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  1. Who knows? They may have teamed up or something. But the Terran implant looks really cool and I want it so bad! Yet I'm level 50 something on the island in the Southern Islets.
  2. Corrupted Master Controller fanart anyone? Meanwhile... Me grinding up to level 105 on The Island while being attacked by icthys and pegos...
  3. MIni theory: Lunar biome: Element origin Proof: Alien dinos, Reapers (literally called xenomorphs in the game files) and seekers. Dunno about the whales The moon that is shattered is leaking blue everywhere. Blue can be associated with tek tools, element dust, etc. Heck, there is even element gas and element vents all over the shattered moon, meaning that element definitely IS here. About the tek dinos: This is a simulation and not everything has to be 100% accurate. These tek dinos must be here to show the link between tek and this planet, which has a heavy element presence. And if this planet is really shattered, one or two of these moon rocks with element could've crashed down to earth, spreading itself to civilization. Also, ARKS are meant to preserve life and spread it back to earth, and on AB Reapers and seekers are definitely present. This doesn't necessarily mean that they needed to ORIGINATE on Earth.
  4. Eh, the element is a hive mind with one instinct- Spread like a weed. Helena would be part of that hive mind, and would instantly turn against us and become a major douche-canoe.
  5. That's just speculation at this point- but It may be likely. MMM... Tek Donut with Element Frosting
  6. OOOOOOOOOh ya got my ARK fingers twitchin'! Might go back to playing! But of course that means I'll start over.
  7. I always thought that instead of naming it ARK: anything, they could just name it ARAT PRIME: ARAT PRIME: ORIGINS ARAT PRIME: TERMINUS ARAT PRIME: ASCENSION ARAT PRIME: INFESTATION ARAT PRIME: MANIFEST
  8. What I would find cool is having Ark2 after all of this stuff goes down, and we play on the healed earth with new prehistory dinos, scarce tek ruins around and overall more of a "The Island" feel. BUT. Lore would be there, hidden in the dark depths and out of sight, so the story wouldn't get stuffed in your face making it optional. The lore would fill up any lost gaps in the story and we'd have one final threat to destroy as we bring ARK to an end and WC comes up with a cool new game!
  9. I wonder whats after Gen Part 2. ARK 2 anybody?
  10. I don't have enough $$$ for a PC... I have a pavilion g6. Not a gaming computer at all.
  11. Dude, I'm on console too! Needs way more attention, THEN I'll start playing again. Also when Genesis dropped, split screen got super bugged out. We need a tutorial to show our friends how to play.
  12. :( Sorry if I've been slacking on my theories. I've taken quite a bit of time away from ARK. It's just boring me at this point... Maybe in a month or 2 I'll be back on my A-Game with this kinda stuff again.
  13. You need the base game too. It might be on sale, I forgot.
  14. There also is another page for Genesis theories, so go check that out too. This place is for all around theories, including Genesis.
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