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  1. Shouldn't the event (and any future ones) be called 'Love Ascended' instead of Evolved?
  2. They have yet to say anything about the Shasta. We assume that since the gigantoraptor is coming with Center, that Shasta is not. Due to the usual radio silence of WC, we are left to our own conclusions, which we always assume the worst (which is justified). We don't know for sure. Maybe we get no whale. Maybe we get the whale, but no submarine type saddle. Maybe we get everything. We don't know.
  3. This was said before, when the dino information was first released. There is 000 new ASA information in this crunch! Yes, tameable babies is exciting, but we knew about that two or three months ago.
  4. Can you tell us next week if we will get any of the engrams in ASA that have been added to the game in the 8 years that are not map specific (cryopods and fridges, nets, canoe, egg incubator, etc.)? Also, since we will have only island for the first few months, are you planning to add any dinos from other maps (maewing, deinon, etc.)? These would be instant QOL improvements that will probably be modded in by someone anyway, but could just be added into the base game from day 1 (October 1st?)! Even if you don't have any content to share with us, just tell us if we are getting any of this (straight yes or no answers would be awesome, thanks!)!
  5. Good to see the center finally mentioned. Now, can we hear if we will get any changes to engrams? (Will we have cryos, nets, canoe) Can you also change up what dinos spawn on the island?
  6. Third week in a row of a smooth as butter community crunch! Disappointed. 2 months out and still no gameplay? What are you working on?
  7. I have a couple mod/qol suggestions: 1. Carts and wagons- a medium (or 2 small) creature could pull a cart, a large (or 2 medium) creature could pull a wagon. A cart could be a 1x1 platform, a wagon would be 2x2. 2. Inter variant breeding- a 'normal' with an abb, r type, even tek, of the same creature should be breedable and have pack and mate boosts. 3. Have breeding and wandering as separate settings. Just because I put my dino in the yard on wander, I don't want it breeding with everything else in the yard. 4. Death beacons for tames, and show tribemates' beacons. Could be different color than your beacons. Also, show my death X on my map, or give me a 'death compass' similar to what is Ark Mobile. An arrow in the corner of the screen, with the distance to your body. Thanks for listening. (If anyone is listening)
  8. Soo... Another Community Crunch with less 'crunch' than a stale cracker! We want to see game footage, release updates, price drops?, game pass?. We don't need to see renders of stone tools, wooden houses and trees. At least give us details about any of the QOL updates we can expect. Lastly, I again ask if you can open element or tribute transfers for the rest of the time on ASE. Thank you and good night.
  9. I will post this again this week: Please unlock element and/or dino tribute transfers for the rest of ASE so we can more easily keep the lights on in our bases until Official goes away!?!
  10. I have a few questions that I hope others have too: 1. Will the price also include the new Canon map that was hinted at a couple months ago? 2. What happened to The Center? 3. Will ASA be replacing ASE on Game Pass? 4. Can you unlock element transfers for the last couple months of ASE, so we can keep the lights on a little easier in our bases that we still go on and render every week? (PVE) 5. Will you be changing the maps that engrams are locked to if we won’t get most of those maps for months, some a year? 6. Similarly, will there be any newer creatures on The Island in ASA that are not there on ASE (maewing, griffin, deinonychus, etc.)? 7. $45 for ASA seems reasonable for new players, but how about $25 for people who already own ASE? I hope you are able to meet the latest timeline, and that we on console will find out how to save our games.
  11. Not when we already paid for all of them once. Maybe if they had a different price for current owners and brand new players, people would be a little more okay with it. Also, like was said earlier, we all want Ark 1.5 to be good, but feel that it will release late and still not work right.
  12. Thanks for giving us an extra month with our dinos and our bases. Can you unlock element transfer so that we can more easily keep the lights on? Also, are you going to reassign any engrams for ASA, so we can unlock cryopods, nets, and several other items that we wouldn't want to be without for several months until the other maps release?
  13. That would be hard to enforce unless they set more structure limits for the whole map. Using behemoth gates as fences is only a problem if they block the walkway and don't leave one unlocked. (Yes, I play PVE, and I leave one unlocked if I make a fence.)
  14. After watching the XBOX games preview today I was wondering: ASE is available on game pass. Will ASA be there when it comes out and replaces ASE (whenever it actually releases)?
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