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  1. Wyverns not having a saddle or not being able to breed doesn't bother me. I do think that, however, that Raptors, Thylos, ect SHOULD NOT be able to rip you off of one, since wyverns are considered to be Apex predators. It would also be nice, if Wyverns actually landed correctly, instead of the goofy way they do now.
  2. 43k hours is for amatuers, only true Alphas played Ark, before it was a twinkle in its makers eyes.
  3. As someone who plays Single Player, i can definately say its a good way to go. The only enemy you have on SP, is yourself.
  4. If i would of let setbacks determine if i continue to play, I would of had less than an hour of total playtime.
  5. Considering that most players probably aren't on Officials, I wouldn't use that as a metric of wether or not the game is dying, but that's just my hot take.
  6. I was already playing for a few months when i checked the box. Just figured it would make wild dinos stronger, and more aggressive. Learned the hard lesson of actually checking the Wikia before i adjust anymore settings.... And for the record, i only made it for a few days after.
  7. Having Hardcore Mode checked without realizing what it actually meant, then dying.... so much lost time and tames.
  8. Huh, single player works perfectly for me. Who woulda thunk?
  9. I don't think so, I've gotten chibi's for Reapers and Rock Drakes, on The Island map.
  10. I send any non producing Gacha's on a trip through my dino's digestive tracts. seems to be working well for me.
  11. Giga's hit far harder, but are nerfed to hell, and can be quite squishy if they were wild tamed. Personally, I think they are just "trophy" tames to impress your friends. They do have uses, but other tames do it just as well.
  12. If you ain't dying, then you wasn't living. It's all part of the Ark experience.
  13. This is exactly why I always have at least 1 critter on follow and neutral. The raptor pounces, it gets reamed...
  14. I've found quite alot, but only tamed a pure red Dire Bear, since it was the only 1 whos level was over 100. The xmas colors are so pretty!
  15. Bronto's. I mean, dem big, juicy thighs, They look delectable, *drools*
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