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  1. Invisible scout's, drones, reapers, ferox losing levels when logging off, I fell through the world teleing to the volcanic biome, also had a tek rex hit me into a rock and killed my tek rex and me broke all my stuff instant death.....playing on xbox please fix.
  2. I did the mind wipe to lose the 5 lvls and I am now back to 132...but you cant gain any xp with a max lvl dino. Have to use dinos that can lvl so you can as well.
  3. Still no bug fixes for xbox leveling xp....I cant get any xp from purple drops and you removed nearly 5 lvls of xp dropping me from 135 to 130 then broke xp again. I cant get any xp while doing purple drops.....0xp...and not even a single acknowledgement of this. Pathetic
  4. Cant earn any xp So chibis.....what a great idea, executed by wildcard....turned into complete dogpoop. I cant earn any xp or level during a level event....awesome....I have 14 responses to gms saying they are working to fix the problem then they auto close my tickets saying its resolved....great system you have. This game is ran by preschooler programmers and has been a downhill slide for years. "fix your raptoring game" should be their slogan.
  5. Fix your game....pods and xp leveling are broken...
  6. This is simply a band aid to the reality of what happened and is beyond disrespectful. People lost bases and dinos with 100s of hours poured in. It's like your saying who cares to the investment of everyone that sinks alot of time into your game. Keep it up and there will be 0 supporters of your broken 4 year old game.
  7. What happened to the wyvern spawns on valgeuro? No eggs for fire or ice no wyvs at all.....
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