependability and being patient with them is not the right response.
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    Holy crap: stop with the constant updates! Cant you guys use a scheduled day and time for this stuff? Like: Every Friday at 2am EST, servers are down for scheduled updates/patches. Oh its new cheats/hacks you say? Never have I seen a game with so many "hacks" and "cheats" as Ark. Beta ended years ago; this is seriously ridiculous every day. If there are THAT many potential cheats in the game, its time to re-evaluate what the hell is going on with everything..
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    It's a beautiful dream for sure, I had the same hope back when they actually released the game, then when they released abbaration, then when they released extinction....not holding my breath now lol.
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    The crunch itself may not be anything special but I have got my popcorn ready for the comments section.
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    Undeniable fact. The game is updated often.
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    There's no such thing, all of the official servers have plenty of lag related issues. The fact is that this is not a game with a monthly subscription, which means that the Official servers are basically a form of advertising. Where WC really makes their money is selling copies of the game to the roughly 90% of all the players who play on Unofficial servers. The Official servers are always going to be the cheapest servers they can possibly run while still being able to tell people, "We have Official servers". Even serves that don't have many people on them still suffer from a variety of lag related problems, no Official server will ever give you the same quality of playing experience that most Unofficial servers do. I know that's not the answer you were hoping for, but it's just the reality of how this game works.
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    Also today as I played I was 'talked' or rather 'pouted' into cheating. As I was flying around the Island collecting tames and items I came across a 250 super turkey, at first I approached it cautiously just to look at it as I haven't seen one before. It was at this moment the wife entered the room and declared she wanted it, I told her they are untameable and she sat down looking all sad face at her phone. Just as I was about to leave she shoved her phone in my face saying 'look there is a forcetame admin command' after a little more pouting and some 'i'm poorly's' I agreed to tame it on the condition it stays in her petting zoo and has no interaction with the gameplay, she now has 2 turkeys a skeletal trike and a skeletal quetz for her little zoo all of which we found and forcetamed today.
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    Broken OSD´s & Element Node´s ( Despawn / PvE Farming Bug with Mantis ) Element Vein´s & OSD´s Removed instant after the render distance.... ( To Fast !!! ) & Element Vein Farming Bug. ( PvE Farming Bug with Mantis ) Player Farmed my claimed Element Node Nr.1 Element Vein Farming Bug. ( PvE Farming Bug with Mantis ) -> Random Player Farmed my claimed Element Node Nr.2 Element Vein Farming Bug. / TEST BY MY TRIBE MATE ( PvE Farming Bug with Mantis ) Nr.3 Element Vein removed by Dino search / Killing ( Render Distanz or what ever... ) Nr.4 Element Vein removed by ( Render Distanz or what ever... ) Nr.5 OSD removed by ( Render Distanz or what ever... ) Your Experiences? ^^ with despawn / Farming Bug...?
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    Mate sadly you seem to think that gamers can make a difference but you are wrong. The world we live in now is where a game can launch like AC Unity and be basically unplayable but get patched down the line. In the case of ark the biggest of issues are ones that can't be fixed due to engine limitations (use the search function to find more info) and the new ones that crop up are yeah usually caused by patches which fixed a previous bug, however as plenty of devs have pointed out not just WC in house testing can only go so far and its when a patch goes live they find the issues cause players do all sorts of unintended things. Tldr The new world is the world where games get patched at the drop of a hat and nothing we do will change that so you need to change with the times and accept it.
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    Goat Simulator: "Our bugs are a feature!" WildCard: "Wait, we can do that?"
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    Played this game four years, “broken” is a game mechanic
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    The Story of a ARK veteran I’ve been playing this game since beta day one, and even though it has so many glitches, ARK, is just a amazing idea for a game. The thought of using dinosaurs for your survival instead of killing them (like some games) is what hooked me. Before tek engrams was a simpler time, even just primitive really. There was no Tek suit guy griefing your base, just a dude with a bow and arrow. And Wars? Wars are what make ark, ARK! I’ve been through many tribe wars, and I’m sure other users on this page have too. Sometimes it was small like Rex vs Rex, or giga vs giga. ive been hunted, caged, and sometimes meshed, but excluding some glitches, this game is fantastic. What the real fun is, when you raid someone and they come to your server, get ready for a party!
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    You already made this thread in the valguero section and someone answered your question with the wiki link. Go there and look at the list, its already there.
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    oh my bad! but yeah they should try to Fix the bugs more "and maybe with a few updates a QOL thing? idk"
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    I only have SE as a DLC but I love dinos from all of them, I was just meaning that I had that hope after each DLC was released and they still haven't done it, so...
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    To try and hit the different points discussed... Taming Turkeys - Yes. Even if all they did was drop a small or extra small egg - it would be doable with the new kibble system to be used and another form of egg to collected. However I would suggest that they do not make the "Super Turkey's" tameable, but rather create a seperate "basic turkey" that could then be tamed. Possibly something the Super Turkey could call upon when aggroed and the challenge would be to tame the basic turkey after defeating the super turkey. (hoping you do not kill them all in the process.) Harvesting Turkey Meat - Yes. As a a new, or even temporary, meat sources that could rival, if not surpass mutton would be awesome. Skins - 50/50 on this one. If they continue as they have and add just a had or random tool/weapon skin, then please no. If they started adding full body skins to create a complete outfit, yes. We have so few clothing options that a few complete clothing sets would add a bit more variety and customization to character designs. Emotes - I don't mind them. I don't use them, but when we gather for events and what not, the others seem to like running around to use them. Candies The colors are nice, but I use them for the speed boost. Esp. on slower creatures like the argy. Any little boost helps. Creature Colors I love being able to go out and hunt some new colors. I tried to do so this time and managed some snow owls, but unfortunately couldn't find Thylacoleo with the color regions I had been looking for. A lot on the their backs and bellies with few on their sides. I think I hit them all. All in all, I like the events - but I do not love them. I wish there was a bit more to them.
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    Often, when they are building new content, they are improving their coding skills as they go along. Sometimes the solutions they will come up with will improve older aspects of the game. It's worth them working on new stuff. Most of the complaints don't look at the economics of making a game. They need some constant revenue stream to keep the servers on. Since they aren't charging a monthly fee or selling in game items, they need to bring in the $ somehow. Making new content is a way to keep the lights on, it also does help with old problems. It just won't be apparent until after the dust settles from the new release.
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    Because that would be a good and practical idea.
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    Well, you cheered me up! More power to ya.........
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    Only Wildcard can fix this and make it right, but if I can put a smile on just one face then that's my job done and more than Wildcard have done so far.
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    yes Scroll down! https://ark.gamepedia.com/Valguero
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    Well good for you but you've got your work cut out for you, there are a lot of P*ssed off people out there.. A simple sorry we F***ed up and some compensation from the Wild Card team would go a lot further I'm guessing... What we had was a load of "jingle bollocks" so some festive compensation with 10X all round should swing it, for a whole week.. But that would just cheer me up..
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    I will maybe be excited for genesis around mid January when we get closer to it's launch.
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    You realize that was a sarcasm, right? The game is updated quite often these days he didn't say the patches are useful or helpful.
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    You are such a pro. I want to be your friend sir.
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    Well, Helena can't come with us into Genesis- So I assume no Homo Deus can- but wait... We are Homo Deus, aren't we? We literally killed the king of death himself. But another thing, this apparently doesn't happen right after extinction, but it "Lines up pretty well". But wait AGAIN- Maybe Helena CAN come with us but doesn't want to, as she states "Others need me" but then YET AGAIN she states that "your path leads beyond my reach."... So many ideas, so little time...
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    All good things come to an end, and I dont consider it wasted time at all even in the event of losing everything. For me its all about the journey. You too were an awesome tribe mate, so many good memories. I know DJ does occasionally frequent the forums, so could be worth a shout out. DJ says he'll open up transfers close to the servers going down. Most definitely, not that I use FB that all to often lol. Ah I have been missing our wee pokemon chats on discord.
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    But the game is updated quite often
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    Don't get me wrong; I totally understand that this is frustrating. All I was saying is that shit happens and asking for constant update while this is obvious they are aware of the issues is pointless. Now, could they improve the way they push updates? Certainly. Could they push updates without any issues whatsoever? Probably not. I'm sure they are testing every patches, but everyone know that something that works fine on a test environment doesn't means it will for everyone once it is live. And I totally agree that players should not be the ones suffering the consequences and lose progression. And they sure know it and would be unfair to say they haven't gotten better at it over the years as they have (e.g. when they disabled decay timers to help prevent decays, their support team that is now able to recover more than they used to, the public beta branches, etc.). They sure can still improve, and I'm sure they are doing everything they can do to so. If you are on officials, and lost stuff due to these issues, submit a ticket and I'm sure they can sort something out for you.
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    (Tuesday or wednesday morning) Steam -> Online ... for an hour or two then back to Offline You're welcome.
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    Update: I Can finally get on the center 456 PvE on PS4, had to build a 1x1 butt hut with bed within running distance of base but out of render distance of my base and Dino’s, BUT, on Ext 994 I can’t get back on. WildCard, why can’t you at least put a freeze on the starve timers and on auto decay timers since this is all f*cked up right now, at least until this mess is fixed? Hell sake, I’m gonna lose alot of my gigas that took a month to raise even with cryopods where I work 2 jobs (to get perfect imprint) and all that is gonna go to poop soon if this isn’t fixed. A lot of people and I have lord knows how many hours into this game, not to mention the money for all the maps we had to pay for, and we’d reallllly like to not lose all the hours and time we took to raise/ imprint , build and establish a base and animals. It’s almost 2020, and this is a multi million dollar company. Please do us all a favor and Get with it.
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    I've gotten no reply from submitting a trouble ticket as well, I think giving the game poor reviews in the Microsoft Store for xbox might grab their attention though, seeing their rating drop suddenly very quickly it may effect game sales too which means their pocketbook, aka the only real way to get a company's attention.
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    As a PvP player, I do not like this idea. One of the fun parts and challenging things about a new map is the fight over potentially good base spots that nobody knows about. I'd like to keep it that way.
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    I changed isps thanks to this and no fix. This is a server end issue not client side. 5 days for me now... #fixyourgame
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    I have a few, but my top 3 are: Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA V ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) If anyone every wants to join n me, come on over!
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    Whoever is in charge should resign. They’ve failed as a game developer. They at least owe us some kind of statement, “like sorry, but we won’t be updating” instead of having us hold on to false hope. I’m sure Mobile is far worst but I’m not one to argue. Regardless of which version is worst and on a slightly lighter note, I have kinda just accepted it. The game is ugly, it glitches and bugs out occasionally, and doesn’t even fully work in some spots but I’ve kinda grown attached to my buggy dinosaurs, especially my Baryonyx, Naomi. Too bad I’ll never get to see her in good resolution or frame rate. Happy birthday Ark on the Switch and be a good company, Wildcard because you owe us at least an acknowledgement that you screwed us all over big time.
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    Haven't gotten on much since fear evolved, just been pottering around mostly. Have managed to organise most of my resources on the Island, still got a vault of saddles and some shoulder pets full of blueprints left at the beach base with half a dozen rexes. After lots of mucking around with mixed level tek rexes I now have a breeding pair at level 243 with 10k health and 1.3k melee, got the best stats i had into them without any mutations. The rejects from this endeavour will form the 'test' group for my first ever boss fight (easy broodmother), if and when I finally find a rex saddle blueprint. For all the red drops I have checked I have only found 1 journeyman rex saddle, not a single BP of any quality. I have decided to breed my (only) 2 baryonyx as I foresee a future spent in the swamp cave. The male is level 100ish and the female is 20ish, hoping to get a low (same) level breeding pair for future breeding projects. The offspring that don't make the cut will be used for my caving endeavours (on land), the first born is grown and is sat outside my unprotected storage tower set to passive with a horde of 40ish neutral zomdodos following it. As breeding takes for ages to get eggs I set some of my coloured Therizinos to mating, pastel green male with a purple stripe breeding with a bright green female and a purple female. Can't wait for my purple and green babies. Breeding is fun and I have cleared out room in the breeding courtyard to set up some more couples but I don't know what I want to breed next, shame the babies grow up as they are so cute and dinky.
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    Stop looking at WC and start looking at this huge community of players that paid for a broken game and continue to pay for a broken game. Is the game fun? Sometimes. Maybe even the majority of the time. But the state of the industry is this: People are paying for broken games. If you're going to keep paying for broken games, this is what you get.
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    With a holiday of downtime I decided to hop in and see if I couldn't make a final push for the Dragon. So, one very unexpected bottleneck ended up being giga hearts. The problem wasn't actually killing the gigas themselves; I know I said I wanted to take one down in battle but practicality won out and I ended up just drowning them, which was way easier than I expected honestly. The problem was getting more to spawn after I took out the ones that were already up. I admit, I eventually took to dino wiping until I got spawns after spending a good 5 hours doing circuits of the mountains and the Skylord cave. Speaking of, I still haven't gotten a single Skylord artifact to spawn in the cave. Given that I've run this cave at least 20 times trying for it, I went ahead and spawned in the 4 artifacts I would have collected if the cave wasn't bugged. So yeah, I know that was cheesy but really, this game shouldn't be this broken after this many years of development. I'm not going to sit here for another month just waiting for the artifact to spawn when for all intents and purposes I've successfully cleared the cave multiple times. With that, I've officially collected everything I need for all 3 levels of the Dragon. I went ahead and moved all the rexes over, built my little hut and set up all my tributes, artifacts and spare sets of armor. I've also got a shotgun to bring with me so I made some shells, plenty of med brews of course, and some calien soup. I also brought one of the pigs over. I could have pushed to start the fights tonight but it was getting late (I wake up at 5 am every morning) and I decided I didn't want to push it. So I'll leave it for tomorrow night or maybe even Saturday, depending on how things go. Honestly I expect I should do ok on Gamma, I'll probably lose some rexes to Beta, and I'll probably have to raise a full new generation to take on Alpha. Because the bulk of my army are still my first gen rexes, all with 35k HP and only 600ish melee. I know that won't be enough. With my best gen I can easily go 30k HP and over 1000 melee, that's the kind of brute force I'll need to take it down. I have no idea if 30k is good HP or not, I just figure with the breath ultimately it doesn't matter, I need to get it down as fast as possible and none of those older rexes will be able to keep the pressure up. So that's basically my weekend plans and if all goes well (it probably won't, being Ark...) I should be preparing for the Tek Cave/Overseer by this time next week. I have almost all the tributes I need for that too, only missing dragon trophies, alpha tuso and alpha leed drops.
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    Neebs gaming is actually what got me started playing Ark. I finished their subnautica series, and then Neebsylvania and I was like what else do they have. Didn't like Conan so the jumped to Ark and thought well this game looks cool. And its on the xbox game pass. I'll give it a shot and 3 days later and I'm hooked.
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    Official. Been doing reaper pregnancies. I'm on my 10th one. 5 events so far. Need to take some angler fish but keep not doing it lol. Raised some otters cause it's only an hour baby stage. Will probablly do some glowtails and a few meglos before event is over.
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    Lol, 7 Days to die. More like, 7 deaths a day when we all first started out....
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