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  1. Problem right there go do something else servers go down, think it’s time your grow up
  2. Dude it’s a game what do you want them to do? Y’all are a trip I know they are hilarious, it’s a game lol, a massive online one at that lol
  3. That might be your internet or connection in general my friend, epilepsy warning in every fine print of a game also
  4. Compensate for what did you buy those thing off them? it’s a game, a game that you decided to devote your life into, what did you think was goin to happen lol
  5. Everyone cries servers are down or messed up, servers down go do something else you addict lol, obviously there down for a reason, people like y’all trip me out, love ark iplay heavy but life’s life’s yall
  6. What we need is a server made for people who don’t want to have 100 dinos 100 turrets, all Ingram’s unlocked possibly all tech is free for the server idk, then maybe a 1.5 harvest rate only thing that matters is level and gear no bullpoop then a build limit so people can’t block off everything, all out war I mean it’s a survival game, there’s really no survival mode, those people who have a bunch of games and tribe mates really aren’t even playing the same game lmao
  7. Crap dlc, don’t get me wrong map is great idea was great, the new dinos nothing special what we got another drake? Another argy, the velo only good use is a turret, no no tame servers, this ruins ark for me and a lot of other people who don’t want to tame every Dino I don’t care about them let alone to have 50+ Dino just to get onei actually wanna use then I’m still restricted, it either can’t harvest or fight, tbh the fact you can even use a Dino to harvest is gay as raptor shoulda put jack hammers chainsaw chippers poop like that, a arc that’s not tech so we can haul resources defense unit kill tames, corrupt dinos kiting ark is a great game for people who don’t have other poop they like to do, come on wild card let’s make the game friendly to the people who have lives and want to play survival games, I play solo or with one other person, so whaving all these games makes it to where when I get on it’s tame maintain or structure maintenance, I don’t even get to venture far from base, then I have other tribes attacking me causing me to get set back more or having to move yeah it’s fun sometimes, but what I’m saying is I have all these games I have to escort threw the map loosing them getting them stuck y’all already know, then I have to find a spot to put them most of the time I have 25% of what I had when I left, how is that even fair? When you got 15 ppl working together to put the weaker robes behind ovis spawn blocked poop like that, then we have a tribe log snitching on us everytime we retaliate
  8. Or a few more offline raid servers to refresh the crowd or possibly transfer between the 2
  9. PVX would be great, build outside the pvp grounds nothing to worry about, build in it you get your pvp fix, you can raise dinos take them to go fight if you loose it or kill someone you have your base outside pvp grounds to raise another or store it till heat cools down, sounds like fun to me, ark is a great game would love to see it last as long as ultima online did grew up playin it with my dad, if you played it and got into it you know what I’m talkin about haha
  10. We honestly needed conquest on console before pc, Few of my friends prefer pc because they servers a lot more calm than on consoles maybe because the crowd is more mature, on consoles everyone is out on this “I’ll wipe you” anytime you do or say anything, they don’t understand how to pvp clean, then you got people who sit on all day long, how is that fair for the people who can’t, it is tribe based but like I said on consoles it’s generally kids so the first thing they do is either inside you your loose all your stuff and tames or piss of bigger tribes,Start all over again, it’s fun but a little bit of a boost on pvp would be great, should be 2x always beings that someone could take it at anytime, offline raid is a cheaters game, how do you play against a person who has multiple accounts multiple people in on it, storing breeders and raid gear so if the weaker tribe gets hit they have a hidden power, unfair for the people who don’t have time, 2 suggestions that could fix PVX for consoles or conquest servers It’s just a suggestion I’m just sick of getting of work ready to ark it and I log on to nothing, But a tribe log full of red ;)
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