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  1. not work on metal and tek , because tek and metal celling have little lower model vs stone and wood
  2. Do you mean a method with a pillar and foundations for lowering? alas it does not work. Clearance is higher than necessary. Try wooden and metal ceilings. Wooden - smooth. Metal and tech - no. this metod not work, need metod where change level very low ps. the foundation in the screenshot acts like a pillar, a ceiling above it, it’s just impossible to put a pillar there.
  3. How to remove the difference in levels of tek ceilings? Hello i have little question, maybe someone can help me: My base is built on pillars, I use tek ceilings as a floor. But now I need to add corner tek ceilings. I ran into a problem: the corner ceiling is set a little higher, and I can’t get a flat floor. This problem happens when the ceiling is installed on the foundation, but I'm trying to connect the corner ceiling to the ceiling and not the foundation. Perhaps someone can offer a solution - how to lower the corner ceiling a little. But this should still be one complete building.
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