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  1. here we go AGAIN! Gen2 959 was dead. new server came up after a bit. and what? it's doing the same exact crappy performance it was. stuttering, and crashing every few minutes so what was the point? We literally can't even stay in long enough to fill the troughs or anything this is so stupid. (report the server, report the server, does NO good at all, at this point they KNOW it sucks. Just fire the techs and get more rodents to power the wheels even a dead one at this point can't be worse.
  2. Our main Gen2 server has been stuttering and crashing daily, 8+ times a day for a long time. Now it says it's DEAD. There isn't a replacement server listed and nothing in the way of a notice when or why etc.. ( nothing new there with WC But COME ON! missed the event pretty much completely because of this. And now no idea when the server will even be back! *edit* new 959 has been populated finally.
  3. NA Island 341 has been down for 40+ hours! in the middle of the LAST Easter event you're running. And I see so very many other servers on here people are reporting down for days and WC is silent and no fixes. Wait... that's the norm. WC doesn't give a about us after we give them our money. So again NO I WON'T BUY ARK2. why tf would I? Absolutely horrible response time to issues beyond the community's ability to fix ourselves. Just deplorable behavior from a game company. I love the game in so many ways but I really hate how the company handles support. To be clear I don't expect any resolution except eventually you guys will buy new rodents to run the wheels. or potatoes to generate a little juice. But for the love of all things Ark, pls do it soon., ffs.
  4. another dino that has a weapon which is totally useless in pve normally besides the niche applications. didn't play lost isle and at this rate won't play fjordur either. First map I didn't experience firsthand, on release since we started.
  5. I'll worry about that IF and when it happens. Doesn't change the fact I love it. I have given almost 20k hours to ark and it still has these issues. They don't. they actually FIX things. So.. have a nice day. I'm done bantering.
  6. LOL I've known about it from day 1. doesn't change anything.
  7. As the title says since love evolved went live I am crashing as soon as I get in the game. I've crashed around 5 times already. Lost Isle error. I have validated files and it didn't crash for a good 10 minutes afterwards but it's doing it again. So awesome to start the event with this. Reminds me of why I play Myth of Empires now.
  8. I've never had this issue, I usually just pick up the controller again and it detects I'm using it and it just starts back up. I weaned myself off the controller on PC and use the KB now but I still have the controller hooked up because I have other games I do use it for. 1)I would check your controller and the drivers, the game can only read it if it's showing up. 2)Have you also tried restarting the computer? 3)also steam reads the controller and activates it in games, so try restarting steam etc. I'm just going over what I would do to TS a basic issue like this so I apologize in advance if you've tried it. I wouldn't just jump to reinstalling the game, there are so many other things that could be causing the controller to not be seen, or it could just be a glitch. There are other things I would try if those didn't work, either way if it was working it should be able to again. I've never had it not pick up and start working again. Good Luck!
  9. I didn't used to use multiple characters, but finally after 10k hours I lost my char. Now We make it a habit to have a char on every map. I also have one with unlocks that I use for transfers to and from other people's bases when we trade dinos etc. I'm personally attached to my characters it's not just about them not being replaced or not getting things back. Which all of that is a pita also. Our entire tribe has characters on each map we play so that we avoid losing them anymore than necessary. This seems to work well, none of us have lost another character lately and it's been over a year. And trust me just because you haven't in xyz amount of time.. it only takes once for you to be part of the "It happened club"
  10. the only time I've had this happen was when I had a group selected and didn't know it. I've never had it not work if there is no group selected. I've whistled to test it and had a tribemate that has epic try and they can whistle just fine also. Good luck!
  11. yeah true, but I meant for imprint purposes we're tossing this baby around like a hot potato until we find out who it's mommy/daddy is Nope they do not, I'll pop this baby out in a few and show ya. it just says ! and nothing else for imprint and inside it's blank and even pulled into asb the owner, imprint etc is blank, like I said it's an enhancement that has been around a very long time. I just forgot to name this baby like we normally do.
  12. Sativa420

    Mantis Problam

    mantis has been broken for awhile now guys, it didn't work on ext for veins like the main thing I use them for. No idea when it's going to get fixed.
  13. you mean after you do all of the wonky missions it's the easiest?
  14. at least on official pc people are doing all of the ascensions quite often and for free. I lost a char and now have all ascensions again. ( didn't wait on WC I have a life to lead) If you aren't in the discords, it's a good place to start. People are literally doing Alpha everything rn. good luck. Also the tek bed from rockwell fight is the best way to level tbh you level in your SLEEP. We all have one and you wake up with a new level almost every day even at 150+
  15. this is why we name ours when they are born to whomever is needed to imprint them simply because there is NO WAY to find it out later. We have one juv rn that is in a pod until everyone has a chance to see who it belongs to. ASB can't even pull the owner, it's just another *enhancement* from WC. enjoy!
  16. everyone ALWAYS assumes it's dupers etc. it actually gets super old and annoying. They aren't going to come running just fyi, SO many servers are crashing and stalling, it's not ALL dupers. Sure they are there and do poop but every time I turn around people are yelling it's a person doing this. So much of it is their servers and not people. It's like saying the cause of the world's problems are all because people don't recycle. Bottom line is your request is going to be ignored just fyi. Our server kicked and crashed every 10 minutes and we finally got a new IP ( it took MONTHS and a concentrated effort to report the server from the ENTIRE server, it's not a quick fix ever with WC) . So.. It's NOT always people. Good Luck tho.
  17. you do realize they have teams that work on new content and other people that work on bugs right? it's like how can you walk with a broken arm?
  18. Hello fellow survivors! I've had an odd situation happen the last 2 days. I've lost items that I placed in my inventory. The first happened yesterday while building. I placed more tek items in my inventory to build and when I opened my inv not 10 seconds later they were not there nor in the vault I took them from. I did NOT drop them or anything like that. The second happened only moments ago which prompted this post. I removed my tek suit from my personal vault and placed it in my inv as I was going to move a few heavy things and needed my tek pants. When I opened my inv to put them on they were NOT there. Again only a few seconds from placing them in inv to opening inv and they were gone. again I didn't drop them or anything. No bags nothing. This is really annoying since nothing ever gets replaced if it's gone in Ark.. This is more of a heads up that there is a problem whether it's limited is unknown to me at this time but it's happened to me twice in 2 days.
  19. it doesn't matter if you level them it doesn't change breeding them, the levels aren't passed on. As someone else said. If you play it awhile you will get the order you want to do things. I've found no matter how good the information is, nothing compares to having your own system in place. Good luck!
  20. This here is the best info to give, except they haven't updated it for the new gen2 dinos. I'm hoping they do. As for gigas and most other things they do have so it's great. People that raise gigas now with maewings have NO CLUE how hard it used to be. I mean before maewings and cryopods, it was crazy but we still did it, staying up all night to raise giga babies. I kinda miss it. ( kidding)
  21. nah we start fresh every dlc and started from nothing, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labors. We just started from nothing on gen2, gen1, crystal isle etc. I don't feel I'm missing anything at all.
  22. I totally wasn't aware of this issue and went boppin over to ext to farm a vein or 2 and after finishing a 50 realized my mantis has been castrated. Well fortunately for me I had my trusty pick axe and managed to salvage almost 800 ele but that is nothing to what I would have gotten. Why oh why can't we NOT break things that already work? I LOVE my stryders but I don't want to haul one around everywhere. I like my mantises that We've bred up and I would LOVE to use them. It's being researched. that's GREAT and our evo weekend is draining away while you do it! Guess this is one way to herd everyone to gen2. (and I don't need fanbois telling me it's great, we bought gen day1 it was avail, I love genesis dlc, but let the other work too! omg)
  23. yeah, We don't use them as much as we used to. If one of our dinos is snatched, that's the first thing I look to. and it's usually the culprit. I usually ride the dino out a couple times and it helps. haven't had it happen in a minute. Good luck! I haven't been able to play at all today since the update last night. So things can be worse
  24. THIS should be a thing, we have had people drag mission dinos to our base and kill our tames. I know it shouldn't be a thing but it is. We were just getting set up so we didn't have turrets or plants yet. We do now, but I'm sure some people out there with server transfers about to open will find out the hard way. Mission dinos should NOT be able to under any circumstance kill your dinos in your base or anything if you are not mission flagged. This is pretty basic.
  25. love how ppl complain about wanting content from a DLC and call it a paywall. Glad WC is generous.
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