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  1. here we go AGAIN! Gen2 959 was dead. new server came up after a bit. and what? it's doing the same exact crappy performance it was. stuttering, and crashing every few minutes so what was the point? We literally can't even stay in long enough to fill the troughs or anything this is so stupid. (report the server, report the server, does NO good at all, at this point they KNOW it sucks. Just fire the techs and get more rodents to power the wheels even a dead one at this point can't be worse.
  2. Our main Gen2 server has been stuttering and crashing daily, 8+ times a day for a long time. Now it says it's DEAD. There isn't a replacement server listed and nothing in the way of a notice when or why etc.. ( nothing new there with WC But COME ON! missed the event pretty much completely because of this. And now no idea when the server will even be back! *edit* new 959 has been populated finally.
  3. NA Island 341 has been down for 40+ hours! in the middle of the LAST Easter event you're running. And I see so very many other servers on here people are reporting down for days and WC is silent and no fixes. Wait... that's the norm. WC doesn't give a about us after we give them our money. So again NO I WON'T BUY ARK2. why tf would I? Absolutely horrible response time to issues beyond the community's ability to fix ourselves. Just deplorable behavior from a game company. I love the game in so many ways but I really hate how the company handles support. To be clear I don't expect any resolution except eventually you guys will buy new rodents to run the wheels. or potatoes to generate a little juice. But for the love of all things Ark, pls do it soon., ffs.
  4. another dino that has a weapon which is totally useless in pve normally besides the niche applications. didn't play lost isle and at this rate won't play fjordur either. First map I didn't experience firsthand, on release since we started.
  5. I'll worry about that IF and when it happens. Doesn't change the fact I love it. I have given almost 20k hours to ark and it still has these issues. They don't. they actually FIX things. So.. have a nice day. I'm done bantering.
  6. LOL I've known about it from day 1. doesn't change anything.
  7. As the title says since love evolved went live I am crashing as soon as I get in the game. I've crashed around 5 times already. Lost Isle error. I have validated files and it didn't crash for a good 10 minutes afterwards but it's doing it again. So awesome to start the event with this. Reminds me of why I play Myth of Empires now.
  8. you do realize they have teams that work on new content and other people that work on bugs right? it's like how can you walk with a broken arm?
  9. Hello fellow survivors! I've had an odd situation happen the last 2 days. I've lost items that I placed in my inventory. The first happened yesterday while building. I placed more tek items in my inventory to build and when I opened my inv not 10 seconds later they were not there nor in the vault I took them from. I did NOT drop them or anything like that. The second happened only moments ago which prompted this post. I removed my tek suit from my personal vault and placed it in my inv as I was going to move a few heavy things and needed my tek pants. When I opened my inv to put them on they were NOT there. Again only a few seconds from placing them in inv to opening inv and they were gone. again I didn't drop them or anything. No bags nothing. This is really annoying since nothing ever gets replaced if it's gone in Ark.. This is more of a heads up that there is a problem whether it's limited is unknown to me at this time but it's happened to me twice in 2 days.
  10. It's def not just you, I have randomly gotten this since the event, it randomly pops up crashes my game and goes away again for a week or two.( all files verified and up to date. it's not that)
  11. I love how no evo event is supposed to help the servers run better and yet.. 968 has been down most of the day, performance on island 341 is so laggy you might as well not bother. 880 hiccups and stutters.. Where is the supposed better performance? ( tell the truth there is NO SUCH MYTHICAL BEAST-- WC and good server performance )
  12. I would just like to ask WHY CAN'T WE FIX CRASHING ON SERVER SAVE??? I mean how hard can this be? you've fixed it before and yet it keeps coming back. Usually when there are bugs you spray and they stay gone. we have been getting kicked the entire event but as of the last 2 days we are getting kicked literally every freaking raptoring save. At this point I'm pretty numb to the bad performance but ffs enough is enough fix this already. (NA Official island 341) -- oh look -- we were kicked in the few minutes it took me to post this.
  13. that is terrible. I have had this happen. Unfortunately if a server crashes and rolls back to before your char was there, (there are other ways but I'm not versed in them all just ones that have happened to me or friends.). If this is what happened to you then your character is gone and you need to file a ticket. This will be a time consuming process and they do NOT replace the character they will give your unlocks back ( if you're lucky) but be prepared for a long wait. I didn't bother to get anything replaced on my char, I just remade her and got my unlocks myself. I don't have months to languish waiting on WC. Once you've checked any possible servers then it's time to file that ticket. I will say they require some proof of your character. A full screenshot of your implant, not cropped in anyway. And in some cases your specimen implant will work. I've had copious friends lose characters ( pretty much everyone). Good luck you will need it. I wish I had better news.. but this is Ark and WC -- the news is usually bad.
  14. yeah and if EVERYTHING you do is on official and all of your friends and your maxed char, you want to play THERE. not single player. For me single player is only to test things and learn, it's not where I spend my actual game time. That's so NOT a fix.. beep on over to sp and be happy eh? NO.
  15. I don't know why anyone is surprised by the news of a delay, WC NEVER releases on time. That is just a fact. Several of us had a pool going and no one was saying it would be out on time. Just degrees of how late. The thing I must say is ... HOW CAN YOU SAY HAVING IT LAUNCH DURING THE 6th year Anniversary is a GOOD THING??? Servers are ALWAYS a nightmare on a launch, crap goes wrong. AND you're going to throw the anniversary event in there too? Do you just LIKE to fail and have to issue empty apologies? That must be a Yes because you ( WC) keep doing things like this and they always crash and burn. You can spin it anyway you like it. Doesn't make it true. You can call a dog a duck, doesn't make it true. And even if remotely it is a mild success and we don't crash and get kicked every 5 minutes. That still leaves the issue of trying to balance time between an event that means a lot AND the brand new content. And sure the content will be there after the event, but some of us love the experience of discovery and that will be GONE once everyone locusts all over everything. The first few days of a new launch are the adrenaline rush. NOT the weeks after. This is why Ark 2 will carry on without me and my $. You've learned nothing about how to treat your player base.
  16. NA Island 341 kicking every 10 min tops. has been for 2 days virtually non stop, and gen 584 was offline 14 hours yesterday and at least 5 hours today.
  17. We are here because we love the game, does not mean in any fashion that we cannot voice our opinion also. If you don't like it ... don't read it maybe? and the truth is still the truth, the delay was expected, there is ALWAYS a delay and a sad apology. ...
  18. Thank you! We love them too! started out with normal ones, then AB and now X otters. Never enough otters! Of course I say that about our giga babies too. We just love baby dinos in general
  19. This is my first time posting on this thread. I've read it many times and decided to add my diary of events Log in refresh base and surrounding structures, Go on a meat run with my main giga Ghost, he loves to go find brontos! ( yes my sister and I give our dinos personalities ) We brought back his weight in meat and filled the troughs and then I got berries on our bronto Gloria. ( we keep them separate because Ghost will drool all over Gloria even though he can't munch her up. ) I then put the water babies back out to grow some more. Basi babies, tuso babies, Ichthy babies and a few plesi babies. Then I bred our female otters. We've always loved otters but my obsession has gotten worse lately Waited the 8 hours and came back and birthed them, except for the 8 I missed and bred late. Came back another 2 hours later and birthed the last ones. By this time it was 1am and I had to sleep. Work was in 5 hours. I took a pic of the last little otter because she was just SO freakin cute. It even looks like she made a little I love you heart with her paws.. I know she was just eating but it is still precious. So that is what I named her My Precious. Since her father is named My Love That is all we did yesterday. Keep on Surviving! All the best Sativa of Arkane Lore.
  20. We have a friend that lost everything on island 341 this way, and we lost everything on ext 458 same way. Server lagged really hard, to the point it seemed everything stopped. We were pushed to the world ceiling and my sister and I both died instantly. Skiff -gone, gear gone- gigas- gone, max asc saddles gone- everything from veins-gone. It's just horrible and nothing in logs to indicate it happened but we were both there when it did.. so yeah. I pray daily to the giga gods, at night, do rituals.. and anything else I can think of so someone ANYONE will make a better working game that gives me the feel of this POS. IF and when that happens my tribe, friends and relatives will all jump this broken leaky ship. Until then.. we limp along and deal with game breaking issues that even make companies like EA look decent.. And that is saying ALOT. And the worst part is you can have valid stuff and will never ever see it again, because WC can't figure out how to replace game assets.
  21. THANK YOU WC! I posted earlier about the chocolates and candies not dropping from our gigas. I just came back after the update to do the rest.. We received a chocolate and a candy.. not from the same dinos but within 10 dinos mating where before the update we did 50 and got nothing. I know there are issues with the game, but you guys are really trying to fix the issues. You have our thanks!
  22. I know the announcement says the chocolate drops from mating is random but it's a terrible drop rate compared to last year. I bred 50 gigas for our alliance just now and not 1 chocolate, nadda. And we did this last year so I'm aware of how it *should work* is the drop rate just that terrible this year or? And don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have the event. This is one of our fav events of all but the candies/chocolates are one of the main things we look for. Thanks.
  23. I was thinking the same thing. We have been looking forward to extra life all year, but with everything *planned* it is bound to be a fiasco. I am so sad right now, I could cry.
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