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Community Crunch 355: ARK Roadmap, EVO Event, and More!


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Man, wildcard really just sat back and assumed everyone on official was a mindless consumer who'd shell out money for a product they already own but prettier and thank them for deleting nearly a decade of hard work. You guys vastly, and I do mean VASTLY overestimate the value of this game if you think that'll fly for all but the most diehard braindead ark stans. What next, rhyniognatha will be exclusive to ASA?

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lots of drama in this thread, and that is understandable when you spend thousands of hours into this game

i personally put 7000 hours into this game since 2018, i stopped playing it early march and therefore lost all my bps and top dino, the difference here , it was my choice, and i was ok with that.

am i going to buy ark ascended? yes probably if we get new content new dinos and new map, honestly $50 isn't much for the thousands of hours you can play, i think i payed about $60 for ark 1 and all the extensions, so $60 for 7000 hours of play time is really a ridiculous small price.

don't mind starting over from scratch, anyway that was what i was doing on every new map, for me the fun is in the early phases (finding your spot, building and upgrading your base and weapons, hunting for good stat dino etc) not really a fan of the tek stage.

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18 hours ago, theASCHE360 said:

Love how they said that ue5, was going to be a free update and now its paid and you have to buy it on a bundle for a game that we have no idea what its going to be or we are going to like it!

smooth wc, inconpetent programers and now money grabbers? Siiiiiiigh

they never fixed the live longs bugs on ark 1 and now they are selling us the remaster lmao

Let's hope for a April fools back-peddal announcement 

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wildcard about the animated series just ask netflix they've had quite a few shows about games so maybe their open to more also since its such a widely used streaming service it might bring easier access to the show such as people not having to buy another subscription. of course some people who dont have netflix wouldn't have access but its just an idea seeing as so many people use it and again netflix has had shows from game studios and I have heard they're getting an assassins creed one too so netflix I would say is the way to go for an ark show or future ark movie.

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7 hours ago, Flay said:

if I'm not mistaken on every April 1st they mixed the joke and the truth... that's just any part of the post is not very suitable for a joke.. not suitable at all


I agree!

I've been looking at the announcement since it dropped, and hoping against hope there was a very bad, poor taste april fool in there but it is just all so so wrong, I can't find anything to joke about in it.

We all knew ark 2 would be delayed since it's WC they don't know how to drop anything on time.

The rest is just 💩. New shiny servers and massive improvements -- great and it's 50$ plus 40$ for the dlc's AGAIN prettier but the same content.

4 people in my extended family/household play ark at this moment.

There is NO WAY-- we are paying again for the same maps etc all over again just nope.

I'll bandage my 18k hours and go on my way to another game. I'll miss my dinos and all of the work we put into years of our lives.. ( not interested in single player ).

But we will not be among those that just gobble it up and forget all that has happened.

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At first, I wasn't going to be commenting but after hours of anger being built up, you have it coming to you. 


I have played ARK SURVIVAL Since it first was released in BETA STAGES IN 2015. Use to love this game, played non stop even though my computer was not able to handle it, after 60 hours My PC fried and was not able to play again. 

In 2019 when pandemic happened I was able to get a PC and play, and Purchased all the DLC's that were available, when GEN 2 Came out I purchased GEN 2, excited with how many features and promised dinos. 

Since the purchase of GEN 2, There has been NON - STOP CRASHING + BUGS. Sometimes over 15 crashes a day, sometimes worse. Loosing full inventories of items, Stryders, Many Skiffs, and more plus not to mention taming and building taking forever.. When server crashes it rolled back sometimes 30 minutes back in the early days and now only 15 minutes. Each time would have to redo things we have already done taking away our time.

Although reporting this to their discord, their own report area and on outages, we have not had a fix to this problem. I don't know how anyone would expect us to repay for Genesis Pass for a 2nd time for much needed bug fixes which should have been made sense its first week of release.

Official servers being offline for more than 1 day, this year had a server down for 2 days even though reported it multiple times.  This doesn't include over 15+ a day it crashes with the 1 hour+ downtime each time it crashes.
- Everyone on the server originally thought maybe some fixing had been done, and ultimately it had not. The performance and crashing was worse than before.

Since the beginning it has been a product we want to play but cant even enjoy without performance issue and crashing. Even though still had hoped and reported it to Outages, so many outage reports!!! could easily reach over 5,000 reports over the span that GEN 2 Has been released.

I have contacted their Discord, Support I contacted them multiple times to get this fixed, and all you are told is "continue to report on outage report" 

With not even being able to enjoy fully the amount of time gen 2 has been released on official servers.  We paid money for something that thought would be amazing and was terrible, full of bugs, crashing with no support and felt very shady. 

Regardless, have been playing this game Since 2015 and continued to have HOPE and wish that Wild Card would have value for their customers who paid money for their game -> but they do not care, at least that is how they make us feel after paying for a half a$$ project, and not doing anything to fix it.

It's truly a Slap in the face, after almost 7,000 hours of supporting this Game, encouraging others to buy DLCS, buy your game & experience your services only to be stepped on and asked to pay more money.

We are obligated to this free upgrade, as Jeremy promised on twitter months before the announcement was made, and yes you did say in announcement "things changed"..  

Easily could have managed money from ARK 1 SALES & DLC's BACK INTO THE BROKEN DLC'S AND GAME.

Instead you have taken our money given us a HALF-A$$ Project Invested the money into ARK 2, and or other things, not to mention trying to convince us to REPAY FOR BASE GAME + DLC's. (which includes much needed updates and bug fixes that is needed and has been for a long time)

Completely unreasonable and as a company who claims to care about their customers shame on you.

I will not be supporting Wild-Card Games, including ARK 1, ARK 2, or any other games produced or manufactured by WILD CARD. 😠

Will not recommend anyone purchasing their future games if this is how they plan to treat us.

Remember if they did this with a game that has a huge community who are passionately expressing their opinions and be told we are to ungrateful or ignore us for asking for the bare minimum. They will easily do it again With ARK ASCENDED and ARK 2 + any other games they may create.

Uninstalling Ark was a choice I made after feeling scammed by this Road Map which had me very excited and was looking forward to learning more about and was left feeling disappointed and uneasy. It is truly sad losing all my hard work, but what is more unacceptable is charging us for product we already own.

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I hope this is a joke if not im done with Ark and everything wildcard will produce in the future. taking us everything away to experiment with their ur5 and shuting officials down to make sure we buy ASA. I would buy it anyways you dont need to shut down officials for that. 1 and a half year ingame playtime gets killed from wildcard. It was a mistake to be loyal to them we got all fooled they want to replace the community and they think ur5 will helpem with that. we keept the game alive no one else.

im 21 now and im missing 1,5 years as long as wildcard cant give them back to me they shouldnt close official.



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This a complete Joke, Why should we have to pay for a game we already payed, why do we have to pay for DLC's that we already payed, how many games that launch theyr 2nd version and still leave the fist one going on live, and ppl can choose if they play the new one or not, if thay can afford do buy the new one or not, exemple diablo, destiny, you can still play al pass games on theyre servers and free, no bullpoop of payed dlc's again, buy the game again if you want to play it, all your progress wil be lost, whats the point of getting ark to then ?? to play it 5 or 6 years and go trough all this again, ark 3 , all your progress gets deleted, and if you want to play pay it all again.

If i need to pay all over again for something i already payed before and if i cant play it online anymore with mi friends cause your poopty servers will be wiped, ill shure not buy ark 2 and surelly quit it 100% 

It was better do just had announced like this -  We WildCard dont give a raptor for you players, we just want your money, we dont give a raptor if you will no longuer be able to play this game, we just want to force you to buy a new one that we dont even know if it will please majority of you.

I agree with ark 2 start from 0 , but wipe all these years of progress and gameplay dont think thats fair.

Real disappointed with this decition.

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2 hours ago, ThievingSpring said:

On one hand, its a prank so lighten up a little. But on the other hand you're totally right. This is an absolutely idiotic prank to pull. So many people probably just deleted their game and will never look at another Community Crunch so they'll never even know it was a prank. The only way they could really save this is if today they're like "April Fool! ARK 2 Releases TODAY" and surprise everyone with the actual game or at least the beta

It's hard to lighten up when they've said absolutely nothing to the massive backlash they are getting for it. So either they meant it & are trying to think of something to save their own skin, or they don't want to admit they ducked up with this *prank* and royally pissed of their playerbase.  

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After posting about this last night, I made the decision to completely uninstall Ark. It sucks, I'll miss my totally rad bases and dinos and I actually feel the pain of loss right now. All that time building and taking pride in surviving and cooperating with my fellows. But WildCard telling us about their "sunset" of doom totally effing ruined it for me. Why TF would I even want to play another minute on servers that are going to be shut down? No thanks. Since my original post last night I've erased Ark and got back onto Blizzard. I played World of Warcraft for 16 years STRAIGHT and my account/characters/progress have never been messed with, it's all still intact. That's one thing that Blizzard has over WildCard, they don't mess with years of progress, regardless of upgraded technologies and revamped gameplay. Even my original Overwatch  characters and achievements are available in the new Overwatch2. 

I'm super pissed at you, WildCard. Thanks to your little news brief yesterday I quit everything Ark. You sucked the joy out of any gameplay moving forward. 

And this is where I leave you.

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First I'll start by saying wiping officials is hard to take BUT part of the fault has to lie with all you mega/alpha moron tribes who wouldn't allow anyone to build up on "Their" servers no matter how many was in the tribe wanting to join, solos, duos being wiped with level 400 odd dinos shows the idiocy of some of you! Wiping anyone and anything killed servers, why did you do it? "Its PVP" Yea well WC was always going to be the ultimate Mega tribe with the power to wipe you all and thats what they will now do in August because they are actually "Their" servers!

Its a shame you cretins didn't realise this sooner! What is it that you are scared of? A 2 man tribe wanting to build up on a server or was it that you were all so bored you just attacked anything not realising that it was pushing even more people away from the game? Just because it states PVP does not mean kill anyone trying to join, you keep servers alive by having a community base where you help each other and protect that server to a point, raid bases, race tracks etc are what keep servers alive.

The player base on official is tiny compared to what it used to be and alot of that has to be aimed at those above! It was always going to come.

As for WC's new cashgrab I just lol because so many of you will be stupid enough to buy it all over again, its not right no matter what excuses a couple have mentioned on here, pay for the new game Ark 2 by all means but to charge for the same game running on a different engine is bang out of order and then the DLC's as extra is even worse! THEY DO IT BECAUSE YOU WILL BUY IT!

I cant wait for you to pay for Arks new upgrade only to be wiped again when Ark 2 does finally release :)

Karma realy is a bitch :)


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If we only have 4 months to live, give us some of our dieing wishes: Breeding Griffins, transfer with element and tributes, maybe fly in caves or more dinos that can go in boss fights (thyla, flyers, many more) I'm sure there are many more,  but those are mine.

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Well all the work that's been done for all the lines and base work on official 1x along with all the hours put in to work on put characters and raising Dinos was all for nothing the devs are screwing us over once again just to get us to play a worse version of the game that let's cheating pc players play on Xbox official completely killing the whole game so ya thank you wildcard I will never spend another dime on ur games and thx for wasting our time 

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