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  1. I agree with this. Us pve/single player folks shouldn't have to suffer because of pvp nerfs.
  2. Narcotics only have the Bill Cosby drink effect, they don't actually tame. You need to make vegans weep and go the meat/kibble route to tame Gigas.
  3. at least keep any tame with you on neutral and they should turn em into filet-o-raptor with a side of fries.
  4. ^^^I wouldn't worry too much about "Palworld" tbh. It just seems like another one of them kinda games the internet will circlejerk over for 2-3 months, then drop like a hot potato the minute they get bored, and move onto the next shiny object. 🤷
  5. I usually scoff everytime pvp players complain about something, since its their meta game that affects the rest of us, but not this time. This is just plain stupid on Wildcards part. What exactly is the point of cryopods, if you can only use them within "range" of a fridge? i cannot, as a tamer/breeder, imagine having to build fridges all over the island just to be able to use a basic part of the game.
  6. Considering Xbox doesn't have any games, i guess anything would be a win when you get by on scraps.
  7. I think the biggest issue overall concerning creatures, is expecting every single tame, to be good at every single thing. Not every creature needs to be some OP powerhouse wreckingball that destroys everything on site while doing the hula in drag. Some do things amazingly, while being piss poor at others. Its called balance. I seriously think more folks would be happier with the tames, if they reel in their expectations, and use the critters for the purpose they were made for.
  8. As someone who is neutral on tek, and uses some of it, If everything from Primitive Plus and then some was added to the base game, id probably wouldn't use much tek tbh(aside from stuff like cryopods and cryofridges for obvious reasons). Id love to have more options to play as a primitive caveman to early industrial age mongul without having to play an extra game mode.
  9. Yeah, I do love the old legacy maps, but sadly they were left behind in favor of the newer ones. But such is life i suppose, drop the old in favor of the new and shiny. I hope ASA brings much needed map updates for all of the older ones. It would be great if all maps were used to their full potential, i feel like they each have something unique to offer and it be a shame to let a few go to waste.
  10. Reminds me of the bee bombs from Far Cry: Primal. Watching the Udam and Izila get swarmed to death always gave me a bit of a demented chuckle, LOL. Id love this idea ahahah
  11. Even if some tames could/would be considered useless for late game play, im all for everything being tameable. I Just want to have my own little prehistoric ranch that i can live on in peace. 🤩
  12. Its a split between normal real world pet names, the occasional silly goofy humor, or really badass ones based off of mythology or whatever. Either way, i gotta make it more gut wrenching for when i lose important tames to some bullsh*t Ark moment, because i just love the pain. 🥰
  13. I actually love Wyverns, but my god, they would be perfect if they didn't take half the damn map to turn or was allergic to landing. 🤦
  14. For awhile it was Rag. But i been replaying on The Center lately, out of nostalgia, and i have a renewed appreciation for that map. It may be an unpopular choice, but as a tamer/breeder, i can't ignore the amount of high level spawns on it, and imo, it appears as an "improved" version of the core Island experience, and the map is extremely large with plenty of base building options. The only thing i would possibly change about it is adding wyverns, griffins, and other map based spawns, but that is debatable, since it could possibly detract from the old "early ark" experience that TC seems to provide, at least to me anyway. It is what it is
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