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  1. Alright. I was hoping it was a bit more secret-ey.
  2. Ok, in all reality I want more Tek Dinos. Tek Thylaceo? YES PLEASE! How about a Tek Pteranodon or a Tek Allosaurus? I. Want. More. Also what da hecc is dis big boi hangin around in da dev kit for??
  3. My favorite part has to be the new graphics engine. I mean, I feel like I am IN the game! So immersive...
  4. Yeah... WildCard have a TON on their hands, from hackers, exploiters, meshers, Genesis, quality of life updates, etc. Sadly, they can't handle everything at once.
  5. Yeah, I know. And that new Desert biome. Just sand and dilos. Thats all that spawns there.......
  6. Guys! Guys they just leaked Genesis! You need to see this!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  7. Here comes good ol LuCraft, reacting to our posts.
  8. True. But. If there was a real problem at hand, (Rockwell) I bet she would copy herself. Maybe this is after extinction, but before Aberration crashes?
  9. or at least, some of the time. She seems pretty new to all of this ark stuff. Why didn't helena put her consciousness into HLN A, knowing that she knows more than that silly little Aussie Tek bot?
  10. Im really looking forward to those quests though, unlike all those ark youtubers out there, from PythonGB to Anthomnia (He doesnt even do ark anymore lol) Im always at a loss of what to do. Yesterday i spent an hour flying on my argy, thinking about what to do, build a water pen? Kill that alpha rex next to my base? Test turrets for the first time? Ugh. I dunno, but HLN A seems to!
  11. I dunno why but I have this vision of a new character re-creation system coming into genesis, with being able to re customize your avatar. Its a longshot but im hoping
  12. Yup, but we can respawn in the simulation, as we are controlling an avatar. I winder what new possibilities this opens up?
  13. Heh, Yknow, if the ARK's ecosystems were outta whack with too many predators, there would be too many predators released onto earth. Forget raptor overspawns, alpha t-rexes anyone? Anyways, a good question would be: Can the ARKS still generate creatures after their barriers are let down and the overseer chamber is activated? Also, with an orbital tilt or whatever, the snowy areas on ARKs such as the island's snow biome would melt, creating an excess of water, most likely leading to some sorta flood. (Cough, bible, Cough) The ARKs landing on the top and bottom of the Earth would most likely keep their snow, however.
  14. Shoot, there goes my first notice. And my perfect record is gone.
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